Sunday, February 2, 2014

Get Hyped For Halftime

Me blogging on a Sunday?! It's insane, but don't worry, I'm not really blogging right now, it's pre-posted ahead of time. I'm actually probably sleeping, or editing photos, or eating. Ya, safe bet is eating!

I wanted to drop a quick line to tell you blog buddies from out of state to pay attention to the Pepsi halftime performance. You see, about halfway through January small town Nebraska was transformed into this awesome mess of FREE Pepsi machines located all over the place. I'm talking out in corn fields with generators running them and they were filled to the brim with pop for the taking. (Check out this funny picture below)

This tiny community was surprised to see mysterious Pepsi vending machines dotting the town, spouting out FREE Pepsi to all.

Talk about getting a little publicity and putting Milligan back on the map! 

I've mentioned Milligan in my blog a few times. Like for example the time I ran the Milligan Rooster Run, or about my fun night watching the Sawyer Brown concert at the Milligan June Jubilee, or the Busy Week I had the year before that when I attended their Road Rally. Milligan has been a place I have gone to a lot of times. My dad was actually in a polka band and we spent a lot of time in that town for practices, dances and of course to have a few drinks occasionally. 

So, when rumors started flying around from the locals on social media that there were these random Pepsi machines the buzz started flowing and people wanted more info. The cans looked like this: 


Pretty neat right?! And the best part was, we received the cans knowing we were going to have a surprise concert with a surprise "grammy winning artist" but no one would tell us who!?

The news reporters from Lincoln and Omaha came down to capture the scene, radio hosts were frantically planning last minute tailgate parties, friends and family kept an eye on the weather to see if they should go to this free concert or not.

The vending machines were put out on a Wednesday, the concert that Saturday. The town was filled with excitement and everyone wanted to know who was coming to town!! Pepsi tweeted on Friday afternoon they were excited to announce that LEE BRICE was going to be putting the concert on and then the storm hit. 

People from all over the state came down to the concert excited to see the crazy fame that Nebraska was getting for the Superbowl Halftime Show. Nothing like this has ever happened before so of course everyone knew this once in a life time chance shouldn't get passed up.

Now, I admit I hate cold weather and the forecast for that night was like 15 degrees. As much as I would have loved to go I knew I wouldn't like the large crowd and the cold weather. It's just not a good combo for me. So instead, I sat at home and watched all my friends IG pictures and post videos on f-creep of the awesome free concert. 

I was jealous and I was ok with that. I saw a few photos and the amount of people was insane, I had friends telling me they parked outside of town and had to walk to get to the concert it was that full! So, I'm totally fine with not going and watching the SuperBowl and getting hyped for halftime watching my friends pop up on the screen.

Give me a shout out of you see the Milligan town on TV! I'd love to see what you guys think tonight of small town Nebraska ;)

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  1. not much of a pepsi person. I'm more of a coke person although I've had 2 cokes in the past 2 hours which is beyond ridiculous.

  2. I've been waiting to see this...what the heck - did I miss it???? Being from Nebraska I get all excited because of this NE love. =)

  3. That is so cool! That's too bad that they didn't air it during the Superbowl. Pretty neat regardless. Thanks for stopping by my blog so much. I'm definitely adding you to my reading list.


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