Friday, November 1, 2013

30 Miles in 30 Days - October

It's that time again where you link-up and tell everyone how you did on trying to log 30 miles of activity or fitness in the past 30 days! This month you lucked out, you had an extra day to get that mile in! So, how'd you do?!?!

I did participate in a 5k this month. The RUN OR DYE RACE REVIEW is posted and you're of course welcome to go read about it!!! (It might not be done quite yet but you can re-cap other races I've participated in under the -5k Run's- tab at the top!

I again power struggled through half the month. I'm learning more and more that I need to stop finding excuses to get outside and just go out there. Every day after I get off work I often tell myself the entire drive home I'm going running and the minute I get home I go inside, find myself a nice calorie filled snack and turn on the tv. I then proceed to watch Step by Step, I Love Lucy or some other show created pre-2000's and get lost without even lacing up my shoes. 

I acknowledge that this is a problem and I'm trying to fix it. Lately I've been busy almost every week night. And weekends are almost out of the question because I always find myself running around like a monkey doing millions of things! But this next month, November, is my month to shine. I'm going to hold myself accountable and focus on my 30 miles. I know it's getting colder but that's just the season's coming and going in life. It'll always be a cold time of the year but mentally I need to push through it and look at my goals.

So, lets get down to the stats shall we...

Let's see what I was up to over this past month! Total miles to date (10/30) is 22.68 miles. Yes I didn't hit my 30 miles and I'm not going to even hunt for an excuse. There were open dates in my calendar that I could have choose to get outside. The weather did cause a damper but it's only getting worse so I need to suck it up!


And now lets get a little re-cap of what I've been up to via Instagram shall we?!?!

1. You don't have to go fast, just go.
2. Running teaches us to keep moving forward one step at a time, especially in the most painful moments. <<Today's run flat out stunk for the most part, it was windy, dark and chilly but I pushed myself. I was playing a fun game of anytime Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus came on Pandora I had to run harder, what do ya know, they're on like every song!! Logging those miles for #30milesin30days
3. It's way to early to be packing the race bag! Whoever plans a race where I need to leave home by 6:15 and it's 34 degrees out is nuts. Better yet, whoever participates in these races is even more nuts! Wish me luck!
4. T-Minus half hour until race time! Here we go!!!
5. Course was cut short but it was a blast!! Felt good to get out there and log some miles! Whining about the temps didn't help because once I started I was fine. On another note, I'm gonna be sneezing blue for days :)
6. I couldn't agree more! Some days I find it nearly impossible to get out the door but the minute I find my pace I know I'll be fine from there on out. Today I knocked out 4 miles and I'm gaining progress in my #30milesin30days challenge. I'm at 16.8 for the month with high hopes to finish up with 30+ miles!
7. Knockin down miles for my #30milesin30days challenge. It was a cold one out today when I was running but gotta push through it!!
8. Lil league volleyball on a Wednesday evening after a 3 mile run. Sounds like a fun night to me :)
9. Ok I lied, just added some more miles for the day (after volleyball)


So here's where you tell us how you did for the month. Did you hit your goal? Are you like me and just an epic loser who failed miserably? Add the button to your blog post and come join us! Lin, Lin, Link it up!!


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  1. Even though you didn't hot the 30, you still did awesome! There's always November!


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