Thursday, March 6, 2014

Best Of KUWKels - February Edition

So I saw Megan over at Semi Charmed Life she does this, I just loved it so much I wanted to do my own spin on it!! I'm going to borrow a few of her categories and add a few of my own to the mix. I'd love to see how KUWKels grows over time and keeping my month stats at a glance can help me gauge changes easier!

-Most Popular on Instagram-
1 -- 2 -- 3 -- 4

-Most Popular on the Blog*-
Thankful Thursday + Thirsty Thursday
I'm The Kinda Girl
Stich Fix #5
Guest Post - Julie

*So my most popular posts always include $5 Savings Plan, Coupon Binder and Mason Jar Tumbler so I've decided to skip them and focus on my monthly big hits. Just another way to really see "stats" for the month!

-Other Notable Posts-
30 Miles in 30 Days - January
Weekend Review

-Misc Stats-
Pageviews Last Month: 10,028
GFC Friends: 337
BlogLovin Buds: 193

-Photo A Day-
Also, something I've created is my monthly photo a day! I didn't really WANT to do this at first but then I found this awesome calendar idea and decided to re-create it with Photoshop. I didn't really plan on doing it before so I realize that some of February is missing their pictures. I'll try harder from here on out though! It is a little time consuming but it'll be worth it when I can create a book at the end of the year with these. To get you up to date I'm going to post January's photo a day too.

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