Wednesday, March 5, 2014

30 Miles In 30 Days - February

Goodbye February and your chilly weather, hello March and let's bank on your warming up a bit more!

Something I'd like to really point out is I just updated my Running tab up at the top right, yes, I finally posted what my 2014 race schedule will consist of! Do you have any suggestions on races I should participate in around the area?! I'd love to get your input and also if you have any bomb races that should be added to my bucket list please tell me!!

Going to take this advice for the month of March...

Ahh, moving on :)




I'm once again disappointed to report that I didn't compete in a race this month. I've already listed my Running Goals for 2014 and I told you guys I wanted to continue doing a 5k every month but for some reason I just wasn't on the ball and didn't find any races to run these past month two months. I'm going to have to catch up and run two races later in the year to make up for lost time! I really want to focus on distance training so I can run a 10k here before May. Setting the bar and pushing myself once the weather gets nicer will hopefully help me to achieve this goal.


Ugh! Suck, suck suuuuck! I seriously SUCK at hitting my thirty miles these past few months and it's really getting under my skin! What's even worse is that if you look at how many times I got outside and ran even if you don't know me in real life you can still admit you're disappointed in me! Womp, wooomp, faaail!

Alright, so looking at that you really don't need me to calculate it up but last month I ran exactly 3.46 miles.

Straight up embarrassing to have to post TWO activities, but that's life. Sometimes living in Nebraska has its disadvantages. And of those miles the 2.46 mile run was ran in Texas actually. So that's why it was a decent run, because the weather was in the sixties and I had Travie and Haisley with me. They rode bikes while I jogged. And if we want to get really technical I did walk an extra half mile before that run. We took the kiddos out with bikes and the puppy.

That's it, those are my stats. I didn't even log enough calories burned to even get rid of the beers I drank last Friday night. Sad, sad day. 


1. Did a little running while down here in Texas, 70 degree weather is perfect for shorts and a tank! The others took the bikes out while I jogged. Notice my route, I think we hit up every street in the neighborhood!! I LOVE it out here, I'm really content on not coming home for awhile...

2. #runnerprobs of the day consist of wearing my armband too much that I tore the velcro off. It'll be an easy fix but I'm glad my new bright pink one came in the mail last week. On another note, the sunset was gorgeous this evening and the cows need to learn their manners. Staring at people is just plain rude and the whole herd just couldn't stop staring!


Something new to add to my list! Being part of Scentsy isn't just about selling great products but it's part of being in the Scentsy Family. As with all families you want to encourage each other to live a healthy lifestyle, Scentsy's no different! They've asked the consultants to log 100 miles, I'm excited for this challenge and I cannot wait to add more little stickers and fill up my sheet. Here's the start from February.


Alright so tell us how you did. Amanda and I have created this link-up to see what you've been up to. You're not required to hit the 30 miles, some may go way over and others may find it as a motivation to just get out there and go but we love hearing about them and encouraging you to stay active and get fit. Come grab the button, link up and tell us your story! 

Come vote for me daily! I'd love to run my first full marathon with your help for FREE! (Plus you could win a free ticket of your own)


  1. I knew someone I knew had a 30 miles in 30 day link up ... I couldn't remember... I'll have to link up next week! :)

  2. Love this!! I might have to do it when it starts to warm up. I'm going to aim for April. I can't run long distances but I can totally run at least a mile a day to keep up. I love it! Thanks for linking up with us!!


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