Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Stapleton Stampede ((5k Race Results))

Look at me go! I'm finally posting about races that happened almost two months ago! I'm behind, don't judge. I'm getting better about posting sooner but life gets in the way and I'm just constantly busy. 

I posted awhile back that we took a mini trip out west to go visit my cousin who lives on a ranch near Stapleton. Coincidentally they were having their county fair that weekend and her boyfriend was participating in the Ranch Rodeo so it was an added bonus. There was also a 5k race going on that Saturday morning. That just meant I got the privilege of running a 5k race four hours away from home with my cousins and aunt!
We woke up bright and early so we could be registered and checked in on time for the race. Little miss Kyla was running the kids one mile run and insisted that I run it with her. So, me being the "super awesome" fun cousin that I am, I took her up on it and jogged the entire race with her. I think I mentioned it before but that little rascal is a sprinter! She's not in it for the long haul, she's in it to be done. So we'd sprint a little ways and then she'd want to walk it because she was tired. We'd sprint up again and then walk. Quite the challenge considering I wanted to have a nice warm up job but instead was practicing sprint intervals. 
But, her sprinting must have helped! Check out how that little bugger did!! WooHoo congrats Kyla on placing second :)

And since I wasn't lucky enough to to have my phone NOT delete my time for the mile fun run I'll go ahead and post my results... Yes, I'm bitter about this subject. Read more later.
But before I continue on and explain about the real 5k race I wanted to point out one thing... If you check out the race results page below you'll notice they forgot the adult category on the 1 mile fun run. Yes, that'd be this girl as the winner! I was bummed but I guess they considered the one mile just the kiddos run. Otherwise, I owned all the adults in that run! :P
Then after a short ten minute break it was time for us adults to get lined up at the start line and head off straight west towards a giant hill and endure our 5k race. I'm not gonna lie, I was worried about how I was going to do, after all, I did just get done sprinting a mile didn't I!?!
The race started, I struggled finding my rhythm at first, probably because of my warm-up run but it was fine. I ended up just focusing on my breathing and worrying about the hill I was going down. Racers know what I mean when I say don't burst down the hill, conserve the energy, rock back in those heals and let gravity do the work. 
The race route was pretty straight forward, run one mile straight west out of town, turn around, run up the giant hill back into town and then run the last mile straight east where the kids' course was. I was kind of confused about it while running, I, like most runners, thought that once you made it back to town from the race you were done, I was looking at stats on my phone and it wasn't adding up to be the full 3.1 miles so once I topped the hill and saw the rest of the runners going east I was overwhelmed with "will this ever be over" feelings. That giant hill I just tackled took the wind out of me and I'm not normally a hill runner. Here in Saline County all things are flat (except for tummys and butts). 

I was exhausted from pushing myself through the hill but I didn't want to give up and walk it. I was determined to push through it and keep going. At one point I was pulling on my rib cage to help give my lungs air and get rid of the cramp that was going on. Yes, I looked like a nut pulling on my tummy fat but it somehow helped I told myself. 
I finally crossed the finish line and gave myself a HUGE pat on the back for tackling that hill and not giving up. I have a knack for not working out until two weeks before a race. I know it's terrible and I need to focus on a constant training routine but I just never do. I always tell myself to work harder and stay focused on the next race but I always fall off the wagon. 
To top off the terrible run I felt I just finished I went to save my run into RunKeeper and it deleted my tracking results. Nothing, I repeat, nothing upsets a runner more than a race not getting saved. I like to look back and see how I did! 
I felt defeated after the race, there was a nagging inside me that said I could have went harder. I was proud for pushing through the pain but I saw some girls that were close to my age and I wanted to beat them. They weren't very far in front of me but I just knew they'd take my age category and I'd end up not getting anything. 
Buuut, surprise! Once my cousins were over the finish line and we watched the last few racers pull in they told us to give them a couple minutes to calculate results. We sat around, stretched (ok so just me) and joked about who would place where. So we're standing around talking about the plans for the day and out of no where a big WHACK on the back happens and I look around to see what I did wrong.
It was my cousin congratulating me on placing FIRST IN MY AGE DIVISION!! I was so excited to not only place in this race that I was so hard on myself but also because it was my first time I've ever placed first in a race. #doubleyay
I received my medal like a proud peacock and then proceeded to wait and hear that my cousin, Lisa, received third place! Then, we hear that my aunt also received second place in her age division! Plus, did I mention that little miss Kyla even received second in the kids run?! We were all winners that day!!

Kelsey- 33:04 time, 1st in age division, 22nd overall out of 59
Lisa- 42:17 time, 3rd in age division, 32nd overall out of 59
Kathy- 50:23 time, 2nd in age division, 49th overall out of 59
Kyla- 9:50 time, 2nd in age division
To view how others did look on the Stapleton Stampede website.
So what I've taken away from this racing experience: Spend time with family, go on trips to go see them. Travel and get out of your comfort zone. Making memories with family is what life is made of. Race that extra mile before the race just to get yourself warmed up. But, make sure you stretch in between races!

Oh, and one last thing I learned after this race. The best supporter you can have out on the course is your man! This was one of the first races of mine he's attended and it meant so much to me!! :)


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Day 6- Vitamins. I know I abuse my gummy multi-vitamins but I'm not really here to listen to your lecture about it. Yes it's true that your body only absorbs so much of certain things so I'm just wasting my time eating extras but I don't care. I love them, they taste yummy and it gives me my sugar fix. Me and Trav have agreed we like the theory of "making up" for the days we missed. We usually eat 4-6 at a time and since we missed the couple days before we figured we're just adding to our deficiencies right?! Ya well, don't spoil it for us! I love them, they're yummy and healthy. Thankful  :)

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  1. So the pic of you and "Your Man" is too cute! I think you man is most often best support system you can have..that is besides BBFFs!

  2. awesome job girly on 1st. I love the pic of you and that cute little girl. We really need to run a race or 10 together! :) Maybe next summer? I'm a wimp when it comes to cold weather running. Indoor workouts for me now and I am not to happy about it! :(


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