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30 Days of Gratitude ((Link-Up)) 11/16/13

Yay for this taking off! First off I want to say I am super excited that so many have chosen to participate in my little #30DoG challenge! It's so thrilling to see that so many of you are choosing to look at the blessings in your life through out the month! And secondly, don't just stop after these 30 days! If you're interested you could of course continue it on like I do with my Thankful Thursday's which is then turned into my 1,000 Gifts list. The reason for all these lists is because it's my way of thanking the Lord for all that he's done in my life. Too neat right?!


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Day 10- My Community. This is an extremely important one to me. I love each and every individual in my community for all the support they've given me throughout my life. I pride myself on trying to get know those who are around me and I want to be involved in my community. Staying active not only keeps me up to date on whose doing what but it also allows me to reach my hands out and help those who are in need. I can remember on multiple accounts that community members have reached out and gave me encouragement at specific times in my life when I needed it and for that I know I can never repay them. Growing up in a town of 1,600 and then moving just six miles away to a town of 550 I've come to realize that community is what makes a town have that special something that really connects everyone. Yes, sometimes the "small town rumors" can get under your skin, but I like to look at it as a blessing. At least everyone is concerned enough about me or my situation to be discussing it with others! 

Day 11- Money. Simple right? Well, yes I'm more than blessed with having money. Most people don't even have enough to afford what they need and I have some that I try to stash away into savings just in case. I have always prided myself on being independent and while I was younger and my parents still supported me I'd often choose the cheapest things possible. My sister on the other hand was the one with the gold plated taste. She is the exact opposite of me sometimes. 

Day 12- Pandora. Yes, I've used this often times in my 1,000 gifts list but I don't care. I am forever thankful for my Country Classics (Dolly Parton) station, for my Running Workouts station, for my Thrift Shop station and also my Country Christmas tunes. Pandora is what gets me through some tough days, it keeps me in the mood for holidays, it pushes me to run to the pumping beats of Miley and TayTay and yet it also relaxes me and gives me renewed faith on my Christian stations. Thank you to the genius who created such a gem for me to stream music. You deserve a pat on the back!

Day 13- My Church. This is something that is special to me. I grew up in the United Methodist Church in Wilber and I to this day, continue to go when I have the chance. I love my church. I love my church members. I love my fellow choir members. I love the old red hymnals we sign out of. I love the little tiled brown floor that as a child I remember crawling on and playing games on. I love the old wooden pews that make noise if you go to move during silent prayer time. I love all the faith I have learned from that old church. I love all the weddings, baptisms, choir cantatas, Sunday school programs and even the occasional long boring Bible study I've ever participated in at that church. I have walked in dragging my week only to walk out with a skip in my step knowing the Lord has blessed me. Nothing will ever replace my love for my church and all of the continuous learning it gives to me. 

Day 14- Scentsy Business. Well, another one that I am extremely grateful for! This business has created an income for me that allows me to buy some extra gifts for myself but it also gives me a way to afford going on mini trips and vacations with other ladies who are in the business. This past year I took a trip to Indy that otherwise wouldn't have happened. I have had the awesome advantages of enjoying yummy smells in my house and I've even lucked out and earned some pretty cool freebies for incentives! 

Day 15- Dolly Parton. Now don't laugh about this one! First off, yes I love her music. I have never once stated I love her style choice but that's an even better reason to know that I love her for being herself when the rest of the world is calling her a nut case. I love the meaning to her music, I am inspired by her continuous love to share about Jesus and her Christianity roots. I like how she started out in a one room shack and lived off of ketchup packets and built herself up solely based upon her music to a music legend that she is today. She inspires me to find ways to do good for others, she's created so many programs to give back and I only pray I can make a difference in 1/4 of the amount of people she's made a difference too. She uses her music as a platform to teach others about faith and giving back and I admire her for it. She's a true inspiration!

Day 16- Alumni Band Family. This is something I cherish and I am proud to be able to be a part of. We may get loud, be crazy, chant annoying things (YEOW) and even suck at playing our instruments but as a group we are a dysfunctional family. I cannot imagine any other core group of band nerds to spend my summer evenings with. They have become some of my closest friends who understand the love of my heritage, and are willing to put up with the Stooge shenanigans that we partake in. They're always full of encouragement and willing to cover for me if creepers come around. 


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