Friday, March 28, 2014

Cruisin & Slamming Milkshakes Like A Rockstar

That's it, that's all I said when I posted this on Facebook. I was hoping to get outrageous amounts of hilarious answers but instead, here's a little review of what I all got:

Rachel- Party Like A Rockstar by Shop Boyz
Alright, gotta hand it to her. She's kinda right. I do like to party hard, and I always act like a rock star and pop my shades on just to prove it... #hatersgonnahate

Sheri- 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton 
She knows me way to well. Like seriously, she's got it figured out. She also said Hard Candy Christmas and she gets bonus points for it just because she knows I can listen to that song in July and totally love it the entire time. And she knows how I felt at my previous job, it felt like I worked my rear off and got nothing in return. Touche!

Joey- Milkshake by Kelis 
Milkshake by Kelis on Grooveshark
Ok, this one caught me completely off guard. Like legit, I'm not sure how my milkshakes bring the boys to the yard and I really don't even drink milkshakes that often but I love JoJo for picking it out! That and it's ironic I always answer "I'm lactose intolerant" to almost any/every question asked and I can keep a straight face while telling the fast food lady I don't want to super size my meal because I'm lactose intolerant...

Tina- Cruise by Florida Georgia Line
Ya, she's 100% correct. And in turn, I can say that this song always reminds me of her. I can remember us "cruising" in Houston while little miss H was in the back seat singing it with us. Every time I hear this song I giggle and think of how much I miss the Zoubek's. My ringtone is set so when she calls this song is playing.

So what can we conclude from these song selections that my friends picked?

We can conclude that my friends think I drink a lot of milkshakes, I like to party hard core, I really hate my nine to five job (or used to) and that I'm a cruiser down the back roads.... Yup, they're pretty close! ;)

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1 comment:

  1. haha, that's fun!
    I have no idea what song would best describe me.

    I would like to think Roar, by Katie Perry! ;)


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