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Vacation Recap ((7 states in 6 days))

Well I'm home and ready to give you guys a quick summary of how amazing my trip was! Like my title says, we hit up SEVEN states in just SIX days. Oh it was so fun, we spent the entire time laughing and finding so many important things to talk about!

Alright so first off I'm going to give you a quick Instagram re-cap of what I was updating everyone with and then I'll break it down and give you some amazing camera quality pictures to really feast your eyes on!

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1. Deuces 22 county, this girls off on vacation for awhile. I'm so glad I'll miss this round of snow and will be soakin in the warm weather in Texas soon! And on topic of leaving, this time I'm proud to pack everything into these THREE bags, yes, THREE is all I packed! This has got to be a record for me!! #VacationTime#TexasBound #RoadTrip #SeeYaNE

2. Ok Kansas, this is real funny... come on Texas, I'm over this snow crap and ready to slip on my sandals!#JokesOnMe #SnowSucks

3. Pretty pumped about going 650 feet underground! Salt mines can be fun right? No need to worry about getting trapped or anything... gulp, wish me luck!#saltmine #goindown

4. I survived the salt mine!!! Notice the sexy air respirator in case of emergency? Yup, I rocked it with class! Vacationing is so much fun :) #kusm #Kansas#SaltMine

5. Gonna be a #tourist gotta act the part! Yup, including the redic glasses!! #RoadTrip #TrippinTime #Kansas #Nebraska #Oklahoma #Texas

6. Look at this cute lil 50's style diner we found just off exit 72! I'm kind of excited, if only Lucille Ball would walk in ;) #50sgal #ilovelucy

7. Shades and flip flops on, I think Texas is slowly taking a piece of my heart everyday, I really do love it here! West Texas area and the Czech culture will be reminding me of home in 14 short miles!

8. It was SO CUTE!! We grabbed a dozen kolache and toured the small shops. I love finding anything that has to do with my heritage and this small town of West is amazing! A taste of home over 600 miles away, that's just awesome! #CzechItOut #WestTexas

9. We've arrived at our destination and I received big hugs from the kiddos! Eeek! So excited to spend the next couple days with them playing!!

10. Did a little running while down here in Texas, 70 degree weather is perfect for shorts and a tank! The others took the bikes out while I jogged. Notice my route, I think we hit up every street in the neighborhood!! I LOVE it out here, I'm really content not coming home for awhile...

11. Alright fine I'll admit the real reason I was so excited to come to Texas... To soak in the jetted tub at Tina's and hang out with these quackers! If you know about me and my Texas trips you'd remember I'm obsessed with this giant tub when its filled to the brim with hot water, bubbles and the jets rolling. Ahh, perfect time to relax, catch up on Pinterest, read a few blogs and dig into a book. You can find me here in a few hours with wrinkled toes and a dead phone. #IsThisRealLife #NotCominHome

12. Check out the weather difference between Nebraska and Texas. Ahh, love it here :)

13. Ending the awesome day in Texas by going to Chuck E Cheeses!! I loved my whole time here and I'm going to miss H and R (and T/D) but it was a complete honor to watch them be baptized and even more blessed to be their Godmother! Congrats you two littles, I cannot wait to share God's love with you guys and help you walk a faithful journey. Next stop, Louisiana, Arkansas and Missouri before heading home!

14. And then there was this one time when we decided to go through downtown Houston, just for the fun of it! We wanted to see the coast for a lil bit so we thought we'd embrace the traffic! #TexasTrippin

15. OMG! I was legit giddy with excitement when I saw my first live gator in its habitat!! I may have acted like a small child when I insisted we turn around so I could get a picture, totally worth it though! I love back road trips, this is the main reason we choose to do it this way :)

16. Louisiana has true cajun food folks! We decided to try out some shrimp, jambalaya and hush puppies along with onion rings. YUM!!

17. Wow, these plantation houses are straight up GORGEOUS!! I'm amazed at how big they are, and all the tiny out buildings on the plantations are pretty cute as well. History is worth the drive, seeing all of this in person has really been something I'll never forget!

18. Whataburger is totally a "just because" supper. We don't have it so we may as well indulge in junky food from different "cultures" right?! Whata-ever we'll enjoy the fast food ;)

19. Real funny Nebraska, I get home to this weather?! I left and assumed you knew you were in trouble and would fix the problem before I got back... Ahh, home sweet home. #thereisnoplacelikenebraska #welcomehome

So that pretty much sums it all up! I know fun right?! I LOVED the entire trip, not a moment was I upset about being away from Nebraska's cold weather. I really can't pick an exact moment that stood out more than spotting my alligator friend. Seriously, that hands down was the best part for me. I was so incredibly proud I found him!!
You've probably already figured out what states we all hit up but I thought I'd do a highlight of what we enjoyed the most from each state:

Nebraska- Everything obviously! I live here, so I can't give you my "happy moment" from the trip. But, I was really thrilled on the way home to see the sign welcoming me back to The Good Life state! After being in a car for 13+ hours you kind of get to a point where you're ready to just be home already.

Kansas- The Salt Mine was awesome!! I think that was so far my favorite part of Kansas. I didn't love the weather but I did love all the straight non-bumpy roads they have to offer. Kansas is always a drive-through state. We never really find a lot to do there and I don't know of a ton of "fun" things to do but the drive from the north border to the southern side into Oklahoma always seems to fly. I'm usually surprised to see we've made it through the state so quickly but if anyone has any good suggestions on must-see stops I'd love to hear them! I feel like it's a fun state that would be great to explore I just can't find anything for us to ever do!!

Kansas Salt Mine

Oklahoma- Um, well, we didn't stop on this trip but I mentioned before that we went to the Oklahoma Bombing Memorial site and it was breath taking. Such a sobering feeling to see what happened there. Totally worth stopping at. Another reason I love Oklahoma is because it's slowly getting into cowboy country. We had intentions of stopping at the Cowboy Museum but the Salt Mine tied us up a little later than we planned so our next trip that's our first stop!

Texas- I love everything about Texas. Yes, ever. single. thing. But I'm forced to choose one highlight from the trip so I'd have to choose spending time with my Texas crew! I love them, I love everything about their minions and I miss them every time we pull out of their driveway to come home. Tina has become an extremely close friend of mine and she often knows more about me than many people. The main reason we took the trip is because her kiddos, H and R, were being baptized and I was asked to be their sponsor. Heck to the double yes I'd love to be their sponsor and show them God's love! Another fun highlight of the trip in Texas was stopping at West, TX for a little touristy moment. We tried out their Czech food, walked around their tiny shops and even bought some kolache to taste. It was nice to feel like we were in my hometown of Wilber yet we weren't even in the same state! So many kind people in that town, deff worth the stop!!

West, Texas Czech-American Restaurant

Louisiana- Seeing my very first gator!! I was thrilled to find him on the side of the road and although it was a busy highway I forced Travie to turn around and pull over for me. Best memory from the trip hands down I'm pretty sure! I'm not sure why I was so in love with wanting to see an alligator, maybe because we watch Swamp People all the time, maybe because I laugh at Shelby Stanga when I see him on Ax Man but it was so intriguing and it's something I've never experienced before! The entire swampy area, the cajun food, the southern way of life, I loved it all and I'm honestly longing to go spend a week there just driving around and learning more about their history! Oh, and the plantation's. We cannot forget those! That might have been my second favorite part of the trip. But sadly, they were all closed as we cruised by them. I was a little disappointed but that just gives me an excuse to go back down there during business hours and spend a little more time in the area I long to learn more about ;)

Oakland Plantation in Louisana

Arkansas- Um, the random "hillbilly" houses I guess? I was really surprised to see that a lot of the people living on the side roads actually just threw their trash in their yard instead of into a garbage can. I understand that cardboard eventually breaks down but I guess I'm just used to throwing it away and burning our trash. We're all raised differently and I know certain areas of Nebraska don't really care about what their yard looks like either but it just amazed me! That or the thousands of acres of logging we saw. I was very surprised with how many trucks were loaded with logs heading to lumber yards to be cut. I really never realized how full of trees AR was until we really stopped to look. 

Ozark Mountains in Arkansas

Missouri- Uh? It was dark most of the trip, so I really can't pick out a favorite spot... Plus, I've been to Missouri so many times I really have to say Kansas City is my favorite. The busy streets, the insane amount of diversity. Just interesting to a small town gal like me ;) 

After writing up this review and looking through our pictures it has be starving to leave the flat state of Nebraska and live out of a bag for a few weeks again! Which of my blog buds is ready to let me live with them for a day or two? I'd love to come visit you guys and see more of the US! I promise I don't snore, and I even clean up after myself ;)

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