Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thankful Thursday

There are so many things in my life that I'm so grateful for and trying to remember to write them down is getting tougher, I need suggestions on an app that I can add all of them too on a daily basis. 

  • Finding new fitness buddies to keep me motivated and on track to lose a few pounds and firm it all up
  • My blender bottle for keeping me sane, I think I've finally found one water bottle I love more than CamelBaks. So does that mean I can justify buying another one, or two?
  • A surprise birthday gift from my boss, hello shopping spree :)
  • Cheese Dates with my bestie, we usually go out to eat and then go to Wally World, where I then proceed to buy 10 lbs of cheese to last us through the next week and a half, yes, we eat a lot of cheese in our household #dontjudge
  • Pinterest for having my wedding planned before I'm even engaged
  • Chopping away at some pretty good reads, I love reading and making time to read is relaxing
  • The ability to cut my hair and change it up a little once in awhile
  • An understanding boy who farms his life away to make a better future for us
  • The wind for pushing those stormy clouds away from us
  • The harvest season for going well thus far, no hiccups or bumps in our road **knock on wood**
  • Some sweet new slippers to keep my toes warm at work, these are going to stay at my office since I almost always run around without shoes on while at work (they're leopard with sequence, best combo ever!!!)
  • The oh so kind birthday wishes from friends and family members on my "special day"


  1. I love your thankful thursdays! I think I want to join!!
    Should we make it a weekly link up?!

  2. Bahahah Pinterest for having your wedding planned an not be engaged...GUILTY!!! So glad I am not the only. At least we won't have to drag out the engagement!! :)


  3. Thankful Thursday's! Oh how I miss thee!


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