Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thankful Thursday + Thirsty Thursday

I haven't really gotten into the grove of things since I've returned from my amazing vacation but I'm slowly getting there! My hope (crossing fingers) is to get my vacation recap finished up by tomorrow so I can share it with you guys. There were so many amazing things that happened on that trip that I really wanted to get all the details done before I shared! Until then, you can catch a glimpse of my thankful items from the trip ;)

  • I'm extremely grateful for safe travels on our 3,000+ mile journey
  • The time that we had to re-connect and get back on the same page between Travis and I
  • I'm so glad I got to see so many new states and all of their awesome cultures
  • The food that is being provided on my table
  • I'm thankful for my empty bank accounts that remind me that although I may not have money I still have love and support
  • The weather in Texas, I can't say I'm thankful for all the cold winds in Nebraska but at least Texas gave me a dose of what our summer will soon look like
  • For H & R and all the blessings those tiny little minions have shown me in my life
  • For D & T for allowing us to stay at their place every time we go down there
  • My Dirt Road Photography business for slowly launching and for the clients that have supported me every step of the way with my start-up
  • I'm thankful for my ever-addictive habit of using water bottles, I've really noticed I've been drinking more fluids because of them!
  • For Pinterest and all of the inspiration it gives me to act domesticated and make a good home cooked meal once in awhile ;)

Hopelessly Ever After

And on another note, my BBFF +Chelsee W from Southern Beauty Guide is twisting my arm from miles away insisting I participate in her link-up today. So, lucky for you guys you get to see a few of my best partying moments ;)

I did a post last April with a link-up for The Party Don't Stop Til I Walk In and it showed how to be a successful and fun partier. So this time around I figured I'd show you reasons why SnapChat can prove you're an awesome partier and how your friends can make you laugh sometimes.

Warning: Some of these images may have been placed on my blog without permission, some are not flattering to any body type and some may have been taken as selfies without their acknowledgement. I apologize to those who have been blasted but they're too good not to share!

See, kinda funny when you check out my snaps! I have a knack for making the best faces, and my friends quite frequently send me pictures of them partying it up but usually I'm there helping them party! 

Ohh, and those who know me say my "signature snap" is of me sippin on a lil drinky. What do you think? Have I perfected it?

And check out how awesome this night of snap stories unfolded. Ugh, that was the night my friend paid our $50 tab (for just the two of us) and then I ended up writing a $100 check at the end of the night to finish off the new tab we started... Ouch!

But you've come to the part where I need to share a favorite drink recipe with you guys, the problem is, I don't have a favorite drink. I'm normally either drinking Busch Light, Fuzzy Navel or some fruity wine cooler. So, I struggled to find something to share with you guys but in the end I pulled up the recipe for my Beer-Garitas! See, you don't even need directions because they're already on this photo ;)


The funny thing about all this is, Chels actually lives in a DRY county... Yes, that means she's not supposed to be drinking at home. So, for her to host all these drinking related link-ups must mean one thing. She's thirsty folks! Everyone go link-up and help her find some good drinks ;)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I'm The Kinda Girl...

I found this while going through my daily reads and almost 1/3 of my blog buds were doing this link-up so I felt compelled to join in! 

I'm the kind of girl who...

...gets lazy at times when it comes to house work. But who doesn't get tired of the same routine of 1,000+ dishes laying around, 4 loads of laundry to do, cooking supper every night?! addicted to social media. I hate that I'm obsessed with Instagram, SnapChat and F-Creep! I would gladly step away from it but I love sharing what fun things are going on in my life and I love seeing what my friends are up to.

...loves to be in the spot light. It's no secret I like to make people laugh or smile, and I don't mind taking center stage but I also enjoy hiding in the shadows and allowing others to be the goof once in awhile as well.

...has OCD issues. Ugh, if there's one thing that bothers me it's the simple fact that things are not in order or put away. My house may be trashed but if my shoes aren't lined up it freaks me out!

...loves. to. run.

...would prefer an evening on the farm getting muddy and working. Something about getting back to the dirt roads and God's creations excites me, I enjoy the farm life and the way time seems to slow down once in awhile!

...enjoys a good road trip. There's never a dull moment when you're stuck in the car for 5+ hours heading on a trip somewhere. My friends can vogue that we get funnier and more crazy as the hours past and we're stretched to exhaustion on trips. I even pull out Sasquatch and he gives us hours of entertainment when we cruise by people! a major procrastinator. Major problem when it comes to decision making because I always tell myself I can put it off for another day. I've realized that my list making skills are near perfected and luckily for me that means it helps with my procrastination skills as well!

...used to hate makeup but now find it necessary. If you would have asked me even two years ago what's in my make-up routine you would have found my answer to be nothing. Now, I enjoy slapping on a few coats of "game face" make-up to go out even to run errands. 

...needs peoples acceptance. I'm a people pleaser, it's my biggest fault and I really hate it. There's really nothing that bothers me more than someone being upset with me.

...has a shopping addiction. I realize I have it and I'm trying to correct myself but come on! That stuff's tough to fix overnight! 

Alright boom, now you know more about me. Did you learn anything new or am I too predicable you already had me figured out? It's your turn to tell me a little about you! What type of girl are you?!?

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Guest Post: Erica from LoyalRUN

Alright fun time to meet someone new! This week you get to meet Erica who blogs over at LoyalRUN and the reason I'm excited for you to meet her is because she has this kick butt weight loss plan she wants to share with you. I followed her on this journey through the process and was intrigued and inspired by her results! Another thing I love is that we're both into fitness, she has this awesome love for gadgets just like me, she also slacks on running once in awhile and she also likes stuffed peppers. I know if she lived closer we'd be "real life friends." 


I am so excited to be doing a guest post for the LOVELY Kelsey!! Thanks girl!

I'm Erica and I blog over at LoyalRUN! I am a lifestyle blogger and post a lot about my weight loss journey! I started eating clean and exercising in mid to late November 2013.

Since then I have lost 31 LBS!!!

 photo giveawayphoto_zps053ce7dc.jpg

I have been asked to talk about my experience during the 2 Week Rapid Weight Loss Diet that was on The Dr. Oz Show!

I was very excited about the diet!

It was pretty strict, but I like knowing exactly what I can and cannot have, so I adapted very well.

I used Dr Oz's easy print off grocery sheet to guide me through each day.

 photo Oz-Diet-1_0_zps015d07b3.jpg

 photo Oz-Diet-2_0_zpseda3993b.jpg

I highly recommend printing the shopping list 2ce.

That way you can highlight and use a separate list each week when you go grocery shopping!

Go ahead and use spices! They will help A LOT! But try to keep the salt to a minimum! I didn't add any (salt) while I was on the diet!


How much weight did I lose?

 photo beforeafter3_zpse566926f.jpg

Yea.. just call it what it is... I lost about 8 lbs!!

But that's not even the best part! The best part is NON-SCALE victories!!!

I went from a size 22 to a size 16!!

All my bloat was gone!!

And my 8 lb loss looked like a 20 lb loss!!

I could REALLY see the loss in my face/neck.

 photo beforeafter_zps6a583e85.jpg

 photo beforeafter2_zps05967e8d.jpg

Some questions I get asked:

How did this diet benefit you?
  • It reduced my bloating significantly. I could FEEL the difference.
  • My breathing is SO much better. I thought it was hard to breath just because of the number on the scale, I now believe that it was because of the foods I was eating. It's such a liberating feeling!
  • My cravings are gone!!! Amazing.
  • Sugar... who needs it? I love not wanting to add sugar to my food or drinks. It's just awesome!
  • I had a lot of fun learning new ways to eat my veggies! Now I will add more veggies to my daily diet.
  • My skin! Oh it has cleared up nicely and feels so soft! I will definitely be continuing the detox baths and the morning lemon water. 
  • My stress levels have gone down tremendously! I am able to relax more and I have found that I have not lost my patience with the kids! I LOVE this part about the diet. I did not expect this to be a result of changing my eating habits.
  • My pants fit great. I was a size 22 wearing size 18 pants when I started. I could NOT button my pants so I wore sweats all the time. When I had to go out, I would fasten my button with a rubber band (so embarrassing). But now, my pants fit with room to spare!! PLUS, I tried on 2 pairs of size 16 pants and they buttoned! So excited! woohoo!

What was your least favorite part about the diet?
I wanted more variety of foods. I wanted to switch up my breakfast. I am a creative person and enjoy getting creative with my smoothies. I missed my different options. 6 oz of meat at once is a bit too much for me. I was able to do it, but I am happy that I can now split it up into two servings! :)

Did you substitute items?
NO. I am the type of person that if I agree to follow a plan, then that is just what I will do! If I did not think I could do what was asked of this plan, I wouldn't have done it.

Was it hard?
Yea. For sure. What helped me get through it was that I did it without complaining, for the most part, and didn't give myself the option to quit. In my opinion, this diet is very mental. You have to stay positive to get positive results.

Did you count calories while on this diet?
Yea, but I wasn't supposed to. oops. I am a calorie counter. Some rely on the scale, I rely on My Fitness Pal. I do not recommend counting calories, like I did, because you will lose weight regardless. No point in adding any extra stress.

Who would you recommend this diet to?
Anyone who experiences a lot of bloating or inflammation. It could be sensitivity to wheat and this diet would definitely help you determine if that is the case. I also think anyone who already tries to eat as clean as possible could benefit from this diet because it's not a huge leap.

Will you do this diet again?
DEFINITELY! I saw such a great success that I am already planning on going back on the Dr Oz 2 Week Weight Loss Plan once I reach my next plateau. Plateaus are no fun and this is a great way of getting through one.

If you have any more questions about the Dr Oz 2 Week Rapid Weight Loss Plan, feel free to email me at  I will answer all of your questions the best way I can!

Pretty amazing to me, I've considered doing it I'm just not sure I could dedicate myself 110% to it quite yet. Possibly someday, but I did take away a few things I want to start implementing into my own diet and exercise routine from it! 

I wanted to send out a reminder (and re-launch) my concept of going a guest post every Friday. No limits on the topics (although I'd prefer it to go along the lines of something related to my blog) and everyone is welcome! I'll be posting open dates and ask that you email me letting me know which one you'd like to take!

February 21st- OPEN
February 28th- OPEN
March 7th- OPEN
March 14th- OPEN

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

On Vacation: Be Back Soon!

WooHoo the day has finally come and I'm taking off for a mini road trip to Texas!! I'm over the moon excited to be getting out of Nebraska for a few days and I cannot wait to share what all happens on my trip when I get home with you guys. I've written down a few things that might help you guys with mini vacations and what I'm planning on doing to help keep me organized and on task during my trip!

Hello my name is Kelsey and I have over-packing disorder. I tend to bring too many things with me on mini trips and I'm often found not needing half of what gets brought with me. <----Yes I openly admit I have a problem and if you're willing to help me with it, I'd love to hear of ways to eliminate things that I won't need but bring for my "just in case" moments.

With the weather being nice in Texas I've found that I'm wearing mostly capris or shorts but in general I'm a jeans or yoga pants type of person so I find myself packing one of everything. My suggestion is to pack a pair of shots, capris, jeans, sweats, t-shirt, dressy shirt and a couple of hoodies. There's no need to pack five different pairs of pajama's for the trip unless you plan on getting each pair dirty every night. Same with jeans, more than likely you'll be just wearing them and lounging around, if you have intentions of working in your clothes then it's smart to grab another pair but otherwise just stick with one of each type of clothing. I normally wear hoodies a lot so that's why I choose to pack a few extra.

Plan. Your. Outfits.     That folks, that could be a time saver and help to eliminate the need for over packing! This time around I'm going to sit down and really plan out a few different looks then pack them inside of zip lock bags so I know what outfit I can choose from and they're all located together with accessories and everything I'd need for that day. I'm hoping it'll take less time for me to find things in my suitcases and keep me feeling styled without having to bring my entire closet with me!

Shoes, oh boy. Here's another big question that cannot be answered with a simple sentence. You have to pack the right shoes for every occasion right?! Well duh! But that means packing a few nicer pairs, a pair of cute boots, your cowboy boots, some sandals and even some sneakers just in case! I'm going to pack at least one if not two pairs of sneakers mostly because that's what I plan on wearing for the trip. They're easy to slip on and off to get in and out of the car at pit stops plus I can wear them if I decide to go running once I'm at the Zoubek's for a few days. 

While trying to find a unique way to document our vacation I've decided upon the ol postcard method. When I was younger I collected shot glass, and now I have a gazillion shot glasses from everywhere that soak up dust so I needed a new method to collect memories from places we go that doesn't take up a lot of room and can still be easily displayed to remind us of all the fun we've had together. So, I came up with the postcards idea! The only thing I hate about it is that it's so cliche, but it's a great way to get awesome photos from different places and it's easy to pack to bring back home too.

I really don't like getting t-shirts because I have too many the way it is so I've tried to come up with new ways to document our trip besides buying actual souvenirs. I love my postcard idea but I'm still not 100% sold on overpriced pictures that I should be taking myself. 

I'm trying to put together a map of the US with our pictures that are taken from each state. I'm not setting a goal of hitting all 50 states but I am setting a goal to visit 3/4 of them by the time I'm 80. On my 101 in 1001 list I've stated I want to hit 25 and I'm fairly close to that goal but now I'm wanting to make memories in all of these states together with Travis so I can create this little map I found on Pinterest.

Another fun idea is doing "feet photos." What are these feet photos I talk of? Well, it's where you take a photo of your feet with some kind of super cool scenic background to remember the location that you've visited! I started doing these on my last trip to remember all the fun places I've gone to but it's slowly morphed into something I do on special occasions as well to remember specific holidays or events. I'll even show you a little preview of what i'm talking about :)

Don't just drive straight through and stop only for fuel and potty breaks, make this entire trip an experience! Our road trip will consist of many touristsy stops along the way. I like to not just set a destination and go but instead find ways to incorporate some learning and fun into this thirteen plus hour trip to Texas. Why not enjoy a little of the scenic route and really get into what each state has to offer along the way.

I found this amazing website called RoadTrippers where I was able to enter in my start/stop destination and create a fully interactive map of places to go along our route. I love how you can select how far out of your way you want to go and search different places based upon your likes. Here's what our trip looks like for those interested in it!

Texas Trip | My new trip on Roadtrippers

Boy is a history buff and can often be found watching either the History Channel or Discovery so there was no questions we're planning on hitting up some history fun stops. He wants to stop at the National Cowboy Museum, Sixth Floor Museum (JFK Shooting Site), and a couple of "famous" BBQ joints.

I'm more into the weird fun facts and pretty stuff stops so I choose a few fun stops like a salt mine, a few southern plantations and an alligator farm. I suppose you could say I'm adventurous! I like finding off the wall things that you can't find in flat ol Nebraska. I like doing cultural things that I wouldn't normally be able to do around home.

Reach out and make sure to let your blog friends and other friends/family know you're taking this trip so they can have plenty of time to get a hold of you and plan a date to meet up. If you're going on a bigger trip and have the time to meet blog buddies from different states make sure you do it! You won't regret the hour or two's worth of time you spent seeing your blog buddies in real life.

And yes, I'll probably be posting millions of pictures of me on vacation so get over it. Go check out my Instagram to stay updated on my road trip and if you happen to be along my route, you'd better be getting a hold of me so we can meet up! :)

Glad you're too busy posting pictures of yourself on vacation rather than actually enjoying yourself on vacation.

Now help me find some fun must-see stops along my route! I need your help readers!!

Come vote for me daily! I'd love to run my first full marathon with your help for FREE! 
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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

So excited to be gearing up for my Texas trip! This was a photo taken last year in Galveston at the Moody Mansion, it was absolutely gorgeous and had me dreaming of being a princess in a huge castle!

I'm so excited to be heading to Texas tomorrow! If you live in Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, or Missouri you'd better get a hold of me, I'd love to meet up with you!!

Also, PLEASE come vote for me! It's getting down to the final days of the contest and I'm so close to hitting the top ten but I really need your help! Come vote for me daily! I'd love to run my first full marathon with your help for FREE! (Plus you could win a free ticket of your own)

Monday, February 17, 2014

Weekend Review

What a weekend! Quite honestly, since I quit my job my days have been insanely off and I'm really not sure what day of the week it is sometimes. If it weren't for Wednesday volleyball league nights I'm almost certain I would think every day is a Tuesday in my books!!

1. We just discussed how he NEVER gets me flowers and what do you know, he walks in the door with these bad boys... Talk about expecting the unexpected! Sometimes he pulls a stunt that catches me off guard and I find it cute and all that mushy stuff.
2. I told him he was in charge of supper and I'd take care of dessert. He made steaks, potatoes and garlic bread. Considering it a win in my books! 
3. Eat your heart out folkds. I'm sure after posting this I'll have all the men lined up at my door begging to take me on a date. Happy Valentines Day!
4. After receiving his cake, Trav decided he had another gift for me. His nasty belly button lint! Soooo romantic! <<smh>>
5. Travie posing for a lovely picture with his gorgeous cake :)
6. Spending the day with the entire family at the Husker basketball game! Happy Sunday Funday!
7. Me and Travis at the game, he slept through part of it, too much partying the night before hehe
8. Shout out to this homie for just getting ordained. Congrats on becoming a minister, can't wait to hear your sermons! (Yes, he legit went online and became ordained while sitting at the basketball game)
9. Lookie I caught my dad trying to text! Yes, it's true folks, my parents are high-tech and know how to text and cool shenanies!! (Caught you dad ha ha)
10. The final score of the Nebraska vs Indiana game, 76 to 61 (we won!)
11. Mmmm nothing is better than a scrumptious breakfast at Village Inn, omlet's never go out of style


On another note: I'm going on a ROAD TRIP this week!! Eeek I'm so thrilled to be leaving for a mini vacation this week and head to Texas!! Here's a little screenshot of what we've got planned but I'd love to hear what are some must-see stops on the trip. (Yes I realize the trip home has a lot of ideas, I haven't looked into eliminating things quite yet)

The reason my trip is spread out through the states is because I'm wanting to mark off some of my 101 in 1001 list items so this just seemed like the logical thing to do. 

As you can tell we're taking off from Nebraska and heading straight south for the most part on our trip. A few spots we've found that we're considering stopping at include:

Camp Concordia
Kansas Underground Salt Mine
National Cowboy Museum
Historic Stockyards in OK
The Sixth Floor Museum (JFK Shooting Site)
Waco, TX (Big Czech Town!)

Then we'll hit Katy, Texas! We're planning on staying somewhere along the way and we haven't really set that up quite yet, it'll mostly depend on how much we get done during the day of traveling and how long we stay at each shop. We're looking into staying in Dallas but we'll see what the day brings. If you've got an awesome hotel that's a must visit by all means please inform me, I want to soak in as many cool things as possible on this trip!

Then we'll hang out with my favorite littles H and R for a few days, we'll stay Sunday to watch them get baptized (I'm blessed to get to be their God Mother) and then take off bright and early Monday morning to take another two day road trip home.

On our list of sites to hit up on the way home we've added:

Gator Country Adventure Park
Melrose Plantation
Magnolia Plantation 
(or any other plantation that you suggest for me!)
Fort St. Jean Baptiste State Historic Site
Mansfield State Historic Site
Half & Half Post Office
Two Rivers Museum
Crater of Diamonds State Park
Judys Crystals and Things
Confederate Cemetery
Clinton House Museum
Wal-Mart Visitor Center
Old Spanish Treasure Cave

That's A LOT of possible stops!! My problem is I want to see it all, like, I cannot just pick or choose a few. But our time crunch only allows for a few good quality stops before trecking onward. 

So I'm asking you guys to help me out! Find some awesome ideas or weed out what's not worth seeing on the way down and just give me a heads up. Oh and food joints, any good ones that are necessary stops? SHARE!! Am I missing something? Please tell me! Oh, and if you're a blogger located along the route you'd better tell me! I'd love to meet some of my cyber friends in person!!

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valen-NO...

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! The one day every year that single people despise, the people that are dating either love or hate this day and the married couples get to enjoy a night away from kids getting drunk off of over-priced wine. Oh, did I mention that the flower shops also earn their vacation trips off this holiday? Yup, true story!

I never have really gotten into this holiday, actually, me and Trav barely ever get each other anything. Not even a card. I just really would prefer he tells me all year that he cares about me and spends the hundreds of dollars on something like workout gear instead of flowers. I hate going out and having to wait at restaurants so again that's another reason to stay home and do absolutely nothing together. 

This year I think I've got something good up my sleeve for his gift. It's a safe bet he won't be reading the blog today so I'm just going to post my idea I found on Pinterest for you guys to see. Eat your heart out men!

Love-ish.  haha...this would be perfect for our 1 year anniversary!!

Sweet right?! And I'm going to not even waste my time with a card. We rarely do that stuff so why start now right?! After almost four years together we don't do the romantic thing. I actually asked instead that we just stay home and he's in charge of the menu and I'll make dessert for the night. #winning 

And for your viewing pleasure, please enjoy these Grumpy Cats to get you through this Single's Awareness Day!


The days are dwindling and this voting contest is almost over. 
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Friday, February 7, 2014

Guest Post: Julie

So, every once in awhile I find myself following specific stories that my friends post about on Facebook. Some are stories of success and hard work, some include weight loss, some are stories of medical needs or prayer requests but there are the occasional stories that tug at your heart strings that make you ache to fix the situation even though you know there's nothing you can do to help. This is one of those stories, Julie is someone I've known since I was  little that has grown up in my town but since moved to a neighboring state. Read about how the story of a little beagle changed their family forever.


“Mom, can we pray for Daisy? Can we pray for her to be safe & taken care of?” Asked the broken hearted nine-year-old owner. “Sure, we can” I replied. It was the first time that he asked to say a family prayer. It was a milestone that this mom will never forget and warmed my heart on this bitterly cold winter day. It’s not surprising when you know how this small, special beagle stole his heart the minute she came to our family. 

Our family made the decision to move to northern Missouri several years ago. It was very difficult to leave our entire family in Nebraska and many tears were shed by our children and us. To ease the pain of our boys, we discussed how wonderful it would be for them to get their first dogs on our new acreage. Our family added a Golden Retriever that fall, but Jaydon’s heart was set on getting a Beagle despite our assurance to him that one dog is enough. 

A Beagle pup topped Jaydon’s Christmas wish list that year and Santa heard his request. A horrific winter storm hit that holiday and many of our family gatherings were postponed. Luckily Santa’s sleigh was able to fly over the 14 foot drifts to uphold the Christmas Eve traditions. Our family was gathered in the basement of Grandpa & Grandma’s Nebraska house enjoying gifts and family time. The back door upstairs creaked open and a loud “HoHo HOOOO!!” was heard over the jingling of bells. Justin & Jaydon quickly sprinted upstairs to investigate. The boys hit the landing of the top step and paused to recognize a howling sound in the garage. They discovered a small, sassy beagle pup jumping in excitement and ring the bells on her red velvet collar!!! The letter attached to the kennel read as follows: “Dear Jaydon, I am sorry to deliver your present a little early but your beagle is getting cold riding in my sleigh. “Daisy” has also been barking at the reindeer so she may be thirsty. MERRY CHRISTMAS! Love, Santa” 

The warm brown eyes of this beagle matched the sparkling blue eyes of her new young owner. Jaydon jumped in disbelief and excitement for several minutes. Daisy loved to snuggle on our shoulders and sniff our ears to make up for her sassy personality that got her in some trouble. In the years that followed, Jaydon and Daisy became best friends as the explored the creeks, trees, and hills around our home. 

Daisy’s hunting instinct was very strong and she went on daily hunts in the woods surrounding our house. It is our belief that this was at the root of her disappearance. We realized on January 18, 2013 our ornery beagle had not come home. We conducted searches in all the surrounding creeks but all the miles were fruitless. Jaydon hung flyers all over town and delivered them to the neighbors. There was much sadness from everyone in the family throughout the weeks that followed. We received many phone calls with possible leads but each one ended in disappointment. 

Jaydon missed the companionship of his dog each day and began to earn money to purchase a new pup. He read many library books to research the best possible breed for him, because he had ruled out another beagle who would hunt and run away. Besides, none would “ever be as special as Daisy”. He earned enough money to purchase his own Chocolate Lab puppy in the spring of 2013. “Husker” brought his little owner many smiles, hours of playing and healed heart. However, there were many discussions about “what Daisy is probably doing?”; “how do you think Daisy would like Husker?” and “Mom, what would happen of Daisy ever came home?” The spot in his heart that his first puppy earned could never be filled by anyone else. We smiled at the dream of how the two dogs could play and hunt together but never allowed our hearts to believe it would come true. 

Fast forward 375 days after Daisy went missing, I happened to notice a posting of a “Found: female beagle pup” on the local swap shop. This was not an uncommon posting and each time a small piece of my heart hoped to discover it was her. The distinct white stripe up her tiny face caught my eye. The familiar brown eyes immediately stopped my heart. I printed off the “missing flyers” to compare and the markings were the same. My hands were trembling as I called the number shown and schedule a time to come view her before he took her to the dog pound. 

When I arrived at his house, Ron explained how great of a rabbit hunter she was over the weekend and I agreed that could be Daisy. He told that me she is small but energetic and that also describes our Daisy. He indicated that she was a lucky dog because he had picked her up after she had crossed a busy highway multiple times. Ron also said that she has not responded to any name that he has called her, so he was uncertain of her identity. I waited at the top of the stairs while he called her up from the basement. When she rounded the landing on the stairs to make eye contact with me, her dainty face instantly drew tears from my eyes. I quietly knelt down crying and asked “Daisy Mae, where have you been!!!!??” Her wagging tail made her body run sideways as she sprinted up the stairs into my arms. She licked the tears from my cheeks as quickly as they rolled down. The man who I had just met and I both continued to cry as I told her story and how long she had been gone. 

I quickly scooped her up into my arms and anxiously took her home. My hands shook on the five mile drive back home. Her favorite boys in the world were already home from school and had no idea of the surprise that was in store. I left Daisy in the car and went in to ask the boys to carry in some grocery bags. Jaydon came out to the garage and instantly noticed a small silhouette in the tinted window. His blue eyes became huge and he looked to me asking if it were Daisy. The tears welled up as I simply replied, “I am not sure, open the door to see”. Daisy bounded out of the car to beg for all of his love and attention instantly. He knelt in disbelief as she gave him a kiss for each day he had been gone. He kept looking for all the unique markings of “his beagle” before he allowed himself to believe that it was truly his beloved Daisy. The only thing missing was her collar and identification tags. 

Daisy now leads the life of luxury as a house dog. She has a new hunting partner and chase buddy with Husker on the days it’s nice out. She has been confirmed as healthy by our local veterinarian and our family is now allowed to believe in the dreams our heart says to follow. We can also confirm that last year the Good Lord above heard the prayer of a broken heart boy who said: “Dear God, please take care of my Daisy. Please keep her safe. She likes to hunt and play tug-a-war. I really miss her & love her. Thank you”.

This is when Jaydon was studying her - "she has a spot on her neck like Daisy"; "she has the white tail like Daisy"; "she has the brown spot on her shoulder like Daisy"

I'm the first to admit I cried reading this. Yes, I've become a big soft teddy bear over the past few years and I get emotional over stuff like this! But how can't you with such a heartwarming story of them being reunited together?! I'm happy to hear that Daisy is home after such a long adventure out playing, I'm sure she learned that life wasn't greener on the other side and I really wish dogs could talk so I know what she did throughout her year of vacationing. Welcome home Daisy!!


I wanted to send out a reminder (and re-launch) my concept of going a guest post every Friday. No limits on the topics (although I'd prefer it to go along the lines of something related to my blog) and everyone is welcome! I'll be posting open dates and ask that you email me letting me know which one you'd like to take!

February 14th- Ericka from LoyalRUN
February 21st- OPEN
February 28th- OPEN
March 7th- OPEN

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

February Scentsy News

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Monday, February 3, 2014

30 Miles in 30 Days - January

Alright, first off I want to state I was totally disappointed in the Super Bowl commercials. And super annoyed that they didn't even air the Milligan Nebraska stuff!! I mean, who does that?! You can't just call in Lee Brice to do a FREE concert in the middle of Nebraska and NOT show us!! I guess it was worth not wasting my time standing in that freezing weather because they didn't even show it but still, it's the dang concept here people... Moving on.

The game sucked, I really didn't pay a whole lot of attention to it to be honest. I'm not a football person (shoot me for those fanatics out there) and I really was unimpressed with the commercials this year as well. I think my vote would go to the #bestbuds one that Budweiser made. Here's what it was if you missed it:

Cutest of all time!! In general, it was a total flop for the evening besides the awesome food I ate. Food is always good. 



Is it seriously already February?! I'm still struggling to remember to write 2014 on checks when I sign them. I cannot believe that January is already over and it's a month closer to warmer weather and heat stroke season. Man time flies when I'm stuck inside.

I'm excited to see your mileage for this month to see how it went for you. If you had weather like us then you might have not logged as many miles. I had the worst time forcing myself to get outside with this below 30 degree weather and some days were just plain unsafe to be out there with the windchill being -13 so instead I've been hiding inside beating myself up and feeling all guilty for not doing anything. 

Something I've learned this past month is that I'm always going to have to force myself to go outside. I usually do alright once I get out the door but my biggest struggle is talking myself into actually leaving the couch. Once my gears on and I've stretched my mood typically lightens up and I realize that it's not that bad out but it's all in my mindset that I just don't want to. I love running, I really truthfully love the quite time to think to myself. I have two or three Kelsey's that show up to run and depending on which one is with me really sets the tone for how the mileage will be. 


I'm disappointed to report that I didn't compete in a race this month. I've already listed my Running Goals for 2014 and I told you guys I wanted to continue doing a 5k every month but for some reason I just wasn't on the ball and didn't find any races to run this past month. I'll make up for it and do a few here in the next month though I'm sure. I really want to focus on distance training so I can run a 10k here before May. Setting the bar and pushing myself once the weather gets nicer will hopefully help me to achieve this goal.


I'm a lover of RunKeeper and use it religiously for running! As a matter of fact, it's the only gps tracking I use on my runs. I like the comparative stats on the main screen to see how I'm doing this month and I enjoy the audio cues telling me how I'm doing.

This month sucked. No more piddly mile or two milers, I'm wanting to do at least three miles a chunk this year!! Time to get my game face on and work on those longer hikes! 

Add those all together and your grand total for this month is... drum roll please.... (no seriously, do it, stomp your feet on the ground and act all excited because I told you too)... drum still rolling... ok BOOM: I ran 10.85 miles

Terrible! I told you already I'm oh so disappointed in myself but there's not a whole lot I can do about it. The weather played a major factor but I also hid behind the excuses that I was tired and didn't want to go outside on days when I should have been out there. I've been feeling depressed lately and hiding it by eating a lot of junkier food than I normally eat. It's not intentional, it just happens. I need to focus on the healthy stuff again but I just cannot get myself out of this routine. I'm hoping it's just the weather that's making me stir crazy and once it gets nicer I'll be fine again.

Now, looking into stats I've learned a few things comparing myself to last months runs. 

I really sucked at hitting 30 miles. I mean last month I felt defeated but it was eight whole miles longer than this months terribly jaunt...
My average pace was a lot slower but we were also not focusing on miles, I was running with a friend and we were more focused on doing circuit style tempo runs for a Couch To 5k type program. So, I really don't feel upset with the slower average pace this month. I knew the reasoning's behind it.

Less activities by only one yet if you compare it to my mileage you'll see that ONE activity made up almost eight miles. Ugh! Focus Kelsey focus!!!

I didn't burn very many calories, I actually eat that many calories in a day most the time. I understand its almost impossible to burn as many calories as you eat but I'd like to see that number significantly higher this next month. I want to burn at least 1,500 calories just to hit a goal.

Aaand the time spent running, yup, I spend almost three hours of the month running. Kicking myself, it should have been five or six hours. But it wasn't and there's not a lot I can do as I said earlier. 
I'd like to really work on toning my core up for the month of February. I realize that abs aren't make or break when it comes to race day but I would like to improve the overall look of my body. I'm more into running than going to the gym but I've realized that I cannot achieve my fitness goals without incorporating in some other styles of fitness into my routine. 

You'd think being cooped up in the house I'd be doing more sit-ups and crunches but that's not the case. It's time to really get on the DVD style workout bandwagon and try some out to see if they'll work for me. Do you have any suggestions on ones that work? I'd love to hear imput on cheap (bonus points if they're FREE) workouts to try!


1. Lil Friday night fun, studding some old running shoes and prepping them to go run in the snow! Winter can't stop the die hards from doing what they love! Stop making excuses and get out there and run! :) (Yes I will post about this later, but I was thrilled when MapMyFitness re-posted this photo on Instagram!!)

2. Gettin a little pavement pounding time in with the bestie! Great way to spend the evening. And yes, we stole somethin... we're not sure where we stole it from or who to give it back too though.

3. And with that being said, I'm gearing up for run #2 of the day with a friend! Literally, running is the only thing that's kept me sane these past few months.

4. Finished my second run with tired and heavy legs. Bring it on though! I love running and ever more so, I love my bestie!

5. Friends don't let friends run alone! Today while running we discovered you'll actually run faster if you have a scary dog chasing you. #FunFact also, when we finished running we took a look on the map to discover we actually ran a cross shape. Coincidence possibly?! 


Alright so tell us how you did. Amanda and I have created this link-up to see what you've been up to. You're not required to hit the 30 miles, some may go way over and others may find it as a motivation to just get out there and go but we love hearing about them and encouraging you to stay active and get fit. Come grab the button, link up and tell us your story! 


Speaking of running and my efforts to gain more mileage this year, did you remember to go VOTE for me today (and everyday) to win a trip to participate in my first marathon? Head on over to ZOOMA Women's Race Series Facebook page and "vote" for my photo to help me win! I'm in 14th place and I want to set a goal of moving to the top five by the end of this week but I can't do it without your help. If I've inspired you to focus more on your personal fitness please go help me out. I don't normally do these voting types of contests but this one would mean so much to me. I'd love to win this trip and give away two tickets here on the blog! (But make sure you're voting and not just "liking" the picture otherwise your efforts won't help me) Name on the site: Keeping Up With Kelsey - Kelsey Homolka

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Get Hyped For Halftime

Me blogging on a Sunday?! It's insane, but don't worry, I'm not really blogging right now, it's pre-posted ahead of time. I'm actually probably sleeping, or editing photos, or eating. Ya, safe bet is eating!

I wanted to drop a quick line to tell you blog buddies from out of state to pay attention to the Pepsi halftime performance. You see, about halfway through January small town Nebraska was transformed into this awesome mess of FREE Pepsi machines located all over the place. I'm talking out in corn fields with generators running them and they were filled to the brim with pop for the taking. (Check out this funny picture below)

This tiny community was surprised to see mysterious Pepsi vending machines dotting the town, spouting out FREE Pepsi to all.

Talk about getting a little publicity and putting Milligan back on the map! 

I've mentioned Milligan in my blog a few times. Like for example the time I ran the Milligan Rooster Run, or about my fun night watching the Sawyer Brown concert at the Milligan June Jubilee, or the Busy Week I had the year before that when I attended their Road Rally. Milligan has been a place I have gone to a lot of times. My dad was actually in a polka band and we spent a lot of time in that town for practices, dances and of course to have a few drinks occasionally. 

So, when rumors started flying around from the locals on social media that there were these random Pepsi machines the buzz started flowing and people wanted more info. The cans looked like this: 


Pretty neat right?! And the best part was, we received the cans knowing we were going to have a surprise concert with a surprise "grammy winning artist" but no one would tell us who!?

The news reporters from Lincoln and Omaha came down to capture the scene, radio hosts were frantically planning last minute tailgate parties, friends and family kept an eye on the weather to see if they should go to this free concert or not.

The vending machines were put out on a Wednesday, the concert that Saturday. The town was filled with excitement and everyone wanted to know who was coming to town!! Pepsi tweeted on Friday afternoon they were excited to announce that LEE BRICE was going to be putting the concert on and then the storm hit. 

People from all over the state came down to the concert excited to see the crazy fame that Nebraska was getting for the Superbowl Halftime Show. Nothing like this has ever happened before so of course everyone knew this once in a life time chance shouldn't get passed up.

Now, I admit I hate cold weather and the forecast for that night was like 15 degrees. As much as I would have loved to go I knew I wouldn't like the large crowd and the cold weather. It's just not a good combo for me. So instead, I sat at home and watched all my friends IG pictures and post videos on f-creep of the awesome free concert. 

I was jealous and I was ok with that. I saw a few photos and the amount of people was insane, I had friends telling me they parked outside of town and had to walk to get to the concert it was that full! So, I'm totally fine with not going and watching the SuperBowl and getting hyped for halftime watching my friends pop up on the screen.

Give me a shout out of you see the Milligan town on TV! I'd love to see what you guys think tonight of small town Nebraska ;)

Come vote for me daily! I'd love to run my first full marathon with your help for FREE! (Plus you could win a free ticket of your own)