Thursday, January 23, 2014

HELP WANTED: Marathon Trip Paid for?!

Hello Darlin, nice to see you, it's been a long time, you're just as lovely, as you used to be....

Alright, enough of the country classics. It's time to get right down to business here folks

I've entered a contest and need your help!!

I've entered the Zooma Women's Race Series contest to hopefully win a full expense paid trip to Napa Valley and a free race entry into their marathon. It also means if I win I get to give away two tickets for my blog followers as well, meaning...

You could come with me!

So, with all that mumble jumble being said I'd really love for you guys to go VOTE for me to win this trip! I've not had the opportunity to run a marathon yet and I keep pushing the date of when I want to do my first marathon off but I think this would be a great kicker for me to really push myself and run harder to focus on a specific date to be ready by.

**You have to click on VOTE and not "like" in order for the entry to count**

My fitness journey wasn't really a journey starting out, it was actually more of a way for me to get outside and enjoy God's greatest creations at it's finest and get away from my desk job to blow off a little steam. But what it morphed into was a beautiful path of discovering more about myself and my mental strengths to push through everything and persevere.
With all of my success in 2013 and the amount of self fulfillment I've achieved through my running experience I've realized that 5k's are fun but it's now time to really push myself to achieve something more. To really test my skills and focus on a better me. It's time to push my distance mileage on my daily runs. Time to kick up the training and run more 10k's and less 5k's. It's time to be a better me and focus on those marathons! I hope at the end of 2014 I can re-create a fun little photo collage like this but instead it'll have more pictures of me with race bibs that read half or full marathons instead. And I hope to find new friends along the way that have similar fitness goals. 
Alright so I've been crunching the numbers and here's what I've come up with. I have almost 330 GFC followers, 187 BlogLovin buddies, 126 Twitter twerps, 305 Instagram buddies, over 335 Facebooks fans and a hefty 750 personal friends on fcreep. Add those all together and my following is almost 2033 people that could be voting for me! That's a huge number considering the person in the lead has only around 500 votes. I could totally kick butt in this contest and give you, my readers and followers, a chance to go with me but I need your help in spreading the word to vote for me!
To me winning an entry to this race isn't about getting a free trip and race entry, winning this contest is more about having the opportunity to push myself to better myself and my body. To really step up my game and inspire those around me to do the same. I ask you to submit votes because I've either inspired you to become a better you or because you're a friend who believes in me and wants me to enjoy a trip of a lifetime! Thank you to all my followers who enjoy reading about me, but more so, thank you for keeping me accountable in my journey through fitness. Both the struggles and the success!!
I know most of you are slackers like me who put things off until last minute but voting is open until 2/24 and I'd prefer to get my hopes up sooner than later and take the voting lead early. Share with your friends to help me out as well. I don't normally harass people to do these types of things for me so I'd appreciate any help you guys feel like giving. So, don't vote later, VOTE NOW!!
Don't forget to vote daily!


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