Friday, January 31, 2014

Biebs Babble -Oops, Biebs Did It Again!-

So, most of you know about the Bieb's getting into trouble. He choose to drink and drive along with a few other things that landed him a mug shot at his local jail. Not the best decision this multi-millionaire teen has made I'm sure, but does he truly deserve to be ridiculed on all the major gossip channels and all over the internet for it? Watch this and then inform me of your decision.

I'm not the type that voices my opinion over current events very often but after watching that clip I felt that you guys deserve to know how I'm feeling about this topic.


I may not like the guy, his music or his lack of style but I do believe that he's human and deserves to be treated like one. If we were to judge everyone for every single mistake they've ever made none of us would be making our grand entrance into the golden gates of Heaven. I'm the first to admit that I've messed up in my past. Maybe not to the extent of being judged by the court system on how my next few years will look but I've ran into mischief before too.

You see, after I saw a friend post this video (thanks again Joel) I choose to watch it first, then go and read all comments that people were leaving about how they felt on the topic. Some were fence riders, some were against the Biebs and some were all about giving the guy a little slack. The one thing I am very thankful for is that they were all courteous enough to respect each other's opinions.
I learned something today, I learned that no matter how hard we try to do our best sometimes we can (and will) fall off the wagon and there will always be someone there to judge us on what we've done wrong. They're the first to point out that the devil lives all around us. The first to throw "word vomit" at us and insult us. And most importantly, they're the first to watch us crumble and not offer a helping hand to pick us up or stop and pray with/for us.

I don't think it's fair to purposefully make fun of people when they're going through tough times and struggles like this. I am not giving Justin a "get out of jail free" card because I believe he does need to take responsibilities for his actions but I also think that we need to help him. Maybe he doesn't realize that this little stunt he is pulling will affect his entire life and like Craig said, could potentially turn into a downward spiral like Brittney's life. 

Not. Healthy.
What struck me about Craig's snippet was the fact that he realized after making fun of people on tv, that when he met them in person, the people made him feel guilty without even saying a single word about their clips they've watched. He knew deep down that his character knew better than to be poking fun at others misfortunes. His moral compass was telling him that although viewership's may have enjoyed the jokes and made hundreds of thousands of people laugh that one person was being hurt in the situation. He realized that he was essentially bullying someone and it wasn't ok.
I applaud him for stepping up and trying to stop the bullying of celebs. It's easy to crack Michael Jackson or Anna Nicole jokes without thinking twice but look what happened to them. Drug over dosage wasn't a coincidence. We may never know the real story but we do know that he must have been significantly unhappy with himself to be self-medicating that much.
To be stuck in a deep hole of sadness and feeling like the world is against you is not a good place to be. The constant battle against yourself that you're not a good person is enough but to have the entire nation talking smack all around you can be enough to put some celebs over the edge. 

No one, no matter their "social status" or their bank account value or their skin color deserves to be bullied at any level. 

Sometimes the build-up of hurtful words or actions against a person can cause a major storm at a certain point and break them down. I've experienced it first hand to be at both ends of the storm.
It's not just their own lives that are then affected by the hurting persons actions against themselves or others. It's the families of the loved ones who commit suicide, or the friends of a bomber who attempts to kill hundreds in a school. Millions of lives can be affected by the actions of bullies.
I know I've really blown the Biebs story out of proportion but what I'm trying to get across is that BULLYING IS NOT OK. We, as American citizens, shouldn't stoop down to the level of social media and current events and need to stop giving in to laughing at other people's misfortunes, especially when those people are extremely vulnerable. If someone is acting out it's a sign they need help and it's our duty to step up and help them!

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thankful Thursday

**Please help me out and GO VOTE (daily) for me to win a trip to participate in a super awesome marathon! I'm ranked number 14 right now out of over 140 participants but want to hit at least the top 10. Would love the extra lovin! (Make sure you're voting and not liking my photo otherwise your efforts won't help me much) Thanks again for all the awesome support, you guys rock! **

  • The fast speeds of internet these days, amazing how much more you can get done when its speedy
  • Captain Morgan, that spiced rum I'm oh so grateful for... at night
  • The sound of laughter that fills the room with friends
  • The heater's for working on below zero windchill days
  • Lunch dates with friends I haven't talked to in awhile
  • Seat warmers that are prewarmed because others start your vehicle for you
  • Gatorade, I love that stuff, it's my newest addiction
  • Card games that end in everyone laughing
  • Photoshop actions to help make my workflow go smoother
  • The continuous support of my real friends!
  • Heated cabbed tractors
  • 50 degree weather to brush out the ponies and not freeze
  • A fun filled taco night with the besties
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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Fitness New Years Resolutions

The main reason I wanted to create this post is because I know a lot of you bloggers had New Years resolutions that consisted of fitness activities and getting into shape. If you're like me, you've made big promises to focus on losing a couple pounds and becoming more toned up. But, if you're anything close to actually being like me, this is what it may look like in the process of achieving those goals:
First I like to start out my stretching niiiice and good to make sure I'm ready to work some muscles...
Then I like to start off with a quick jog on the treadmill to get my heart pumping...
I'm feeling good, nice and pumped at this point, ready to jump into some weight training...
fail (4924) Animated Gif on Giphy
But then reality finally sinks in and I realize that this gym thing just isn't for me. So I just slowly gather my belongings and sneak out the side door and hide my tail as I head back to my vehicle. 
I then arrive at home and lace up my shoes, I guess I may as well face the facts that I'm not cut out for gyms but instead I'm a runner, and I should just go run instead...
But even then, sometimes who I imagine I look like while running (above) and what I actually look like running (below) are two separate stories...
I finally look down to see that RunKeeper has proved I've ran my 4 miles for the day or other set amount that seems incredibly further than it really is and I slow down to a nice walk at a snails pace on the way back to the house. Sometimes working out can be exhausting but I love it... kinda.

So, with all that being said. How do your workouts go? Do you epic fail and whine about it for awhile then get back up and push yourself to work harder and focus on what you can do? Don't dwell on what you can't do right now, that's the point of hitting goals right?! You start out unable to accomplish a task and hope (and pray) that someday you'll be able to complete something that you've set out to do. Then, once you've obtained that goal, you set a higher bar to reach.
To some this may be adding an extra plate to your bench you're lifting, to others, it may be signing up for a 10k instead of a 5k this next race. Everyone's goals can look different, that's great if they are. You're wanting to push yourself to be the best you that you can be! 

How are you 2014 fitness goals coming along? We're almost a month into the new year and I'm interested to see who is punching themselves over buying that yearly gym membership and whose been putting their workout clothes to use over the past month! Hopefully everyone's learning that it takes a lot of dedication to get out there and workout! :)

Oh, and if you didn't hear yet, I'm wanting to do a fun fitness style link-up monster. It's tough to explain so go read this post, Lookin Lean in 2014 and it'll explain it a bit better.

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Recipe ((CrockPot Taco Soup))

Umm, I'm not sure if you got the mail lately but it's cold here in Nebraska. I'm talkin like below zero windchill cold! And with temperatures that ridiculously low it pumps a damper on me wanting to crawl out of bed or accomplish anything because I'm scared of getting frost bite. Meaning walked around the house can lead to potentially life threatening possibilities like limbs having to be amputated from freezing off! 
....ok so there was a little added drama there. But still! I hate cold weather, and I especially hate cooking and being active in the cold. So I usually choose to throw things together in the crock pot and catch up on DVR instead. Oh and blogs, ya I always read blogs to catch up on everyones. I even found a super simple new recipe to try over on Rachel's blog called Vegetable Beef Soup. (and per her request I'm sharing this recipe, I suppose I could dedicate it to her)
This recipe I found while surfing Pinterest and decided it'd be worth a try. I'd honestly never heard of taco soup beforehand but now that I mention I made it people all over say they've tried it before. I feel like a turtle that was never exposed to such goodness in my life! Earth shattering!!
So here's the recipe for you to enjoy:
1 can whole kernel corn
1 can beef broth
1 can red kidney beans
1 can Rotel
2 cans diced tomatoes
1 can pinto beans
1 can black beans
1 package of ranch mix
1 package of taco seasoning
1-2 pounds of hamburger
Drain and dump all of the canned goodies into your crockpot, add in the seasonings and mix it all together. Brown your hamburger and then dump into your crockpot. Mix together and put on low for the day or crank it up to high for a couple hours. I've discovered I like it better the next day after it thickens up a bit as well. 

This super easy recipe will get you back into your warm cozy blankie in no time and you can eat it with chips or choose to throw on some chili powder and make it more like a soup. Either way it's super yummy and fillin! I usually like to add a little cheese on top because I'm trying to keep my five pounds of cheese per week quota up ;)
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Friday, January 24, 2014

Farming On The Four's

Farming On The Four's is baaaack! Eeek I'm so thrilled to be getting back into a routine and writing about the things I love again. So, what has been going on around the farm you ask? A LOT! I'll attempt to summarize it to make it a little easier for you to catch up on.

Trav's putting up a new shed and it's HUGE. I'm talkin like 80' X 150' huge. So big I really can't take a picture to do it justice but here's what it looked like in the process. It's about 90% done meaning we can soon put equipment in it and use the dang thing. I think it's a farmer thing but it wasn't my ideal birthday gift, whatever, I suppose I'll get used to it. My second dad (Bob) bought his wife a tractor for their anniversary present one year, it's gotta be a farmer thing! Basically all that's left to complete on the shed is the doors and adding the electrical work so we have lights in it. 

The annual shop party was, as always, successful and I feel so blessed to partake in it with Nerud's each year. I swear each year we don't add to the invite list but for some reason it seems to grow, this year we had so many people that some of the teens choose to eat up in the storage loft. That's A LOT of people coming to celebrate another great year of keeping Spring Creek Repair in business! #blessed The only thing I'm bummed about is I got one picture with my good camera and like five pictures with my phone. Epic fail on my part I guess. Here's what you get outta the deal.

Umm, I didn't realize it until now but I'm kinda baby obsessed, and holding that little chunker didn't change my mind one bit about wanting a baby of my own. As a matter of fact, I still want my twins. Someday, soon?!? ;) No but really, Travis' nephew is the cutest little guy ever!!

<<Say this part in a deep, announcer's voice>> In cattle news today we're happy to report that the first spring calf has dropped and we're anticipating seventeen more little babies to be arriving any day now. Yay we're super excited to kick off the calving season but we're not so much excited that with the temps dropping to a -11 degree windchill that the baby calf died last night. Travis checked him before he left the shop and thought he'd be alright over night but I guess we should have gotten up to go check. Lesson learned, luckily the momma is a good cow and we don't want her to get all depressed that her baby is gone so we found a neighbor who had a calf needing a mommy cause hers died and Trav gladly took the little babe in hopes of making momma happy with a replacement. Here's to hoping the little switch-er-oo will work and momma and baby will get along.

Calving season is fun when it's fall, spring calving just isn't my thing I've realized. I'd much rather cruise on the four wheeler and snap fall calving pictures than have frost bitten fingers come January when the little buggers are dropping. It's funny because looking back to a year ago my Farming On The Four's Post showed that the first calf dropped on the 20th, nearly to the date exactly like this years! That's one of my favorite reasons for blogging, to look back and see what was going on around the farm last year and to see how close dates are for what's going on now and back then. 

Last year I mentioned I was excited to see the first bottle calf because I'm ready to name it, this time around I'm not sure I'll be wearing a t-shirt in the picture and I'm not sure on names. I'm starting to realize that if I ever have kids of my own I'm going to struggle with names, I'm not a person who is good at my decision making skills. I struggle naming a calf that, within a year, will be sold off and I'll never use that name again. So, I'm opening it up to you guys to give me suggestions on names, something old fashioned is my style on the name game, specifically classic country singers. Dolly, Dwight, Merle, Betty, those types of cool names!!

The ponies are great! They were moved home a couple months ago and have been bored walking around in the pen. I think they're anticipating spring and fresh grass more than the cows. Big boy Jed has had a callused spot near his front shoulder for a couple years and Travis noticed that there was a small bump growing by it so we contacted the vet and set up a time for him to come check it out. He suggested we extract it and have it tested to make sure it's nothing major. I guess here in a couple weeks I'll updated you with what we find out but for now he seems normal. He must feel all special because not only is the old Leafer (30 year old pony) but also now he get's his own feed with antibiotics in it that he doesn't have to share with Lilly. I swear those three are spoiled brats!

I'm posting a few pictures of them and I'm warning you THEY'RE GRAPHIC so don't look if you're a wussy!

He's doing fine and the cut is actually a lot larger and scarier in the pictures in real life. It's slowed him down a little bit, he's not romping around but I'm sure will be back to 100% health in no time.

They've hauled a couple semi-loads of grain to town over the past week. It's that time of the year that forward contracts are due and when you say you've got the goods, they expect you to deliver them. Forward contracting is a great marketing tool to use on your farm to help spread risks out a little bit but you have to be careful not to forward contract too much because although you may be an awesome grain storage guru there are still some natural causes that can make you loose grain, thus resulting in failing to complete your contract. (Which causes even more stress)

The shop is bustling with business as always, Trav's working on a tractor. It's still not done, but I've learned over time that on the farm, nothing is ever done. There's always fences to mend, animals to feed and women that are complaining we never see the farmers enough. Such is the farm life...

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

HELP WANTED: Marathon Trip Paid for?!

Hello Darlin, nice to see you, it's been a long time, you're just as lovely, as you used to be....

Alright, enough of the country classics. It's time to get right down to business here folks

I've entered a contest and need your help!!

I've entered the Zooma Women's Race Series contest to hopefully win a full expense paid trip to Napa Valley and a free race entry into their marathon. It also means if I win I get to give away two tickets for my blog followers as well, meaning...

You could come with me!

So, with all that mumble jumble being said I'd really love for you guys to go VOTE for me to win this trip! I've not had the opportunity to run a marathon yet and I keep pushing the date of when I want to do my first marathon off but I think this would be a great kicker for me to really push myself and run harder to focus on a specific date to be ready by.

**You have to click on VOTE and not "like" in order for the entry to count**

My fitness journey wasn't really a journey starting out, it was actually more of a way for me to get outside and enjoy God's greatest creations at it's finest and get away from my desk job to blow off a little steam. But what it morphed into was a beautiful path of discovering more about myself and my mental strengths to push through everything and persevere.
With all of my success in 2013 and the amount of self fulfillment I've achieved through my running experience I've realized that 5k's are fun but it's now time to really push myself to achieve something more. To really test my skills and focus on a better me. It's time to push my distance mileage on my daily runs. Time to kick up the training and run more 10k's and less 5k's. It's time to be a better me and focus on those marathons! I hope at the end of 2014 I can re-create a fun little photo collage like this but instead it'll have more pictures of me with race bibs that read half or full marathons instead. And I hope to find new friends along the way that have similar fitness goals. 
Alright so I've been crunching the numbers and here's what I've come up with. I have almost 330 GFC followers, 187 BlogLovin buddies, 126 Twitter twerps, 305 Instagram buddies, over 335 Facebooks fans and a hefty 750 personal friends on fcreep. Add those all together and my following is almost 2033 people that could be voting for me! That's a huge number considering the person in the lead has only around 500 votes. I could totally kick butt in this contest and give you, my readers and followers, a chance to go with me but I need your help in spreading the word to vote for me!
To me winning an entry to this race isn't about getting a free trip and race entry, winning this contest is more about having the opportunity to push myself to better myself and my body. To really step up my game and inspire those around me to do the same. I ask you to submit votes because I've either inspired you to become a better you or because you're a friend who believes in me and wants me to enjoy a trip of a lifetime! Thank you to all my followers who enjoy reading about me, but more so, thank you for keeping me accountable in my journey through fitness. Both the struggles and the success!!
I know most of you are slackers like me who put things off until last minute but voting is open until 2/24 and I'd prefer to get my hopes up sooner than later and take the voting lead early. Share with your friends to help me out as well. I don't normally harass people to do these types of things for me so I'd appreciate any help you guys feel like giving. So, don't vote later, VOTE NOW!!
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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thankful Thursday

  • Friends! I've been through a lot and the friends that have been here are worth their weight in gold
  • The ability to smile even when I'm sad on the inside
  • Mint colored nail polish for the cheery color to stare at on gloomy days
  • Price matching at Wal-Mart
  • Photoshop Actions for making my editing go ten times quicker
  • The mailman for delivering new goodies to me!
  • Studded. Running. Shoes. (bomb digities!)
  • My pro photo labs for being extra confusing but extra awesome when I get new orders in :)
  • The knack for learning to enjoy greek yogurt, it's been tough but I'm learning to like it
  • The ability to run without having to stop, having the brain power to force myself through the pain, having the legs that are strong enough to keep going and having the heart filled with joy once I finish running
  • My dad's goofy texts that brighten my day
  • The stress of the holidays for being over!
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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

StitchFix #5

It's StitchFix time! That means you get to see what goodies were mailed to me again this month!! This was actually last months but that's ok, I still wanted to share it with you! 
What is StitchFix? It's a fun little program designed to send you items to try on at home, decide on what you'd like to keep and mail the rest back! All simple and quick while getting to try out new styles without the hassle of fighting malls. Works like a gem!!

1. Corinna Striped Dolman Top by 41Hawthorn. I liked it the most out of the entire fix this time around! I would have kept it, but I just couldn't force myself to love it as much as I wanted to. It was just a tough break-up for us. But the texture is what finally made me let go and give it back to its rightful owners. It was too much for me, it was a funky texture that stretched out way to easily. 

2. Sanya Cut-Out Sueded Short Sleeve Top by Honey Punch. This was my least favorite out of the entire fix. I hated the velvet fabric, I wasn't too fond of the eyelet cut lace trim stuff and the fit was terrible. I see that they eyelet cut stuff is on the rise but I'm still not buying into the fashion quite yet. Someday, maybe.
3. Batik Dot Scarf by Spun Scarves by Sutble Luxury. This was cute, but expensive! I didn't like it enough to open it and test it out, I just struggle with textured patterns. I suck at imaging how it'll go good with an outfit so instead I just skip it all together. 
4. Roger Asymmetrical Zipper Jacket by Sweet Rain. This was another favorite out of the fix. I really like the asymmetrical zipper thing it had going. I was really excited to try this on but the minute I tried it on I felt defeated. The silly thing had a funky flair in the back that I hated. It like hung way below my butt and was in no way flattering. 
5. Adora Ankle Length Jean by Just Black. I really wish I loved colored jeans more. If I did, there would be no question I could have kept these babies!! They fit perfectly, they looked super cute, but I just suck at going outside of my bubble, and these were just too far out of my bubble!

I love that they're pushing my limits on style but sadly, it wasn't for me. What things would you have chosen from this fix? Lately I've struggled not getting good fixes and it saddens me because I love the idea of the clothes coming to me, getting to style them up with what I already have and then sending back what doesn't work for me.


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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Lookin Lean in 2014 ((Fitness Challenge Link-Up))

I've already mentioned several times that I'm focusing on consistency for 2014 when it comes to my workouts but even more so I'm working on other types of fitness besides my running. I want to really tone it up this year so I need to realize that although I've become accustomed to feeling "safe" while out running it's now time to step out of my comfort zone and work on new types of fitness activities.

I'm really wanting to start an accountability group to see how everyone measures up by the end of the year and I'll even throw in some fun prizes for those who come out on top! Sooo, here's my question to you:

Are you willing to become a better you?

If so, let's go ahead and get this partaaay started!! I'm looking for one or two "hosts" who are willing to help with the organizing of this challenge and checking in on people but I'm also looking for participants!! I'm going to make up final rules here soon but right now here are my main "rules."

1. Be willing to do a beginner post about your goals for your fitness journey for 2014.
2. Do a check in post about your progress and come link up with us.
3. Be willing to encourage your partners and fellow fitness pals!
4. Send one "fitness fun" package throughout the year to your match-up.
5. Participate in some of the challenges throughout the year.
6. Do a final post at the end of the year about how you did.

I'll do some tweaking and set up definitive rules about what will all be involved but I want to see what type of interest this will have. I have heard from others that they want a group of encouraging individuals to help push them with their goals and I haven't found many blogs that have put together anything similar so I decided it was time to do something. 

My main goal when I started this was to just get a link-up going with what you've been doing to stay active but it then morphed into a giant list of different ideas I've seen floating around the blog-o-sphere. I love the idea of connecting in so many ways to keep yourself active and trying new things. 

Interested in it?! Want to help co-host? Ready to pre-sign up to get added to my list for when I do the official sign up? Then go ahead 


I'm also creating a fcreep group dedicated to this group. I'm not going to be adding members to it until I get the official sign-ups ready to roll out but here's the start of it. Lookin Lean in 2014 Keep an eye out for the official sign up within a week or two. I'm wanting to kick off this challenge before the end of the month so that others can participate! 

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Party Girls Don't Do It Better!

Well that does it. I've decided it's time to stop drinking and partying. No more late nights of staying up late to finish that last episode on DVR. And NO fast food! ...ok, so fast food but on a limited basis.

This picture freaked me out when one of my friends shared it on fcreep. Like seriously, look at the small difference only six years can make! I'm a visual person, and to physically see what could happen to my body over time scared me enough to start working towards a better me.

With that being said, it's time to rid my life of toxins! It's time for change! Not just physical change but mental change. The toxic junk food I'm eating needs to slowly disappear, it won't happen over night but with time it'll get easier. And also the crappy life sucking jerks in my life need to start packing. I'm tired of getting treated crummy, right now I'm hit or miss, one minute I'm happy, the next I'm on the edge ready to cry at a moments notice. I blame that mostly on my unstable upside down brain but I also blame it on those surrounding me who are making my feelings not happy like they should be trying to help with. Time to draw a giant red line through their names and release their negative energies to someone else. I want happiness! 

Between the picture of fattiness by age 28 and the rather inspirational quote about people who shouldn't be in my life I've come to realize it'll get better. These two things have shown me that change can be good sometimes!

Have you ever seen anything that has inspired you to change your ways? 
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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Shape Tea ((Product Review))

Alright, I have a confession to make, I LOVE TEA! Surprised? You shouldn't be. I'm proud to announce that I'm 42 days pop free. <<Insert me jumping up and down in my brain, but my body being a little more sluggish to react>>

So, since I'm starting this new venture being pop free I thought I'd fill you in on another change and what I've noticed my body doing. First off, I've lost almost ten pounds in the past two weeks. (That makes me 96 lbs, 100 soaking wet) This is partially due to excessive emotional stress but it's also because I've gone over an entire month without pop. Since I'm an avid lover of Ruby Red Squirt, Cherry Pepsi and all things carbonated I needed to find a replacement to fill that void. That's when I was introduced to Shape Tea

I was kind of interested in the brand because it's all natural and although I'm not into that hippy crap I'm trying to pay more attention to what I'm putting into my body. I have fitness friends that swear up and down that you should be on that new kick of "organic" stuff and although I'll never be on that bandwagon I am attempting to be more conscious about the calories I consume and what is inside of the products I eat. So, with that being said, when I started looking around on their website I was intrigued to see that they have all organic ingredients. 

Now, let me explain please... Organic is defined as products that are produced without the use of pesticides, fertilizers or other artificial agents. As a farmer's daughter and as a college degree holder of the agricultural field I'm not sold on that jumble. Sometimes pesticides are needed, other times, it's not as important. The moral of the story, it's organic, I'm trying to eat healthier, it seemed like a good fit. 

They have three products that you can try out over at Shape Tea. I'll do a more in depth review on the Active Shape Tea because that's the one I was sent to try out but the other two I do want to do a quick blurb on just to get you acquainted with their entire line of products. 

CleanseThe human body's detoxification system is both remarkable and sophisticated, with several organs dedicated to cleansing the blood and gut. But in today's society with our diet (not always the healthiest), combined with a fast paced environment and a ton of other things on our mind, means that maintaining a healthy digestive system can be quite a bit of work and very likely get thrown out of balance. <---This one looks great right?! It says it tastes like citrus. Mmm! I love anything citrus so I honestly wanted to try this one out as well! It also says you can use this as a 14 day weight loss cleansing system. I'm interested to see if this works! I obviously don't need to lose weight, but I'd like to test it out after all these holidays meals I know I will consume that will add a couple pounds back onto me!

RelaxOne of the most important things you can do to live a healthy lifestyle is to Relax. The term Relax is defined as an emotional state of low tension. An absence of such feelings as anger, anxiety or fear. Relaxation can be achieved through means such as meditation, music or even controlled breathing. Relaxation helps us cope with stress. <---I really could use this baby as well right now! I'm stressed to the max so this would be everything I need in a drink! (Just throw in a little whiskey and we'd be set!) I have plenty of anxiety so finding something that could potentially calm my nerves down a bit is something I should look into. I guess I never thought of tea as an outlet to release tension... Looks like I'll be ordering another part of their line up. ;)

ActiveWhether you're hitting the gym, going for a run or heading out to your favorite class, Shape tea has the perfect solution to give you that extra boost of energy and endurance so that you get the most out of your workout and your day. <---This is the one I received and got to review!! I'll break it down a little more but overall, I was satisfied with the product and did feel a boost of energy. That might have been partially due to lack of caffeine and pop but it was nice to feel that boost right before I went to workout and run. I am super excited that I can use this product and make it ahead of time to use for the next day for breakfast to give me a quick pick me up!

When I first received my tea I was surprised to see that it was lose tea and other ingredients. I normally receive tea in tea bags or other packets so I was a little confused but I didn't let it stop me. I actually have a really neat Pampered Chef Herb Infuser and it worked like a gem. As a matter of fact, I've been dying to find a use for this bad boy and I'm glad it's finally found it's mate!!

I boiled up my water like the cute directions tell you to, then I placed my infuser with my tablespoon full of tea into my Blender Bottle. That little sucker is my other soul mate. I'm a HUGE Blender Bottle freak!! And below is the tea slowly brewing into full flavor. It's fun to watch it!!
Next up you pull you infuser out so you don't have tiny chunks floating around in your drink, sometimes you will get little leaves that leak out and you end up having to scoop them out, no biggie. And, then I must admit, I'm not a major warm tea lover so I throw it in the fridge for a couple hours to chill. I normally make a double batch of it and then drink it pre-workout and then post workout I try to finish it off. It's great stuff!! 

I was tempted to try this stuff out and just put it away, not really expecting myself to really fall in love with it. But after making a couple batches of it I've really come to like it. Like I said earlier I gave up pop and since November I'm proud to admit I've only had three or four total. It's been tough, but I've lost a few pounds and see that weight fall off from the pop really inspired me to continue to work towards my weight goals. I will fully endorse this product and urge others to try it out if you're looking for a quick boost of energy for working out or even if you're up too late partying or with the kiddos. WORTH IT! :)

These products are EXTREMELY reasonably priced at just $20 a piece and you can get a ton of use out of each tin. I've been using the tin I received for several weeks and I have plenty left to last me awhile longer. And, if you want to get even more bang for your buck, try saving the leftovers and re-using them with a new cup of hot water. Just leave the leaves in there for a bit longer!


*This is a sponsored post by Shape Tea but all opinions are my own* 

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Quick short post for the day but I wanted to fill you in on a super awesome site I've joined and have become obsessed with!


So I'm a big deal hunter and this site has so many cute, unique items you can get. I've actually ordered quite a few items off of their site and have used them for Christmas presents. Here are some super awesome items I've ordered from their site:

Can you tell I'm obsessed with them?!!? What I love is I can find a lot of cute stylish things on there for affordable prices. I'm loving all of the scarves they've got on there and now that I'm jumped on the scarves bandwagon I cannot get enough of them, especially the ones that other people don't have. 

I wanted to point out the fitness armband because that's what made me create the post. Right now they're on sale for $5.99 and that's an awesome deal! I ordered this exact one online from a store and paid well over $25 for it. I actually bought two more today because they were so super cheap. I love that they're adjustable for smaller arms (like mine) but also can be loosened for when I run in the winter with lots of layers on. 

I use these armbands for all of my events I run in so I'm excited to get another one. Mine's slowly wearing down and when I run in color runs or other runs that get my armband dirty it takes awhile for it to recover and rid itself of the color dye, or mud. Now, I've got a "dirty" one and a cleaner one to use on pretty race days!

If you've got a New Years Resolution of getting fit or becoming more active this is a great purchase to help boost your spirits and entice you to get out more! These cheap little suckers won't let you down, this I can promise :)

*I do receive a credit for every person that orders through GroopDealz but I am not associated with the company in any way*

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

30 Miles in 30 Days - December


Catch up time!! I'm kinda proud of myself for running as many miles as I did in December! It was an extremely tough month for me and I was busy with activities including organizing craft shows and attending seven plus Christmas parties. I was swamped in December!

So, before I go into deets about how my December running schedule went, I'll give you my breakdown of what my RunKeeper told me I did:

Those miles totaled up to.... 18.32

It may not be the full 30 like I wanted to reach but every bit counts towards my ultimate goal of staying active and logging miles. I'm actually proud of those 18.32 miles because they're all longer runs! The past couple of months I've been going on short runs but this month my goal was to focus on longer runs and less of them. Looks like I accomplished my goal! 

I'm sad to admit I skipped out of participating in a 5k event for the month of December. It wasn't intentional but if you read about my previous month you might understand why I just couldn't fit it into my schedule. My goal was to do at least one a month throughout the year and it appears towards the end of the year towards my crazy days of the month the month got away from me and I didn't sign up for me. I vow to focus more on 5k's and even possibly 10k's throughout 2014 and hope to even sign up for a half marathon! 

My Instagram recap for December:

1. Yup, my heart is hurting in overdrive lately but nothing can refresh your mind like a long run!! I'm so excited that I've pushed myself to focus on my fitness again and train for long distance races again.
2. Today's run felt freeing, it felt great to "run away" from my worries and anxiety! I wish everyone could feel the addiction that the runner's high can give you, totally worth the pain of pushing through those tough hills and shin splits! 
3. These are my anti-depressants. I don't need fancy therapy sessions or expensive doctor prescribed drugs, I just need a good pair of mud boggers to boost my mood! 
4. Today while running I caught myself smiling, what really caught my attention wasn't me smiling but actually giggling to myself in mile two. I realized that my life may be broken and I may be sad but the minute I lace up my shoes and turn on the gps it all goes away. Always remember to push yourself, I tackled the two biggest "mountains" in Wilber today, take note of my average mile paces, waaay up from yesterday! I think another reason I caught myself in my "runners high" was because I was surrounded by my wonderful community I call home, Wilber. I was running smelling the fresh smell of peoples dryers (weird but dryer sheets smell so good), I was seeing kids play with what little snow we have left, I even stopped to say hi to some "neighbors" whom I graciously shared my smile with and wished them a good evening. Never be running too fast you don't have time to say hello and ask how peoples days are going. Give them a reason to remember you as a good person! 
5. Running might not completely define me, but I am who I am because of it.



As a yearly review of how running went, here's what I got from my RunKeeper account. If you look it says I ran almost 200 miles last year! That's a HUGE pat on the back for me :) I'm almost sure I ran more because I know some runs weren't showing up so we'll just go with it and say I hit 200 miles last year. 

If you look at the chart, it looks like spring is my biggest running time. I think it's that I get super hyped to get outside and go running again that I log the most miles then. Truthfully, I just enjoy being outside and with my work schedule it was tough to get out there. Now with this new "stay at home" thing I'm hoping I'll have more time to focus on logging more miles and even trying some weight's type of workouts. 

I think one of my major motivational things that worked for me is keeping myself accountable. Getting excited to post my times and pictures from that days run, wanting to have my thirty miles logged for the month that way when I post my 30 Miles in 30 Days post I haven't been a slacker who didn't hit my miles. I know I didn't hit all of the months but I do know that by keeping myself accountable for the miles that were needed I did find myself logging more runs.

Another thing that really helped me this past year is an app called Pact. I'll go into more details about it later when I post about what works for my running routines but it's really neat! You make a bet against yourself and then if you don't work out then you have to pay that out to other pact people who did succeed in their goal for that week. Pretty neat stuff!

Here's an awesome look at my 2013 fitness and running through my Instragram pictures! It's so cool to create something like this and I'm considering printing it off and adding it to my wall of race bibs for motivation.



I said it before, but I really want to focus on running longer distances for 2014. I'm hoping to still do my 5k every month but I'd like to mix it up and throw in some 10k's and maybe a half marathon. Hopefully by next year I can function good enough to try out a marathon! I've learned to LOVE running and it's become a part of my daily life for the most part. I like hearing people around town talking about me or when they see me saying they saw me running past their house. I like having people check in on my and my race schedule, to see how I've been doing. It's something I enjoy and it's a sport that's all about me. I have to push myself to truly get better and place higher. That's probably my favorite thing about it!

I also would like to focus on TONING myself more. I'll be the first to admit I HATE weight training or anything that has to do with ab workouts so if you have suggestions on stuff that easy by all means you'd better be giving me your secrets! I seriously would rather run an extra three miles than have to do twenty sit ups or push ups. That's my weakness and I want to focus on ways to improve in that area. I've got a couple of  workout dvd's that my friends and I used to try when we graduated high school and they worked but when I pull them out now to try them I cannot stand them. I guess being with friends made them a little more bearable back then?

So there it all is. My December miles logged in, my year in review on my running posts and my goals for this next year. What did you do this past month? What are your plans for the new year? I'd love to get a group together and hold ourselves accountable for the new year fitness goals! 

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Monday, January 6, 2014

The Hiding Hiatus Has Ended

I'm baaaack!! 

photo: Who cares??!!
Did you miss me?! Please say yes, I really missed all of you and I know I have A LOT of catching up to do, taking almost a month off of blogging means I need to scroll through hundreds of posts to see what you've been doing. What awesome food you consumed during the Turkey Break, how many scores you got during Black Friday Shopping and what sweet gadgets and gifts you got during the Christmas break! But, give me time ladies, I'll read up and probably try to comment on most of it but it'll take awhile. Chels & Rach you two are going to be creeped on last, don't hate, just know I've been blessed to have such awesome BBFF's who don't walk away no matter how dumb I act. LOVE YA!

Now, I know I've got some explaining to do so I guess I'll just jump in and start spilling what I've been up to. The most important thing I want you, my readers, to know is that I suffered from what I'm going to call my mid-twenty-something-life-crisis and I truly threw my hands up in the air and yelled "What do you want from me God" on multiple occasions over the past month. 

It wasn't one thing that clicked and made me freak out, it was several things all piled on top of each other and then one day, my world came crumbling down and I felt as if everything I've worked myself up to become, was falling apart and the only thing I could do was jump out of the way and watch it fall, hard and cry. I watched as all of my dreams I'd been building for years was falling apart in front of me and just continuously asked why, I couldn't muster up anything more than the word "why" for a long time.

I hid behind closed doors for awhile hoping that it'd allow me to whine for awhile than gather myself up and face the world. It didn't work. So instead, I pushed each and every single person that was worried about me away, I changed directions in life and decided to go on a month long "hiatus" and do nothing but just soul searching. I cried. A lot. I cried often, I cried until I couldn't cry any more, I even cried until the bags under my eyes needed a second coat of primer before I could paint on a happy face for events that I was required to attend. Nothing worked.

Now, if you know me you'll know I'm "that girl." The one who refuses to have my negative attitude rub off on others. I quite often hurt so deeply, but not very many people know of the true hurt happening because I don't want others to worry about me. I hate feeling like I'm burdening others with my emotions and often find myself driving to or from something and feel tears falling without even realizing why. It's because I don't open up and talk about what all bothers me. It can be as simple as a song playing or getting a text or as complicated as thinking about my future and why things didn't go as I planned. 

You see, I create most of the problems that make my head spin because I'm constantly asking "what if" and trying to come up with the worst possible scenero that way if/when the situation plays out it'll end better than I expected because nothing can be worse than me losing a limb due to infection of falling and cutting my knee while running. But the problem with me creating these problems is that it puts me an a mood of feeling depressed, sad and lonely. I've avoided telling people about these feelings because even I don't like accepting that it happens but I've decided to own up to it all. To confess it to you in hopes of you guys understanding where I'm coming from.  

Never be afraid.... I choose to stay strong, I could easily whine, but that gets me no where. I don't like to listen to others complain therefore I know they don't want to listen to me. The Lord has blessed me, I may not see it in the moment, but at the end of the day, I'm still alive, my heath is in good condition and I'm resting my head upon a pillow under a warm roof. There are a lot of people who cannot say the same. 
Basic run-down of some of the things that have caused me to go haywire over the past couple of months include quitting my job that I loved, pursuing a photography career, pursuing a stay at home type of job opportunity, losing ten pounds (I'm down to around 96ish), the hardship of Christmas and the stress of wondering how I'll pay for all of it after quitting my job at the beginning of that month (bad timing right?!), taking a loved one off of life support, losing several friends due to my selfish self pushing them away and them actually walking away and there are several other tiny things that lead to me feeling lonely and deserted. I blame most of it on myself but some of the events I know are not in my control. 

Life's been insane, I've pushed away a lot of people who have been there for me and right now I'm starting to realize that some of them I pushed away were never "real" friends. In fact, when I push it's good to give space but you should never give up on someone. They did. I'm ok with it. I look at this experience as a "purging" or people who would have walked away in the future when things may have gotten tougher. All I can do is smile and remind myself that God only blesses me with those he believes are worthy of my crazy friendship.

I cannot promise I still won't have "episodes" of me going back into hiding mode but I'm hoping to jump back into my normal routine and try to push through life. Don't hold it against me if I fall off the bandwagon and occasionally disappear for spurts, I'm trying to get back to normal, it's just extremely tough this time around for me.

Thank you to those followers who have checked in on me over the past two months. Nothing makes me feel more special than checking in to see that I've had missed calls, texts and messages from you guys. Without my bloggy buddies my world would be even more upside down. Now, be patient and I promise to start posting regularly again! I've actually got several posts in the drafts section being finalized. I cannot wait to show you what I've been doing. Most will make you laugh because I'll admit I've been on party overload here lately. 


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