Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valen-NO...

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! The one day every year that single people despise, the people that are dating either love or hate this day and the married couples get to enjoy a night away from kids getting drunk off of over-priced wine. Oh, did I mention that the flower shops also earn their vacation trips off this holiday? Yup, true story!

I never have really gotten into this holiday, actually, me and Trav barely ever get each other anything. Not even a card. I just really would prefer he tells me all year that he cares about me and spends the hundreds of dollars on something like workout gear instead of flowers. I hate going out and having to wait at restaurants so again that's another reason to stay home and do absolutely nothing together. 

This year I think I've got something good up my sleeve for his gift. It's a safe bet he won't be reading the blog today so I'm just going to post my idea I found on Pinterest for you guys to see. Eat your heart out men!

Love-ish.  haha...this would be perfect for our 1 year anniversary!!

Sweet right?! And I'm going to not even waste my time with a card. We rarely do that stuff so why start now right?! After almost four years together we don't do the romantic thing. I actually asked instead that we just stay home and he's in charge of the menu and I'll make dessert for the night. #winning 

And for your viewing pleasure, please enjoy these Grumpy Cats to get you through this Single's Awareness Day!


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  1. I love Grumpy Cat! Thanks for sharing! I've never really been big into Valentine's Day either. We might do a card and some candy (mainly because we both have a slight candy addiction), but other than that.... I think it's a silly holiday. I agree with you that I'd rather have Lee show me love all year long with his thoughtfulness than just one day a year.

  2. bahahaha. This is why I love your blog. :) Happy Friday!! :)

  3. I totally feel ya. At this point in my life, I honestly don't give two shits about Valentine's day. The only reason I feel the need to celebrate at all at this point is for the kids, but I def don't go all out. Overpriced roses that'll die in a week, lines at restaurants, mushy gushy romantic gestures? No thanks :) I'd be just as happy (or happier, because I'm cheap!) with some cheap flowers that my hubby surprised me with on a completely random day of the year, just because.


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