Monday, November 4, 2013

Farming On The Four's (11/4/13)

We've been staying busy if you were worried! This past week it's been off and on raining so lucky for us we've had a little time to play catch-up around the farm.

We're done with beans like I said earlier but now we're focusing on finishing up on corn! Some of the neighbors lucked out and finished up before the rain hit earlier this week but most farmers are still hoping to get out there and complete their 2013 harvest season here in Saline County.

Thankfully I talked Travis into burning all of our paper trash that's been building up for awhile. I'm not kidding when I say we had a huge bonfire! I was at work but I'm pretty sure Trav said that you would see it for miles. We normally just throw all of our boxes and other paper products into a pile and put it off saying we'll burn it all later. Well, later was yesterday in the rain. While burning trash Travis said Bubba was there to help him. Well help as much as he could. He layed in his dog house the entire time not wanting to get wet or stand out in the cold. Silly puppy!!

Eeek! OMG So I just HAVE to share this video. I know you just love me for always sharing these crazy videos I find but this one is too great! A lot of friends have jumped on the "What does the fox say" bandwagon and it gets played way too often. I cannot stand it, it's one of those annoying songs that gets stuck in my head and won't go away. So, I found a solution to the problem: keep the tune but use new lyrics. Yup, it's working, now instead I belt out "What does the farmer say" instead!!

I don't have a ton of pictures this round. I have a bunch that need to get back posted but I don't have my editing software so I refuse to give you guys raw pictures :P (silly photog in me) so instead you'll be getting a picture of this beautiful barn that I've been lucky enough to use for my photography business! Isn't it just gorgeous!??! 

I just love all the beautful colors that fall blesses us with. I mean, the barn in itself is pretty with its location but the fun colors popping is what makes it so eye opening. 


I'm still interested in turning my Farming On The Four's into a Link-Up and would LOVE to find some fun co-hosts that would be willing to host once or twice. You wouldn't be required to host each week but I'd switch out to give everyone the chance to help spread the word! If you're interested fill out the information below. Maybe in a couple weeks I'll launch it and would love to have a good list of those interested!

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  1. I nominated you for the Sunshine Award

  2. Sad to say...but this is the first I have heard of this linkup idea...seems interesting :)

  3. Totally forgot to mention that the barn pic is gorgeous!


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