Tuesday, March 25, 2014

50 Books From 50 States

I'm still on vacation! I'm probably enjoying Virginia Beach or something super cool like that, if you're really interested go check out my Instagram feed, there's 110% chance I've already posted a dozen pictures of my adventures.

But, since you're not ready to hear my recap instead you'll get to see what my biggest and latest plan is for reading instead! And... GO!

This year I want to broaden my word vocabulary and the simplest way to do that is to dig my nose into more books! I've really learned to appreciate reading and in my free time I like relaxing and getting lost in a good book so I figured why not participate in this neat theory of a challenge. I wanted to create a challenge that give me something to accomplish and really diversify what I'm reading about! So, I created this fun little book club that gives me a book from each state. Sometimes the author is from that state but for most of the books I really want the book to take place in that state, to really give me details of a specific scene in each state. So, I created the 50 books from 50 states idea! Some bloggers try to complete this task in a year but I'm not sure fifty books in a year is quite manageable for me with my busy schedule so I've chosen to throw away that rule and just focus on completing it in my free time.
Here's my list, I will actually update it whenever I complete another book and I'd love for you to join in with me and make up your own list! For now I'm going to add a few books to my list from states if I find one that I want to read and the books I've read I will put the finished dates by them. 

  • Alabama - Fried Green Tomatoes by Fannie Flagg recommended by Make It Count
  • Alaska 
  • Arizona 
  • Arkansas 
  • California - A Stolen Life by Jaycee Dugard (Completed 6/19/12)
  • Colorado - Running Away by Andrew Powell
  • Connecticut 
  • Delaware 
  • Florida 
  • Georgia - How Dolly Parton Saved My Life by Charlotte Connors (Completed 5/18/13)
  • Hawaii 
  • Idaho 
  • Illinois - Yada Yada Prayer Group Series by Neta & Dave Jackson (Completed 4/12/14)
  • Indiana - Jesus Land by Julia Scheeres (Complete 3/29/12)
  • Iowa 
  • Kansas - In Cold Blood by Truman Capote recommended by By Breenah
  • Kentucky 
  • Louisiana 
  • Maine 
  • Maryland - Sea Swept by Nora Roberts recommended by Hopelessly Ever After
  • Massachusetts 
  • Michigan - The Feast Nearby by Robin Mather
  • Minnesota 
  • Mississippi 
  • Missouri 
  • Montana
  • Nebraska - Heaven Is For Real by Todd Burpo (Completed 4/20/12)
  • Nevada 
  • New Hampshire - Love and Leftovers by Sarah Tregay
  • New Jersey - The Miracle of St. Anthony by Adrian Wojnarowski recommended by If I Had 100 Dollars
  • New Mexico 
  • New York 
  • North Carolina 
  • North Dakota 
  • Ohio - Driving With Dead People by Monica Holloway
  • Oklahoma - From Black Heels to Tractor Wheels by Pioneer Woman recommended by Going Costal
  • Oregon 
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island 
  • South Carolina 
  • South Dakota 
  • Tennessee 
  • Texas 
  • Utah - Stolen Innocence by Elisa Wall 
  • Vermont - Mud Season by Ellen Stimson
  • Virginia 
  • Washington 
  • West Virginia - Chickens in the Road by Suzanne McMinn
  • Wisconsin 
  • Wyoming
**Books I'd like to read or suggestions on books from that state are listed, once the book is read it will be crossed off and have the date I completed it.

So help! My list is still majorly empty and if you're from that state I'd love to add your name and the book suggestion to my list :) A fun way to see which blogger is from where and what they recommend!

If you're up for the challenge and want to join in use the button and add your link! Maybe once or twice a year I'll go ahead and create a link-up to see how your progress is going so make sure you comment or let me know that you're participating so I can contact you to tell you about the link-up. This will be super fun for all of us!!

And why not make it even more fun?! Once I cross off all those states I want to open it even further and read a book from each continent, then eventually each country. But for now, I'll just list the countries below that I've read a book based on that area...

Vietnam - I Love Yous Are For White People by Lac Su


  1. You could read From Black Heels to Tractor Wheels by the Pioneer Woman… she's from Oklahoma and the book mostly takes place there. I really enjoyed it.


  2. Read ay book by Nicholas Sparks and you've got North Carolina covered. And Nora Roberts has a series based around the Chesapeake Bay and Maryland so that would get MD covered!!

  3. Yea I suggest any book by Nicholas Sparks like the above says. As well as "Kisses for Katie". it's excellent. "Endless Love".

  4. I'm doing this. I started last summer, but I'm not even halfway through. That's mostly because I'm not exclusively focusing on it. You should create a map to go with it. I like adding to it and looking at my map. Here's mine if you want to see: http://www.makeitcountblog.com/p/book-challenges.html

    1. Also...I'm originally from Alabama and I'd recommend Fried Green Tomatoes or Crazy in Alabama. I currently live in NC and like others have said, anything Nicholas Sparks.

  5. I love this idea! So creative :)

  6. Ooooh I'm so glad this challenge isn't just for a year! I started a 50 States reading challenge once, but there was no way I could finish in a year. Way too daunting. ;) I'll have to join up with you as I (slowly) complete the challenge! Here's a Google Map I made with the books I've read/found so far, if you need some ideas:

    https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msa=0&msid=209375884558612226695.0004b9d20b7f8f71903ba&hl=en&ie=UTF8&t=m&ll=37.160317,-95.625&spn=41.596947,87.890625&z=3&source=embed&dg=feature (hopefully that link works for you!)

  7. Both In Cold Blood (Truman Capote) and Wizard of Oz take place in Kansas!
    After the summer reading challenge, I might try this one!


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