Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Quick short post for the day but I wanted to fill you in on a super awesome site I've joined and have become obsessed with!


So I'm a big deal hunter and this site has so many cute, unique items you can get. I've actually ordered quite a few items off of their site and have used them for Christmas presents. Here are some super awesome items I've ordered from their site:

Can you tell I'm obsessed with them?!!? What I love is I can find a lot of cute stylish things on there for affordable prices. I'm loving all of the scarves they've got on there and now that I'm jumped on the scarves bandwagon I cannot get enough of them, especially the ones that other people don't have. 

I wanted to point out the fitness armband because that's what made me create the post. Right now they're on sale for $5.99 and that's an awesome deal! I ordered this exact one online from a store and paid well over $25 for it. I actually bought two more today because they were so super cheap. I love that they're adjustable for smaller arms (like mine) but also can be loosened for when I run in the winter with lots of layers on. 

I use these armbands for all of my events I run in so I'm excited to get another one. Mine's slowly wearing down and when I run in color runs or other runs that get my armband dirty it takes awhile for it to recover and rid itself of the color dye, or mud. Now, I've got a "dirty" one and a cleaner one to use on pretty race days!

If you've got a New Years Resolution of getting fit or becoming more active this is a great purchase to help boost your spirits and entice you to get out more! These cheap little suckers won't let you down, this I can promise :)

*I do receive a credit for every person that orders through GroopDealz but I am not associated with the company in any way*

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