Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekend Review

I had a great weekend!! I'm not even kidding as sad as I really am on the inside, I'm beginning to see tiny details of "happiness" in my life again. I may not have planned on being "retired" for the past 3.5 months but I guess being retired means I have time to really focus on myself and learn about what makes me "me." 
This past weekend was spent with family and friends and I don't regret a second of it. I know I quite often say I spend time with family or friends but this weekend was proof of why I choose to surround myself with them.
So a quick little trip to explain my busy weekend:
Thursday started off by spending the day with my fav photog buddy Amanda. We went out for lunch and then did a mini roadtrip around our area to spot out some new photography scenes for upcoming shoots. She has an eye for amazing sites and I have the knowledge of whose ground is what. It just works for us.

Then it was time to show quick and head up to Lincoln to get ready with my sister for the MILEY CYRUS CONCERT!! #dontjudge but it was amazing and totally worth freezing my butt off to look super cute. I of course woke Travie up to take a picture of me when I got home around 1ish. It was so much fun to spend the evening with my sister, getting dolled up and acting like a teen again. I really do miss spending time with her, we've really grown closer over the years! I can't really pinpoint an exact fav moment in the concert, but seeing her slide down her GIANT TONGUE was pretty nifty. Oh, yes, now I remember. My all time FAVORITE part was when she sang Jolene by Dolly Parton!! If you didn't already know this, Dolly is Miley's Godmother so I was thrilled to hear her sing one of Dolly's songs :)

Friday evening was the Czech Kick-Off. I look forward to it every year and each year brings new memories and funny moments. This year we had a guy running for a political party show up, oh my funny times! We were laughing so hard we were crying when we embarrassed him cause he belt buckle popped off! Super nice guy and great to see a Republican running but just too funny.

Saturday was an evening of I Love Lucy with the boy. I printed off the info sheet from the Lied Center and then added a little note in pink pen that read "I wouldn't even be sad if you took me to this" and taped it in the entryway. After I showed it to him (because he of course didn't see it) he laughed and didn't say much more. Later in the week he asked if I still wanted to go. I was so excited to see Lucy that the day couldn't come soon enough!! We had a "romantic" supper of Arby's and then quickly walked over to find our seats. The show was AMAZING folks! Like I loved every second of it, I really wasn't in love with the actors because they weren't exact but once I got over that it was fun. Afterwards we stopped to grab some ice cream and visited my sister. Then, while on the way home Trav asked if we could stop and get more ice cream in Crete. I guess he loves his dairy products?! What a wonderful evening spending time together, I think that's our first "date" we've ever really been on too?!

Sunday was filled with helping at photoshoots and working on setting up a landlords sale. I also finished those two photoshoots to come home to the cattle pushing the bale feeder way out of the way and stretching the fence. A farmers work is never done and since Travie wasn't around I had to fix it myself. I'm not quite strong enough to stretch the fence all the way back so I just waited and fixed what I could until Trav came home to help finish it up. While waiting for the boy I had a little time to kick back and relax in my hammock! Ahh, I loved it and cannot wait to spend the summer in there :)

My weekend was just perfect, busy but action packed with my family and friends. I don't mind relaxing a little but time spent with buddies is always worth it :)

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  1. Retired? You're retired or are you joking? I couldn't which it was. But, glad you had a great time. And I didn't know Dolly was Miley's godmother. and omg I just about called her Hannah. LOL


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