Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thankful Thursday + Thirsty Thursday

I haven't really gotten into the grove of things since I've returned from my amazing vacation but I'm slowly getting there! My hope (crossing fingers) is to get my vacation recap finished up by tomorrow so I can share it with you guys. There were so many amazing things that happened on that trip that I really wanted to get all the details done before I shared! Until then, you can catch a glimpse of my thankful items from the trip ;)

  • I'm extremely grateful for safe travels on our 3,000+ mile journey
  • The time that we had to re-connect and get back on the same page between Travis and I
  • I'm so glad I got to see so many new states and all of their awesome cultures
  • The food that is being provided on my table
  • I'm thankful for my empty bank accounts that remind me that although I may not have money I still have love and support
  • The weather in Texas, I can't say I'm thankful for all the cold winds in Nebraska but at least Texas gave me a dose of what our summer will soon look like
  • For H & R and all the blessings those tiny little minions have shown me in my life
  • For D & T for allowing us to stay at their place every time we go down there
  • My Dirt Road Photography business for slowly launching and for the clients that have supported me every step of the way with my start-up
  • I'm thankful for my ever-addictive habit of using water bottles, I've really noticed I've been drinking more fluids because of them!
  • For Pinterest and all of the inspiration it gives me to act domesticated and make a good home cooked meal once in awhile ;)

Hopelessly Ever After

And on another note, my BBFF +Chelsee W from Southern Beauty Guide is twisting my arm from miles away insisting I participate in her link-up today. So, lucky for you guys you get to see a few of my best partying moments ;)

I did a post last April with a link-up for The Party Don't Stop Til I Walk In and it showed how to be a successful and fun partier. So this time around I figured I'd show you reasons why SnapChat can prove you're an awesome partier and how your friends can make you laugh sometimes.

Warning: Some of these images may have been placed on my blog without permission, some are not flattering to any body type and some may have been taken as selfies without their acknowledgement. I apologize to those who have been blasted but they're too good not to share!

See, kinda funny when you check out my snaps! I have a knack for making the best faces, and my friends quite frequently send me pictures of them partying it up but usually I'm there helping them party! 

Ohh, and those who know me say my "signature snap" is of me sippin on a lil drinky. What do you think? Have I perfected it?

And check out how awesome this night of snap stories unfolded. Ugh, that was the night my friend paid our $50 tab (for just the two of us) and then I ended up writing a $100 check at the end of the night to finish off the new tab we started... Ouch!

But you've come to the part where I need to share a favorite drink recipe with you guys, the problem is, I don't have a favorite drink. I'm normally either drinking Busch Light, Fuzzy Navel or some fruity wine cooler. So, I struggled to find something to share with you guys but in the end I pulled up the recipe for my Beer-Garitas! See, you don't even need directions because they're already on this photo ;)


The funny thing about all this is, Chels actually lives in a DRY county... Yes, that means she's not supposed to be drinking at home. So, for her to host all these drinking related link-ups must mean one thing. She's thirsty folks! Everyone go link-up and help her find some good drinks ;)


  1. You seriously kill me with your posts. You are too funny no joke! So let me get this straight ..Cherry Beer-Garita is your pick for Mardi Gras? I will have to check it out! Loving those snapchats BTW!

  2. not much of a drinker due to my medical condition. but when i do it's a bud lite margarita

  3. OMG!!! I love you and I just met you!! This is hilarious!! We might need to be snapchat buddies. I'm Kristin, the host of the Thirsty Thursday linkup and I hope you join us again!! So glad Chelsee twisted your arm. haha. Thanks for linking up!!!!


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