Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekend Review ((Giveaway Too!))

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And now for the part where you find out what I did this weekend.

Anymore I think my weekends blur in with the weekdays, but this weekend was filled with farm sales, family and friends time, polka playing, and grilling. All packed into less than seventy-two hours!? I'm not even sure it was possible but we did it!

The first two pictures are from Friday's fun festivities of picking up all of our electric fence. It's time for the cows to come off the stalks and prepping the ground for the upcoming planting season. I kept making up awesome jokes, one included: "My comedic moment while picking up fence: Look a drunk post! As in drunk post on fbook except in real life and on the farm.. ya ok, it was funny to me" Are you still giving me that dumb look? Fine! You just don't get it!! The other one said: "Wait! Wait! It gets better! What's this quacker doin out here?! Seriously, when did I get so funny?!" Ya, I'm probably going to start selling tickets because I'm a hoot and what-not.

The second row of pictures is of accordions and my favorite accordion player! My daddy!! He is my inspiration and as I've grown older I've really come to admire his talent and musical abilities. I still cannot believe he's taught himself how to play pretty much any instrument imaginable. We were having a little accordion jamboree this weekend when a few friends came down to visit. So. Much. Fun.

And the bottom row of pictures is of Sunday Funday. We went on a quick walk after I poked boy for awhile then we grilled out! Bacon cheeseburgers with bacon wrapped jalepenos filled with cream cheese. It was yummy! I don't even regret a single calorie! 

This week I'm back to focusing on healthy eating, attempting to bring in a few bucks and really trying to find my inner happiness that has seemed to disappear lately. I hope everyone is having a great Monday, wearing green and trying to avoid those dang leprechauns! They're freakin everywhere ;)


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  1. Those jalapeno poppers look amazing! When something is that good calories don't count, right?! haha. That's awesome you're going to be running your first full marathon! That's definitely on my bucket list!


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