Monday, February 3, 2014

30 Miles in 30 Days - January

Alright, first off I want to state I was totally disappointed in the Super Bowl commercials. And super annoyed that they didn't even air the Milligan Nebraska stuff!! I mean, who does that?! You can't just call in Lee Brice to do a FREE concert in the middle of Nebraska and NOT show us!! I guess it was worth not wasting my time standing in that freezing weather because they didn't even show it but still, it's the dang concept here people... Moving on.

The game sucked, I really didn't pay a whole lot of attention to it to be honest. I'm not a football person (shoot me for those fanatics out there) and I really was unimpressed with the commercials this year as well. I think my vote would go to the #bestbuds one that Budweiser made. Here's what it was if you missed it:

Cutest of all time!! In general, it was a total flop for the evening besides the awesome food I ate. Food is always good. 



Is it seriously already February?! I'm still struggling to remember to write 2014 on checks when I sign them. I cannot believe that January is already over and it's a month closer to warmer weather and heat stroke season. Man time flies when I'm stuck inside.

I'm excited to see your mileage for this month to see how it went for you. If you had weather like us then you might have not logged as many miles. I had the worst time forcing myself to get outside with this below 30 degree weather and some days were just plain unsafe to be out there with the windchill being -13 so instead I've been hiding inside beating myself up and feeling all guilty for not doing anything. 

Something I've learned this past month is that I'm always going to have to force myself to go outside. I usually do alright once I get out the door but my biggest struggle is talking myself into actually leaving the couch. Once my gears on and I've stretched my mood typically lightens up and I realize that it's not that bad out but it's all in my mindset that I just don't want to. I love running, I really truthfully love the quite time to think to myself. I have two or three Kelsey's that show up to run and depending on which one is with me really sets the tone for how the mileage will be. 


I'm disappointed to report that I didn't compete in a race this month. I've already listed my Running Goals for 2014 and I told you guys I wanted to continue doing a 5k every month but for some reason I just wasn't on the ball and didn't find any races to run this past month. I'll make up for it and do a few here in the next month though I'm sure. I really want to focus on distance training so I can run a 10k here before May. Setting the bar and pushing myself once the weather gets nicer will hopefully help me to achieve this goal.


I'm a lover of RunKeeper and use it religiously for running! As a matter of fact, it's the only gps tracking I use on my runs. I like the comparative stats on the main screen to see how I'm doing this month and I enjoy the audio cues telling me how I'm doing.

This month sucked. No more piddly mile or two milers, I'm wanting to do at least three miles a chunk this year!! Time to get my game face on and work on those longer hikes! 

Add those all together and your grand total for this month is... drum roll please.... (no seriously, do it, stomp your feet on the ground and act all excited because I told you too)... drum still rolling... ok BOOM: I ran 10.85 miles

Terrible! I told you already I'm oh so disappointed in myself but there's not a whole lot I can do about it. The weather played a major factor but I also hid behind the excuses that I was tired and didn't want to go outside on days when I should have been out there. I've been feeling depressed lately and hiding it by eating a lot of junkier food than I normally eat. It's not intentional, it just happens. I need to focus on the healthy stuff again but I just cannot get myself out of this routine. I'm hoping it's just the weather that's making me stir crazy and once it gets nicer I'll be fine again.

Now, looking into stats I've learned a few things comparing myself to last months runs. 

I really sucked at hitting 30 miles. I mean last month I felt defeated but it was eight whole miles longer than this months terribly jaunt...
My average pace was a lot slower but we were also not focusing on miles, I was running with a friend and we were more focused on doing circuit style tempo runs for a Couch To 5k type program. So, I really don't feel upset with the slower average pace this month. I knew the reasoning's behind it.

Less activities by only one yet if you compare it to my mileage you'll see that ONE activity made up almost eight miles. Ugh! Focus Kelsey focus!!!

I didn't burn very many calories, I actually eat that many calories in a day most the time. I understand its almost impossible to burn as many calories as you eat but I'd like to see that number significantly higher this next month. I want to burn at least 1,500 calories just to hit a goal.

Aaand the time spent running, yup, I spend almost three hours of the month running. Kicking myself, it should have been five or six hours. But it wasn't and there's not a lot I can do as I said earlier. 
I'd like to really work on toning my core up for the month of February. I realize that abs aren't make or break when it comes to race day but I would like to improve the overall look of my body. I'm more into running than going to the gym but I've realized that I cannot achieve my fitness goals without incorporating in some other styles of fitness into my routine. 

You'd think being cooped up in the house I'd be doing more sit-ups and crunches but that's not the case. It's time to really get on the DVD style workout bandwagon and try some out to see if they'll work for me. Do you have any suggestions on ones that work? I'd love to hear imput on cheap (bonus points if they're FREE) workouts to try!


1. Lil Friday night fun, studding some old running shoes and prepping them to go run in the snow! Winter can't stop the die hards from doing what they love! Stop making excuses and get out there and run! :) (Yes I will post about this later, but I was thrilled when MapMyFitness re-posted this photo on Instagram!!)

2. Gettin a little pavement pounding time in with the bestie! Great way to spend the evening. And yes, we stole somethin... we're not sure where we stole it from or who to give it back too though.

3. And with that being said, I'm gearing up for run #2 of the day with a friend! Literally, running is the only thing that's kept me sane these past few months.

4. Finished my second run with tired and heavy legs. Bring it on though! I love running and ever more so, I love my bestie!

5. Friends don't let friends run alone! Today while running we discovered you'll actually run faster if you have a scary dog chasing you. #FunFact also, when we finished running we took a look on the map to discover we actually ran a cross shape. Coincidence possibly?! 


Alright so tell us how you did. Amanda and I have created this link-up to see what you've been up to. You're not required to hit the 30 miles, some may go way over and others may find it as a motivation to just get out there and go but we love hearing about them and encouraging you to stay active and get fit. Come grab the button, link up and tell us your story! 


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  1. You go girl!! Thanks for linking up.

  2. I hate going outside in the cold weather! Mad props to you for actually running in it. I hope you are able to meet your goal.


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