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30 Days of Gratitude ((Link-Up)) 11/9/13

Yay for this taking off! First off I want to say I am super excited that so many have chosen to participate in my little #30DoG challenge! It's so thrilling to see that so many of you are choosing to look at the blessings in your life through out the month! And secondly, don't just stop after these 30 days! If you're interested you could of course continue it on like I do with my Thankful Thursday's which is then turned into my 1,000 Gifts list. The reason for all these lists is because it's my way of thanking the Lord for all that he's done in my life. Too neat right?!


Previous Lists:
Days #1-2

Day 3- Running Gear. Yes, this is a weird one to be thankful for but my big ol bag of running gear is what motivates me to get out there. I'm a gadget nerd by accident and I get all sorts of excited when I can order a new running armband and then get outside to test it out. I'm subscribed to StrideBox and I love all the surprise goodies I receive. Some are duds but other items I've learned are well worth their weight in gold. It's also a blessing to have proper running gear with all these cold months coming up!

Day 4Books. Lately I've been on a major reading kick and I'm more than thrilled about it. It's good to read. Studies say that reading can increase your intelligence and keep your mind sharp. I have struggled with hating reality some days so getting "lost" in a book is a good way for me to escape these feelings of emotional stress. I love Christian contemporary reads. They're my addiction, but unfortunately I haven't found any lately that I couldn't live without. I also love to read because it's relaxing and is the only time during my day that I'm not required to check fbook, instagram pictures or type out blog posts. I need to focus on this stress relief a little more often I think!!

Day 5- My Tahoe (Taco). She deserves her own day of thankful-ness! As a matter of fact, in honor of her "special" day, I'm going to take her out and wash her!! She is always there to get me from point A to B without ever giving up on me. In the past two almost three years that I've owned my Tahoe I have never had any major issues with it. Granted yes she's had some confusion once in awhile but every vehicle does. She's never stranded me, never hit anything. She's a nice lady!!

Day 6- Vitamins. I know I abuse my gummy multi-vitamins but I'm not really here to listen to your lecture about it. Yes it's true that your body only absorbs so much of certain things so I'm just wasting my time eating extras but I don't care. I love them, they taste yummy and it gives me my sugar fix. Me and Trav have agreed we like the theory of "making up" for the days we missed. We usually eat 4-6 at a time and since we missed the couple days before we figured we're just adding to our deficiencies right?! Ya well, don't spoil it for us! I love them, they're yummy and healthy. Oh, and yes, they're Flintstones. No judging!!! Thankful  :)

Day 7- Family. Did you really expect this not to be on my list? For now I'll keep it simple and just address my direct family members consisting of my mom, dad and sister. To sum up my family we're a weird bunch, we're similar to the Adams family but instead of death being our topic and theme in life our family revolves around our Czech heritage. I love it. And I don't understand how people are not big into their heritage. I guess I grew up listening to polka bands and dancing to polka tunes my entire life and it's corrupted my brain enough to believe that this is normal. My parents have always been my biggest supporters in life. I'm constantly keeping them on their toes and I never once sit down long enough to fill them in on my life. But they're always the ones reminding me that faith, family and friends come first. Some days I tend to forget the important things in life but when my world comes crashing down they're there to hold me and help re-build the walls. 

Day 8- My closet. There are ample times a week you can hear my whine about having nothing to wear but in reality, my problem is that I have too many choices. In fact, I have so many choices I honestly only do laundry once every other week and that's IF I need a specific outfit for a specific reason. I'm trying oh so hard to eliminate the items I'm no longer wearing but it's tough for a hoarder. Especially someone who holds onto things because of their sentimental value. 

Day 9- Dirt Road Photograhy. I never expected my photography to take off like it did. I just expected to get a little business and potentially cover the costs of my fancy camera. Little did I know it opened the door for me to express my creative side and for people in the area to get afforable photos of their special moments. I am grateful for each and every person who has taken the time to support my business in one way or another. I pray that this photography journey continues into the future and I continue to build up this business. It's so much fun!


So, now with so much interest comes something new and exciting. We now have another host and each week we will feature TWO new co-hosts! So you'll get the opportunity to meet other bloggers along the way this month! If you're interested in co-hosting I still have a couple spots available for the month and would love to include you! 




Now it's your turn to tell me how you've been doing this week?! Did you instagram pictures or are you doing daily posts about each specific item? That's alright, just link those up if you'd like instead! I'm intending on inserting my photos when I have a chance. It's fun to get a visual of each item I'm listing as a thankful item :)

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  1. We all could use more gratitude in our lives. So often we tend to focus on what is missing that we forgot to count our blesses. Visiting from Blogs by Christian Women. Thanks for including your blog in our directory.

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