Monday, January 13, 2014

Party Girls Don't Do It Better!

Well that does it. I've decided it's time to stop drinking and partying. No more late nights of staying up late to finish that last episode on DVR. And NO fast food! ...ok, so fast food but on a limited basis.

This picture freaked me out when one of my friends shared it on fcreep. Like seriously, look at the small difference only six years can make! I'm a visual person, and to physically see what could happen to my body over time scared me enough to start working towards a better me.

With that being said, it's time to rid my life of toxins! It's time for change! Not just physical change but mental change. The toxic junk food I'm eating needs to slowly disappear, it won't happen over night but with time it'll get easier. And also the crappy life sucking jerks in my life need to start packing. I'm tired of getting treated crummy, right now I'm hit or miss, one minute I'm happy, the next I'm on the edge ready to cry at a moments notice. I blame that mostly on my unstable upside down brain but I also blame it on those surrounding me who are making my feelings not happy like they should be trying to help with. Time to draw a giant red line through their names and release their negative energies to someone else. I want happiness! 

Between the picture of fattiness by age 28 and the rather inspirational quote about people who shouldn't be in my life I've come to realize it'll get better. These two things have shown me that change can be good sometimes!

Have you ever seen anything that has inspired you to change your ways? 
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  1. I go out whenever I get the chance to. I also decided to stop staying up late trying to catch up on my shows lol Not good only getting a few hours of sleep and definitely trying to eat healthier. I'm 25 so yah I definitely don't wanna look bad when I'm 30! lol

  2. This is awesome! It is truly amazing how crazy the difference is!!!

  3. That picture is kinda scary! Great post though! Working on riding toxic things from my life as well!

  4. I wrote about my inspiration as well! :) If you ever want info on "detoxing" I have a friend with all kinds of fantastic knowledge about why your body craves stuff like fast food and sugars and how to help your body get over it. Pretty fascinating stuff.

  5. Change is good! I'm making HUGE changes myself...and I tell you what, once you get started, you won't want to stop!


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