Wednesday, January 15, 2014

StitchFix #5

It's StitchFix time! That means you get to see what goodies were mailed to me again this month!! This was actually last months but that's ok, I still wanted to share it with you! 
What is StitchFix? It's a fun little program designed to send you items to try on at home, decide on what you'd like to keep and mail the rest back! All simple and quick while getting to try out new styles without the hassle of fighting malls. Works like a gem!!

1. Corinna Striped Dolman Top by 41Hawthorn. I liked it the most out of the entire fix this time around! I would have kept it, but I just couldn't force myself to love it as much as I wanted to. It was just a tough break-up for us. But the texture is what finally made me let go and give it back to its rightful owners. It was too much for me, it was a funky texture that stretched out way to easily. 

2. Sanya Cut-Out Sueded Short Sleeve Top by Honey Punch. This was my least favorite out of the entire fix. I hated the velvet fabric, I wasn't too fond of the eyelet cut lace trim stuff and the fit was terrible. I see that they eyelet cut stuff is on the rise but I'm still not buying into the fashion quite yet. Someday, maybe.
3. Batik Dot Scarf by Spun Scarves by Sutble Luxury. This was cute, but expensive! I didn't like it enough to open it and test it out, I just struggle with textured patterns. I suck at imaging how it'll go good with an outfit so instead I just skip it all together. 
4. Roger Asymmetrical Zipper Jacket by Sweet Rain. This was another favorite out of the fix. I really like the asymmetrical zipper thing it had going. I was really excited to try this on but the minute I tried it on I felt defeated. The silly thing had a funky flair in the back that I hated. It like hung way below my butt and was in no way flattering. 
5. Adora Ankle Length Jean by Just Black. I really wish I loved colored jeans more. If I did, there would be no question I could have kept these babies!! They fit perfectly, they looked super cute, but I just suck at going outside of my bubble, and these were just too far out of my bubble!

I love that they're pushing my limits on style but sadly, it wasn't for me. What things would you have chosen from this fix? Lately I've struggled not getting good fixes and it saddens me because I love the idea of the clothes coming to me, getting to style them up with what I already have and then sending back what doesn't work for me.


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  1. I think I received pants almost exactly like those...but I don't think mine were Just Black brand. They are an olive color?!? I kept those! :)


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