Monday, October 7, 2013

Weekend Review

I thought my weekend was going to be laid back, I didn't honestly have any plans. I left work Friday with nothing on my schedule except maybe a little bonding time with my dad on Saturday morning for the Step Up For Down Syndrome Walk. 
PICTURES #1 & 2: SURPRISE! The weekend got busy, fast. Dad picked me up at my place, bright and early at 7 am. And, believe it or not, I was ready and walking out the door by 7:08 which is a world record for me walking out in time. We stopped to grab some coffee and then headed to the big city to walk in honor of Holly! We participated in the Step Up for Down Syndrome walk and I had a stinkin blast! Team Holly's Bead Buddies had so much fun and the excitement and anticipation that Holly had to see all of her friends there is something that you need to experience for yourself. I have hosted a fundraiser in the past in Holly's name but I wanted to do another round and donate all of the proceeds to Holly to donate to the Special Olympics under her name. If you'd like to purchase Scentsy products and support this cause go to the following link:

PICTURE #3: Then, that afternoon me and dad just cruised around Lincoln for awhile. Did a little shopping and then ended up at one of his friends' house. They just moved there so we had to check it out. They have a gorgeous house! Dad spoiled me and got me groceries that afternoon (sucks getting older when the definition of spoiled consists of your parents getting your groceries). I went home that afternoon to relax and catch up on some DVR'd shows.

PICTURES #4 & 5: Later that evening me and my bestie started chit chatting and we decided to go to a "Princess Divorce Party" that we were invited to. Yup, didn't read that wrong, it's true. We even google'd it and you can get party planners for these types of things. So, we got all dolled up and ready to hit the town. We of course made a pit stop (or three) and got a present for the guest of honor. 

PICTURES #6 & 7: After stopping at the divorce party we decided to hit up the local bars. Go hoppin around town and just hang out with friends. Now, let me fill you in on a little secret. Anytime me and my high school bestie get together, you're guaranteed laughs, stupid Youtube videos and probably some mischief. But, that's just expected and we hate to dissappoint. So, with that being said, before I can really give you an indepth look into the night, I need you to watch this and form an opinion....

Alright, so it's funny right? Yes, I'm guilty of hashtagging way to often but it's even more fun now that there's this parody out there. So, I'm now that annoying girl who hashtags in real life. Like seriously ya'll, last night me and Mo went on our usual "cheese buying date" and we hashtaggeed during out real-life conversation. It just makes it so much more fun! Oh, and here's the exact post she posted on my wall last night:

#guilty #sorrynotsorry #hatersgonnahaaate #bestiesforlife #werehilarious

After a crazy late night of partying, laughing and #hashtagging I took it upon myself to have a lazy Sunday. I deserved it right!? So I woke up around 9ish, didn't do a whole lot and then when I called boy to complain about being bored he asked if I wanted to go to a movie. Uh, la duh! I rarely if ever get asked to go out so I jumped all over it. 

PICTURE #8: We went to see We're The Millers. It was great, not over the top funny but just great. There were some pretty funny parts of the movie but anymore I compare everything to The Hangover so it's awful tough for me to find pee-your-pants types of movies that are even comparable. After the movie we enjoyed some downtown supper and I went out of my "bubble" to try something new. We tried a pizza joint and I was impressed but the food was majorly greasy. 

PICTURE #9: Then onto shopping and ice cream. My biggest weakness. COLDSTONE! I love getting the chocolate lovers one, then I add nuts and wammo, Kelsey instantly gains 5 lbs. #worthit Yummy!

Quite the weekend looking back at it, but it was fun none-the-less. Cannot wait to see what this next weekend has in store for me :)


  1. yum that coldstone looks so good! I haven't had that in so long! :)

    looks like a fab weekend! :)

  2. holy moly you were busy! I love coldstone too!!!

  3. It looks like it indeed was a busy weekend. And that is so funny about your dad spoiling you ans getting your groceries - that is SO true!!! My mom does that for me when she comes and stays, I love it. haha

  4. I do love that hashtag video! Now I can use hashtags in real life and say, "Oh, I'm just making fun of that Jimmy Fallon video." Hahaha!


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