Friday, November 8, 2013

Guest Post: Heather from Every Girl Like Me

Well, it's about dang time I start doing guest posts again right?! To kick off this round of guest posts I've asked my dear friend Heather to do a little post for me. I've known Heather for quite awhile now and we've become fairly good friends over the past year. We've already planned a meet and greet and we want to run a couple of 5k's together so wish us luck! Heck, who knows, if you're in between us and love running, come find us and let's all plan a 5k run together!!


Hello Hello Hello.

Before you decide to click the little x in the upper corner because this isn't should probably know that we are very similar people. So before I get to telling you how we are so similar...let me introduce myself. My name is Heather Ann and I blog over at Every Girl Like Me.

Lets take a look at just how alike Miss Kelsey and myself are! :) 

We both are 20-something year old girls living in small-country-loving towns. 

We both like to run!!! You should join us sometime :)

We both take "Selfies" in our cars! :) (and probably snapchat them to each other)

We both have have country men in our lives that make us very happy! :) ....and I noticed we both stand the same!!!

We both have been royalty...yes...ROYALTY!

If you liked what you read...please stop on over and check out my little place in cyber world.

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Ok, I have to giggle, when she sent it over and I got it ready to post for you guys I wasn't NOT expecting her to show you all my lovely shots. But, honestly, this just proves how similar we are! It just goes to show that a girl can never stop comparing herself to others and find the similarities in each other from halfway across the US! Thanks again Heather for stopping by today, you're too awesome :)

I wanted to send out a reminder (and re-launch) my concept of going a guest post every Friday. No limits on the topics and everyone is welcome! I'll be posting open dates and ask that you email me letting me know which one you'd like to take!

November 16th- OPEN
November 23rd- OPEN
November 30th- OPEN
December 7th- OPEN


Reminder: This Saturday is the link-up for the 30 Days of Gratitude! Come link up and show us what you're thankful for. You can choose to link up with each day individually or one summary post like I do. It's totally up to you! 

Day 8- My closet. There are ample times a week you can hear my whine about having nothing to wear but in reality, my problem is that I have too many choices. In fact, I have so many choices I honestly only do laundry once every other week and that's IF I need a specific outfit for a specific reason. I'm trying oh so hard to eliminate the items I'm no longer wearing but it's tough for a hoarder. Especially someone who holds onto things because of their sentimental value. 
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  1. ahhh it turned out so good! love it! :) Thanks for allowing me to guest post! :) I have my 30 days of gratitude ready for tomorrow and am so excited to co-host on the 23rd?!? love ya chica! Happy Friday! :)


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