Tuesday, January 7, 2014

30 Miles in 30 Days - December


Catch up time!! I'm kinda proud of myself for running as many miles as I did in December! It was an extremely tough month for me and I was busy with activities including organizing craft shows and attending seven plus Christmas parties. I was swamped in December!

So, before I go into deets about how my December running schedule went, I'll give you my breakdown of what my RunKeeper told me I did:

Those miles totaled up to.... 18.32

It may not be the full 30 like I wanted to reach but every bit counts towards my ultimate goal of staying active and logging miles. I'm actually proud of those 18.32 miles because they're all longer runs! The past couple of months I've been going on short runs but this month my goal was to focus on longer runs and less of them. Looks like I accomplished my goal! 

I'm sad to admit I skipped out of participating in a 5k event for the month of December. It wasn't intentional but if you read about my previous month you might understand why I just couldn't fit it into my schedule. My goal was to do at least one a month throughout the year and it appears towards the end of the year towards my crazy days of the month the month got away from me and I didn't sign up for me. I vow to focus more on 5k's and even possibly 10k's throughout 2014 and hope to even sign up for a half marathon! 

My Instagram recap for December:

1. Yup, my heart is hurting in overdrive lately but nothing can refresh your mind like a long run!! I'm so excited that I've pushed myself to focus on my fitness again and train for long distance races again.
2. Today's run felt freeing, it felt great to "run away" from my worries and anxiety! I wish everyone could feel the addiction that the runner's high can give you, totally worth the pain of pushing through those tough hills and shin splits! 
3. These are my anti-depressants. I don't need fancy therapy sessions or expensive doctor prescribed drugs, I just need a good pair of mud boggers to boost my mood! 
4. Today while running I caught myself smiling, what really caught my attention wasn't me smiling but actually giggling to myself in mile two. I realized that my life may be broken and I may be sad but the minute I lace up my shoes and turn on the gps it all goes away. Always remember to push yourself, I tackled the two biggest "mountains" in Wilber today, take note of my average mile paces, waaay up from yesterday! I think another reason I caught myself in my "runners high" was because I was surrounded by my wonderful community I call home, Wilber. I was running smelling the fresh smell of peoples dryers (weird but dryer sheets smell so good), I was seeing kids play with what little snow we have left, I even stopped to say hi to some "neighbors" whom I graciously shared my smile with and wished them a good evening. Never be running too fast you don't have time to say hello and ask how peoples days are going. Give them a reason to remember you as a good person! 
5. Running might not completely define me, but I am who I am because of it.



As a yearly review of how running went, here's what I got from my RunKeeper account. If you look it says I ran almost 200 miles last year! That's a HUGE pat on the back for me :) I'm almost sure I ran more because I know some runs weren't showing up so we'll just go with it and say I hit 200 miles last year. 

If you look at the chart, it looks like spring is my biggest running time. I think it's that I get super hyped to get outside and go running again that I log the most miles then. Truthfully, I just enjoy being outside and with my work schedule it was tough to get out there. Now with this new "stay at home" thing I'm hoping I'll have more time to focus on logging more miles and even trying some weight's type of workouts. 

I think one of my major motivational things that worked for me is keeping myself accountable. Getting excited to post my times and pictures from that days run, wanting to have my thirty miles logged for the month that way when I post my 30 Miles in 30 Days post I haven't been a slacker who didn't hit my miles. I know I didn't hit all of the months but I do know that by keeping myself accountable for the miles that were needed I did find myself logging more runs.

Another thing that really helped me this past year is an app called Pact. I'll go into more details about it later when I post about what works for my running routines but it's really neat! You make a bet against yourself and then if you don't work out then you have to pay that out to other pact people who did succeed in their goal for that week. Pretty neat stuff!

Here's an awesome look at my 2013 fitness and running through my Instragram pictures! It's so cool to create something like this and I'm considering printing it off and adding it to my wall of race bibs for motivation.



I said it before, but I really want to focus on running longer distances for 2014. I'm hoping to still do my 5k every month but I'd like to mix it up and throw in some 10k's and maybe a half marathon. Hopefully by next year I can function good enough to try out a marathon! I've learned to LOVE running and it's become a part of my daily life for the most part. I like hearing people around town talking about me or when they see me saying they saw me running past their house. I like having people check in on my and my race schedule, to see how I've been doing. It's something I enjoy and it's a sport that's all about me. I have to push myself to truly get better and place higher. That's probably my favorite thing about it!

I also would like to focus on TONING myself more. I'll be the first to admit I HATE weight training or anything that has to do with ab workouts so if you have suggestions on stuff that easy by all means you'd better be giving me your secrets! I seriously would rather run an extra three miles than have to do twenty sit ups or push ups. That's my weakness and I want to focus on ways to improve in that area. I've got a couple of  workout dvd's that my friends and I used to try when we graduated high school and they worked but when I pull them out now to try them I cannot stand them. I guess being with friends made them a little more bearable back then?

So there it all is. My December miles logged in, my year in review on my running posts and my goals for this next year. What did you do this past month? What are your plans for the new year? I'd love to get a group together and hold ourselves accountable for the new year fitness goals! 

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  1. Hey, I am glad to see you back! I missed reading your blog, I have been reading blogs even if I haven't been posting much.

  2. sooo excited to see your name pop up on my blog feed. :) welcome back lady. I wish I was still running as much as I do in the summer right now it is few and far in between because -50 degree weather keeps me inside. ha.


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