Monday, January 27, 2014

Ellie ((Product Review))

I kicked off 2014 hoping to focus on my fitness goals more this year and part of getting into tip top shape is looking good while doing it right?! Well, alright, so maybe not but it's always fun to look cute while sweating your butt off.

I was introduced to this awesome company, Ellie, awhile back and I was super excited to become an affiliate of theirs. I am able to get cute AFFORDABLE workout clothes that are both stylish and comfortable. I love how unique each piece is and the fact that you can have a look that no one else will have in the gym or out on the trail. I think one of my favorite parts about the entire company is that they come out with new collections all the time! Each month they come up with something new to release and that means you get to find something new to fall in love with. It's great to see the new pieces they come up with!

Another cool program that Ellie offers is the Fit Fashionista Club Membership. It's where you choose two pieces a month out of their exclusive collection and you get them shipped directly to you starting at $49.98. You also get exclusive access to flash sales, discounts and other member only exclusives. It's actually really cool, and just think, you'd be part of a CLUB! That's like bragging rights to be in an exclusive club!! I mean I'd personally run around telling all my friends about how I get special invites and what-not into club sponsored events, I get full access to go anywhere I want on site and I even get some cool perks off stuff. They'd have to be impressed with me :)

And the last thing I wanted to mention about Ellie is that they've got a super cool sale page! Yup, you know me and my love for discounted things so you'd love to know that they've got a cool section that starts at $19.99 that I've on multiple occasions used. 

My favorite thing about this section is that they're all super cheap and most of them aren't sold out in size small. If you're tiny like me you'll come to appreciate this fact because most things in size small sell out first. Just another perk of this company I guess. ;)

My goals for 2014 are to get into better shape. I didn't put a weight, or a size down because that doesn't matter to me. What matters to me is that I'm staying healthy and focusing on the routine of working out on a regular basis. In hopes of reaching these goals I've started putting money into an account every time I work out. That money will then be used to purchase more cute workout clothes and other gear once it accumulates. 

Some of the awesome gear I have from them include these little gems that I wore awhile back while working out. I love to post "selfies" on Instagram of me and some inspirational words so this felt fitting on that day. If you're into checking out selfies and keeping up on my mileage go add me to Instagram, I actually post quite often to keep myself accountable for my running goals.

The top is the Wicked Attraction Tank and the pants are the Downward Dog Capris. SUPER CUTE and SUPER COMFY! I honestly wear the tank under a lot of workout stuff. I love the built in bra (altough most the time I throw on one because running kinda make the girls go all over the place) and I like how it's form fitting. The capris are awesome, I love how they're pretty much yoga pants, stretchy yet these have some form to them and are great for running in as they don't fall down like some other workout pants do. I love that they're a matching set as well! I see the Hot Tropic Bra is on sale for $19.99 and I'm willing to place a bet that it will be in my closet soon. But that's all just a guess, who knows, maybe a few other pieces from that collection will show up too ;)

I suggest you head on over to Ellie and get started with your 20% discount (use one of my links) and get ready to start adding goodies to your wish list. Some of the pieces are pricey but they're worth it once you try some of the products out for yourself and see how comfortable they are. 

20 percent of Ellie

*I am an affiliate of Ellie but all opinions are my own*

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