Friday, October 11, 2013

Lincoln Okto Beerfest ((Worth The Headache))

Today I'm keeping it short and sweet. Mostly because I'm hungover and partially because it's Friday and the only thing on my mind is 5 o'clock and my bed. 

So, the Alumni Band was asked to go play at the Okto Beerfest in Lincoln. Basically it's a beer tasting event and they invite a couple local bands to come play. We of course always bring out the biggest band and we are always the wildest band, creating a rukus, sampling umpteen millions types of FREE beer. We like to have a good time. In no particular order I decided to dump a lot of photos on here to give you a feel for the night. If I have them on social media sites I'm just going to pull my caption off there so some might get pretty funny!

1. Heeey boys, it's me, Sara!
2. A Snapchat that was sent to my gal pal Heather (her Snapchat said "A treat from the principal")
3. This guy was getting wheeled around on a cart while he was sitting on a chair because he had a walking boot on, I being the oh-so-friendly person that I am, hopped on and went for a booze cruise with them for awhile
4. Oh, you know, just takin some photos of me with my button, Sara Chudacek at your service!!
5. Random guy I was needing to get a picture with....
6. Trent!! He borrowed Cassie's flute to play us a tune
7. Another random guy, my thinking was that I needed a crap ton of pictures with people to add to my new Facebook profile
8. Yup, that's me at work today. Non-productive and in shades until about an hour ago. Did I mention I'm wearing sweats right now? Facebook quote exactly: I got to work (late) and I have no intentions of doing anything productive, today. I'm poppin the gatorade and wrapped up in my blanket. I may or may not still be drunk? Yup, it's gonna be a long day with 3 hours of sleep... Note to self: next year take the day after Beerfest off. Is it 5 yet? #hangoverssuck #aintevenmadaboutit #aintnobodygottimeforthat #yeeeooow
9. I found the emergency fire exit on the bus, and you bet your bottom I climb out it, I even grabbed a horn and totted a note or two while up there!!
10. Facebook quote: Just one of many photos taken last night, Tickle off the show Moonshiners made an appearance at Beerfest. Unfortunately he didn't have any moonshine with him. Thank goodness this even is only once a year, I just can't handle it the next morning! 
11. This guy was attempting to put date rape pills in our beers. (ok not really but let's pretend)
12. Cheers to Beerfest!

As if those aren't enough photos I've got a couple more I wanted to share with you guys!!! I'm laughing at some of those pictures, some I totally didn't even really think were funny at the time but looking back it was totally worth getting the pictures. The stories that will get told and the amount of people I'll show these pictures to are so over the top!

1. The bus ride up to Beerfest, we were preppin for a good time. But, as most would agree, ain't nobody got time for that!
2. Facebook quote: As the fog is slowly clearing from my brain I'm finding more and more hilarious photos in my phone! Check out this lovely guy. If I remember right I think I said, "Can we get a picture with you? You're pretty!"
3. We had a little swap-oh-roo party when we piled back onto the bus and tested out each others instruments. I suck at tuba, I can somewhat play the sax and I shouldn't even attempt the drums. But I rock at slamming the drum sticks together!!
4. Our number one fan! She loved us, she was hoopin and hollerin for us when we got there.
5. Legends of Clatonia is our new stop for Alumni Band trips! Shots were enjoyed and gracefully accepted by most, those who didn't take their shots, me and Shelby took care of theirs...

Now do you get my point? Last night was too much fun. I'm paying for it today and I'm mad at myself because now I more than likely won't go out and run tonight but it was worth it. Whenever we get our core group of players together we have fun. I love how our band consists of all ages of "adults" and no matter the circumstances we always bring a good time. We were approached by a couple of different groups to ask if we'd come play for them at other events and I cannot wait to see what's in store next for us!


  1. So, Octo-Beer-Fest sounds amazing! By looking at your pictures, I would say the hangover was worth it! Looks like you had a blast!

  2. This looks like a crazy amazing amount of fun! So sad I missed it!! Hope you're fully recovered since it's Monday now :)


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