Monday, February 17, 2014

Weekend Review

What a weekend! Quite honestly, since I quit my job my days have been insanely off and I'm really not sure what day of the week it is sometimes. If it weren't for Wednesday volleyball league nights I'm almost certain I would think every day is a Tuesday in my books!!

1. We just discussed how he NEVER gets me flowers and what do you know, he walks in the door with these bad boys... Talk about expecting the unexpected! Sometimes he pulls a stunt that catches me off guard and I find it cute and all that mushy stuff.
2. I told him he was in charge of supper and I'd take care of dessert. He made steaks, potatoes and garlic bread. Considering it a win in my books! 
3. Eat your heart out folkds. I'm sure after posting this I'll have all the men lined up at my door begging to take me on a date. Happy Valentines Day!
4. After receiving his cake, Trav decided he had another gift for me. His nasty belly button lint! Soooo romantic! <<smh>>
5. Travie posing for a lovely picture with his gorgeous cake :)
6. Spending the day with the entire family at the Husker basketball game! Happy Sunday Funday!
7. Me and Travis at the game, he slept through part of it, too much partying the night before hehe
8. Shout out to this homie for just getting ordained. Congrats on becoming a minister, can't wait to hear your sermons! (Yes, he legit went online and became ordained while sitting at the basketball game)
9. Lookie I caught my dad trying to text! Yes, it's true folks, my parents are high-tech and know how to text and cool shenanies!! (Caught you dad ha ha)
10. The final score of the Nebraska vs Indiana game, 76 to 61 (we won!)
11. Mmmm nothing is better than a scrumptious breakfast at Village Inn, omlet's never go out of style


On another note: I'm going on a ROAD TRIP this week!! Eeek I'm so thrilled to be leaving for a mini vacation this week and head to Texas!! Here's a little screenshot of what we've got planned but I'd love to hear what are some must-see stops on the trip. (Yes I realize the trip home has a lot of ideas, I haven't looked into eliminating things quite yet)

The reason my trip is spread out through the states is because I'm wanting to mark off some of my 101 in 1001 list items so this just seemed like the logical thing to do. 

As you can tell we're taking off from Nebraska and heading straight south for the most part on our trip. A few spots we've found that we're considering stopping at include:

Camp Concordia
Kansas Underground Salt Mine
National Cowboy Museum
Historic Stockyards in OK
The Sixth Floor Museum (JFK Shooting Site)
Waco, TX (Big Czech Town!)

Then we'll hit Katy, Texas! We're planning on staying somewhere along the way and we haven't really set that up quite yet, it'll mostly depend on how much we get done during the day of traveling and how long we stay at each shop. We're looking into staying in Dallas but we'll see what the day brings. If you've got an awesome hotel that's a must visit by all means please inform me, I want to soak in as many cool things as possible on this trip!

Then we'll hang out with my favorite littles H and R for a few days, we'll stay Sunday to watch them get baptized (I'm blessed to get to be their God Mother) and then take off bright and early Monday morning to take another two day road trip home.

On our list of sites to hit up on the way home we've added:

Gator Country Adventure Park
Melrose Plantation
Magnolia Plantation 
(or any other plantation that you suggest for me!)
Fort St. Jean Baptiste State Historic Site
Mansfield State Historic Site
Half & Half Post Office
Two Rivers Museum
Crater of Diamonds State Park
Judys Crystals and Things
Confederate Cemetery
Clinton House Museum
Wal-Mart Visitor Center
Old Spanish Treasure Cave

That's A LOT of possible stops!! My problem is I want to see it all, like, I cannot just pick or choose a few. But our time crunch only allows for a few good quality stops before trecking onward. 

So I'm asking you guys to help me out! Find some awesome ideas or weed out what's not worth seeing on the way down and just give me a heads up. Oh and food joints, any good ones that are necessary stops? SHARE!! Am I missing something? Please tell me! Oh, and if you're a blogger located along the route you'd better tell me! I'd love to meet some of my cyber friends in person!!

REMINDER: Come vote for me daily! I'd love to run my first full marathon with your help for FREE! 
(Plus you could win a free ticket of your own)

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