Wednesday, March 19, 2014

April Running Playlist -Pop Hits-

Have you ever plugged in your iPod and whined about the music you've downloaded to it? 
Or have you ever turned on your favorite Pandora station only to be annoyed while running because every song they play on your good channel is dumb and you've already used all your skips for the hour? 

YES! I have too, so I decided to make you a playlist to give you ideas on good tunes for your running. I've created some playlists and would love to continue to add new playlists each month to really keep your workout lists moving and not too repetitive. 

Each list has about fifteen songs which give you a solid 30-45 minute workout session. I tried to get them all to have a good steady beat because us runners naturally pace ourselves according to what we're listening too. I love them because I can set it up to be exactly 35 minutes, when the playlist is finished I know I've ran close to my three miles I planned.

So what did you think? Are some of my songs on your list? Some you absolutely hate and would skip over not even ten seconds into the song! I'd love to hear your thoughts!

PS- Be a gem and "pin" this for me would ya, I'd love to have more traffic come on over to catch on to these awesome little running playlists ;)

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  1. Timber is one of my favorite new workout songs!!

  2. Ooo....yay! I love seeing other peoples play lists! We have a lot of similar songs! Timber is my #1 on my playlist right now!

  3. Ugh yes!!! I need this. I hate using Pandora anymore.


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