Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I'm The Kinda Girl...

I found this while going through my daily reads and almost 1/3 of my blog buds were doing this link-up so I felt compelled to join in! 

I'm the kind of girl who...

...gets lazy at times when it comes to house work. But who doesn't get tired of the same routine of 1,000+ dishes laying around, 4 loads of laundry to do, cooking supper every night?!

...is addicted to social media. I hate that I'm obsessed with Instagram, SnapChat and F-Creep! I would gladly step away from it but I love sharing what fun things are going on in my life and I love seeing what my friends are up to.

...loves to be in the spot light. It's no secret I like to make people laugh or smile, and I don't mind taking center stage but I also enjoy hiding in the shadows and allowing others to be the goof once in awhile as well.

...has OCD issues. Ugh, if there's one thing that bothers me it's the simple fact that things are not in order or put away. My house may be trashed but if my shoes aren't lined up it freaks me out!

...loves. to. run.

...would prefer an evening on the farm getting muddy and working. Something about getting back to the dirt roads and God's creations excites me, I enjoy the farm life and the way time seems to slow down once in awhile!

...enjoys a good road trip. There's never a dull moment when you're stuck in the car for 5+ hours heading on a trip somewhere. My friends can vogue that we get funnier and more crazy as the hours past and we're stretched to exhaustion on trips. I even pull out Sasquatch and he gives us hours of entertainment when we cruise by people! 

...is a major procrastinator. Major problem when it comes to decision making because I always tell myself I can put it off for another day. I've realized that my list making skills are near perfected and luckily for me that means it helps with my procrastination skills as well!

...used to hate makeup but now find it necessary. If you would have asked me even two years ago what's in my make-up routine you would have found my answer to be nothing. Now, I enjoy slapping on a few coats of "game face" make-up to go out even to run errands. 

...needs peoples acceptance. I'm a people pleaser, it's my biggest fault and I really hate it. There's really nothing that bothers me more than someone being upset with me.

...has a shopping addiction. I realize I have it and I'm trying to correct myself but come on! That stuff's tough to fix overnight! 

Alright boom, now you know more about me. Did you learn anything new or am I too predicable you already had me figured out? It's your turn to tell me a little about you! What type of girl are you?!?

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  1. Count me in the poor housekeeping habits ... just ask our cleaning lady. No joke, the best money I spend all month is on her. We don't fight about cleaning, and she does a much better job that we ever could. I'm only slightly ashamed that I have to hire someone to do something I should have mastered before leaving my parents house.

  2. I can get into modes where I procrastinate on housework, too. Mostly when it's too cold. I swear my house is always cleaner in the summer!


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