Sunday, November 3, 2013

November Scentsy News

*SPECIAL* - November Hostess Exclusive (Holiday Bricks)
The hostess exclusive this month is your chance to stock up on your favorite holiday scents! They're back for one month only. And these special Scentsy Bricks are only available for Host Rewards. That means you need to host a "party" or turn in a qualifying order of $150 or more. You could spend $150 yourself, be your own host and absolutely take advantage of the built-in Scentsy Host Rewards OR you could gather up some orders from friends and family and use all the host rewards to get a lot of products for a lot less cash! Available Novermber 2013 only, hosts can choose from popular holiday scents including: Christmas Cottage, Eskimo Kiss, Peppermint Dreams, Pumpkin Marshmallow, Pumpkin Roll, Silver Bells, Snowberry, Very Merry Cranberry, Whiteout and Winter Pine.

*SPECIAL* -Layers Gift Bundle
How perfect is this for a little pampering session for a friend?! Every lady loves getting spoiled and indulging on good smelling things! I'll be the first to admit that Luna is hands down my favorite scent and I love the bath tablets! I use them all the time when I'm soaking in the tub and getting my read on with my Nook. Great for an office gift exchange or even better as a bestie quick gift!
*SPECIAL* -Velata Gift Bundle
Perfect for the holidays! I'm planning on ordering a couple of these for my friends and mailing a couple to blog friends for a simple, already put together gift! I'm also offering a personal special if you order one of these but I can't tell you unless you ask ;)
*SPECIAL* - Velata Holiday Kick-Off Sale
Ok seriously you guys need to get in on this action! I just ordered $120 worth of product and with that I have gotten 18 bags of chocolate, 10 containers of cheese and 3 warmers. Combine that with the $16 warmers that are on sale and I got a TON of Christmas gifts done and checked off my list. That means I've got 5-6 presents finished up for less than $25 a person. WINNING!!! I highly suggest you check it out and go order. It's worth it :)

*Warmer of the Month* - Christmas Tree
Make this festive Christmas Tree a part of your yuletide traditions! A glorious gold star crowns a lush fir tree decorated in red and green. Lift the top and find a warmer dish waiting for your favorite holiday fragrance.
*Scent of the Month* -Clementine Clove
A bright medley of aromatic citrus with clove and a hint of balsam.

I do have some pretty neat personal specials going on but you've gotta e-mail me to get those! I do send out samples of the Scent Of The Month so if you're interested go to THIS FORM and fill it out! I'll go ahead and mail out samples once a month so if you don't get in on this month's you'll be lucky enough to try next months! 

As always you can order directly through me (for free shipping) or you can order off of my websites:
Aaaaaand, if you'd like to "join" my groups on Facebook to get the lowdown on any personal specials I offer by all means join my group! Or, if you're up to more "like" pages feel free to visit my page!
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