Thursday, March 20, 2014

StrideBox Reivew

I've been subscribed to StrideBox for several months now and I love them. All my friends are subscribed to those cute little make-up box subscriptions and I'm over here getting cool shoe laces, muscle gels and energy shots. For me they're fun, and I'm obviously in love with running and since that's what StrideBox is all about it's a perfect fit for me.

This month's box was cute because it was of course St. Patty's Day themed. Now, most of you long-time readers know that I'm 100% pure-blood (Harry Potter fans get that one?) Czech and darn proud of it. I don't go over board on the green holiday but I do like to see all the cute decorations and friends who celebrate.

I'm always surprised with how many products are included in the box. Some months are less than others but you get bigger sizes, or more non-consumable products. This months was no let-down with as many goodies as they had you'd think I could survive off of just my box for a few days ;)

1. Skin Strong slather anti chafing cream. Subtle cooling formula protects against chafing and hot spots. Can be used before to prevent chafing or to moisturize after your run. Well, this is another one that will go into my gym bag because I never have needed chafing cream. Call me lucky or weird but I've never ran to the point of peeling off my own skin. I guess it's just a talent I have! These are listed as costing $12.99 for a 6 oz tube.

2. GU Energy Brew in lemon lime. It says that it features a 2:1 ratio of complex to simple carbohydrates, and a mildly sweet flavor that will keep you going through most runs. I was thrilled to test this out because the GU brand is big but also because I like drink mixes. They can't really taste terrible unless they're way sour but if that's the case I'll just add some sugar if needed ;) This one didn't need sugar, it tasted similar to Gatorade actually so I didn't mind. Normally I just grab a Gatorade (blue flavor if you really care) and call it good so it's nice to try different things once in awhile. Highly suggest you order some of these pups for yourself though. These are listed as costing $32 for 16 packets.

3. Fluid Recovery Drink Mix in Chocolate Wave. It's made from 100% natural ingredients, it claims it's great tasting and contains complex carbohydrates to restore muscle energy levels. Ok, weird again... I've already todl you chocolate stuff isn't my love, especially when it's for a fitness type product. It's all nasty and chalky tasting so I was nervous about this stuff! Like seriously, who makes chocolate recovery stuff?! It was ok. Just ok. These are listed as costing $2.49 a packet.

4. Hylands Bioplasma Sport with Electrolytes. This stuff was weird! It's developed to dissolve instantly on your tongue, or in water whichever you choose. It says to use it to maintain a healthy and proper cell mineral balance. My interpretation is that it replaces stuff you loose while running. I quite honestly can't give you a review on it because I haven't used it yet. I figured come closer to a long distance run I'll actually use it. Until then, it'll sit in my gym bag full of other products I'm too scared to try. These are listed as costing $13.39 for 12 packets.

5. Honey Stinger Protein Bar in dark chocolate cherry almond. This sucker I was the most worried about I think. Mostly because I'm NOT a major cherry lover. I mean, artificial cherry to me tastes really gross so I was worried. Turns out, it wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be. I think the dark chocolate covered the yucky taste of the cherry but I could for sure still taste it. Just a little more subtle. These are listed as costing $34.35 for 15 bars.

6. GU Energy Gel in salted caramel. I have never loved a GU I've tasted yet, but I've always been stuck with mocha, chocolate or vanilla ones. I was really wanting to love this flavor just because I've heard so many amazing things about GU products but yet again was disappointed. I looked online at their "store" and found some good flavors, why can't they mail me ones like strawberry banana or lemon sublime or even triberry?! Why for the love of running (because I really do love running) can't I get something better tasting?! These are listed as costing $34.80 for 24 packets.

7. Lenny & Larry's Fit Protein Brownie in Peanut Butter Crunch. Um, hello chocolate and peanut butter, we're besties and I could not wait to devour you!! I was loving this and secretly wished they'd sent two or three of them because they were so good. Most fitness/protein bars taste disgusting but this one really tasted tolerable. The fact that it's 190 calories scared me a little but what's a couple extra calories when I'm out running? I earned those calories is the way I look at it!! These are listed as costing $23.88 for 12 brownies.

8. Stash Sport Lace Locker. These were nifty. Just nifty. I really don't think I'd ever use them mostly because I feel like a dork with them but the concept it just awesome and it's a neat little gadget for the nerd in me. They're simple to use and I'll more than likely add them to my older shoes to test out for a few runs. The only thing I disliked is that you have to take off your entire shoe to add them. Other than that, great idea and great for runners that can't tie good double knots! These are listed as costing $7.95 a pair.

For $15 a month the nasty things I get stuck with don't outweigh the amount of products I discover and love. I do have a few that don't get used but it's nice to see new products that I'd never purchase for myself and I love the fact that it's always something new and different. I really love this box and will continue to love it as I'm planning on staying subscribed forever :)


Oh, and I've decided I'm going on a vacation. I have a lot of guilt/anger built up about this decision but I've made it and I need to be happy about it. Tonight I leave at 3am to fly to Virginia. I'm going with my sister and her boyfriend. We're doing some touristy stuff and just hanging out until next Saturday. It'll be fun! But I think what I'm more excited about is I'm going to have the chance to meet a blog friend in real life and prove that +Rachel S. from Rachel's Country Roots is real and I can prove to my friends that my blog friends aren't stars of the reality show Cat Fish. This might be an amazing trip and even though I'm sad about the drama going on around the event I know the minute I see her it'll all be worth it :)

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