Thursday, February 20, 2014

On Vacation: Be Back Soon!

WooHoo the day has finally come and I'm taking off for a mini road trip to Texas!! I'm over the moon excited to be getting out of Nebraska for a few days and I cannot wait to share what all happens on my trip when I get home with you guys. I've written down a few things that might help you guys with mini vacations and what I'm planning on doing to help keep me organized and on task during my trip!

Hello my name is Kelsey and I have over-packing disorder. I tend to bring too many things with me on mini trips and I'm often found not needing half of what gets brought with me. <----Yes I openly admit I have a problem and if you're willing to help me with it, I'd love to hear of ways to eliminate things that I won't need but bring for my "just in case" moments.

With the weather being nice in Texas I've found that I'm wearing mostly capris or shorts but in general I'm a jeans or yoga pants type of person so I find myself packing one of everything. My suggestion is to pack a pair of shots, capris, jeans, sweats, t-shirt, dressy shirt and a couple of hoodies. There's no need to pack five different pairs of pajama's for the trip unless you plan on getting each pair dirty every night. Same with jeans, more than likely you'll be just wearing them and lounging around, if you have intentions of working in your clothes then it's smart to grab another pair but otherwise just stick with one of each type of clothing. I normally wear hoodies a lot so that's why I choose to pack a few extra.

Plan. Your. Outfits.     That folks, that could be a time saver and help to eliminate the need for over packing! This time around I'm going to sit down and really plan out a few different looks then pack them inside of zip lock bags so I know what outfit I can choose from and they're all located together with accessories and everything I'd need for that day. I'm hoping it'll take less time for me to find things in my suitcases and keep me feeling styled without having to bring my entire closet with me!

Shoes, oh boy. Here's another big question that cannot be answered with a simple sentence. You have to pack the right shoes for every occasion right?! Well duh! But that means packing a few nicer pairs, a pair of cute boots, your cowboy boots, some sandals and even some sneakers just in case! I'm going to pack at least one if not two pairs of sneakers mostly because that's what I plan on wearing for the trip. They're easy to slip on and off to get in and out of the car at pit stops plus I can wear them if I decide to go running once I'm at the Zoubek's for a few days. 

While trying to find a unique way to document our vacation I've decided upon the ol postcard method. When I was younger I collected shot glass, and now I have a gazillion shot glasses from everywhere that soak up dust so I needed a new method to collect memories from places we go that doesn't take up a lot of room and can still be easily displayed to remind us of all the fun we've had together. So, I came up with the postcards idea! The only thing I hate about it is that it's so cliche, but it's a great way to get awesome photos from different places and it's easy to pack to bring back home too.

I really don't like getting t-shirts because I have too many the way it is so I've tried to come up with new ways to document our trip besides buying actual souvenirs. I love my postcard idea but I'm still not 100% sold on overpriced pictures that I should be taking myself. 

I'm trying to put together a map of the US with our pictures that are taken from each state. I'm not setting a goal of hitting all 50 states but I am setting a goal to visit 3/4 of them by the time I'm 80. On my 101 in 1001 list I've stated I want to hit 25 and I'm fairly close to that goal but now I'm wanting to make memories in all of these states together with Travis so I can create this little map I found on Pinterest.

Another fun idea is doing "feet photos." What are these feet photos I talk of? Well, it's where you take a photo of your feet with some kind of super cool scenic background to remember the location that you've visited! I started doing these on my last trip to remember all the fun places I've gone to but it's slowly morphed into something I do on special occasions as well to remember specific holidays or events. I'll even show you a little preview of what i'm talking about :)

Don't just drive straight through and stop only for fuel and potty breaks, make this entire trip an experience! Our road trip will consist of many touristsy stops along the way. I like to not just set a destination and go but instead find ways to incorporate some learning and fun into this thirteen plus hour trip to Texas. Why not enjoy a little of the scenic route and really get into what each state has to offer along the way.

I found this amazing website called RoadTrippers where I was able to enter in my start/stop destination and create a fully interactive map of places to go along our route. I love how you can select how far out of your way you want to go and search different places based upon your likes. Here's what our trip looks like for those interested in it!

Texas Trip | My new trip on Roadtrippers

Boy is a history buff and can often be found watching either the History Channel or Discovery so there was no questions we're planning on hitting up some history fun stops. He wants to stop at the National Cowboy Museum, Sixth Floor Museum (JFK Shooting Site), and a couple of "famous" BBQ joints.

I'm more into the weird fun facts and pretty stuff stops so I choose a few fun stops like a salt mine, a few southern plantations and an alligator farm. I suppose you could say I'm adventurous! I like finding off the wall things that you can't find in flat ol Nebraska. I like doing cultural things that I wouldn't normally be able to do around home.

Reach out and make sure to let your blog friends and other friends/family know you're taking this trip so they can have plenty of time to get a hold of you and plan a date to meet up. If you're going on a bigger trip and have the time to meet blog buddies from different states make sure you do it! You won't regret the hour or two's worth of time you spent seeing your blog buddies in real life.

And yes, I'll probably be posting millions of pictures of me on vacation so get over it. Go check out my Instagram to stay updated on my road trip and if you happen to be along my route, you'd better be getting a hold of me so we can meet up! :)

Glad you're too busy posting pictures of yourself on vacation rather than actually enjoying yourself on vacation.

Now help me find some fun must-see stops along my route! I need your help readers!!

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  1. LOVE that map idea! so cute! :) Have fun dear!

  2. I love turning in the actual time in the car into part of the trip as well! Driving back and forth to college, I always passed through Tupelo, MS and on my last time going there finally stopped to see the Elvis birthplace house and museum. It was really neat! Plus I got to eat at the "Elvis" booth in a local diner. It made the long drive seem a little more interesting.

  3. I actually just got back from a trip to Texas! Your project of making a map with a picture of you two in each state is so cool, I've never seen that before!

  4. I see this question has already been asked, but not answered...what size of map did you use?


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