Monday, March 3, 2014

Weekend In Review

The weekend was amazing!! Lately I've been in a terrible funk so I really needed a weekend of relaxation and fun with friends to help boost my spirits. Friends always have a way of boosting my mood, I really think it's because I put on my "happy face" and forget about all the stress going on in my life. 

Alright so I'll go ahead and give you my captions via Instagram but then let me explain them a little further. I know you guys are staring at those pictures and wondering what the crap Kels!

1. Lil behind the scenes fun at someone's boudoir shoot ;) I cannot believe she can wear these heels, they're sooo tall! <---So I was giving Tonja crap about how they couldn't be that hard to walk in until I tried them on, ya, they're a little harder than I expected but they were SO CUTE! 

2. Enjoyin a drink with some awesome friends. Amanda and Tonja you two are the <---Not really needing an explanation, but I do love my photog friends and these two have really become my besties over the past few years. I'd DIE without them (yes, I can get a little dramatic once in awhile, deal with it)

3. Amanda does some amazing work, check out this awesome flattering shot she took of me! Tonja you should have taken my advice and used this angle for a great shot! <---I kept telling Tonja I wanted to send her husband a sneak peak of the pictures, and this is what I sent him! He loved it, it's so classy and stuff...

4. And suddenly Amanda isn't the only one with an injury today... Yes, while walking down my carpeted stairs I managed to jab a nail sticking out a good 1/4 inch and it went straight info my foot! <---This is what happens when you ask Travis to do something around the house, it just doesn't get done so instead you end up with a nail going through your foot. It was painful, I still can't walk on my foot. I've considered amputating my leg in order to save my running career...

5. I get an additional 10 points for presentation right? Bacon and pancakes are served! <---YES! We made pancakes with bacon for breakfast and I do not regret one single calorie of it. So yummy!!

Alright so that was my weekend in a nutshell, we did have like -10 degree weather so we've all been complaining around here lately. Layers and layers of clothes are a must! What did you do this weekend? Anything exciting? Did you get any injuries like me!?

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  1. haha. Sounds like you had fun!! I made pancakes this weekend....oh and this morning...I'm a lard ass.

  2. What a fun weekend! Thanks for linking up girl!

  3. Those shoes are really cute, though I can't do heels that are too high because I'm already super tall!

  4. haha I made a setup like that this morning (the pancakes) for National Pancake Day! Any excuse I have for pancakes, we'll have a stack!! Looks like you had a great weekend!!


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