Monday, April 7, 2014

30 Miles In 30 Days - March

Yay for spring and warm weather! It's finally time for me to lace up my running shoes and get outside in capris and shorts to get some quality running in again! You guys have no clue how excited I am to get back in shape and run from Old Man Winter! :)
Here's a little motivation for you guys for the month, something I pulled from Pinterest that I LOVE!



I'm again embarrassed to admit I didn't have a race this month. But, My Running Goals for 2014 shows that I need at least one race a month to hit my goal of 12 5k's a year. Oh well, I guess I'll be running 3+ races within the next few months to make up for it! Since the weather is getting nicer I've decided there is not another excuse I can come up with. It's go time and I really have got to stop whining about how cold it is!!


Well, I didn't hit the full thirty but I at least ran more than last month! That's worth at least twenty points for making progress in my books...

I giggle each time I look at the monthly totals, I mean really, it's probably not hard to count up my mileage, you can surely use your fingers to do so. I really cannot wait until you guys have to pull your calculators out to actually total my mileage again! But, this past month I had 3.97 miles.

And this time I was on yet another week long vacation so that kind of took its toll on the mileage but hey, last month was 3.46 and this month was 3.97, I've increased the amount of miles by .51 miles! A half a mile can make a big difference right? Just ask the pro's who run hundreds of miles a month!!

That's it, those are my stats. Kind of lacking but I'm moving. I vow spring I'll kick it into gear and really log more. But then again, I say that about every month. #dontjudge


1. Deff was a struggle run but as much anger and sadness as I've been bottling up lately it was needed. The wind made the fifty degree weather feel a lot colder but it was worth it. Sometimes the housework, blogging, editing and supper can wait a half hour or so... #runnerwannabe #runspiration

2. When people ask why I workout all the time my reasons aren't to be skinny, for fun or because I'm bored but because I consider it preventative maintenance. I workout because I realize that Americans are overweight and instead of allowing myself to become a "statistic" I choose to step up and put my time in now for a better tomorrow. Don't wait for the problem to exhist and then work twice as hard to fix it, step up and take care of yourself now. Be your OWN motivation!!


Something I've recently added to my list! Being part of Scentsy isn't just about selling great products but it's part of being in the Scentsy Family. As with all families you want to encourage each other to live a healthy lifestyle, Scentsy's no different! They've asked the consultants to log 100 miles, I'm excited for this challenge and I cannot wait to add more little stickers and fill up my sheet. I started this project in February and will continue to add to it whenever I get a chance and log more miles. I like the visual affect you get from it so I hope you enjoy watching me add stickers to it! And yes, I feel like it's a potty chart and I really don't even care...


Lookie! Something new I'm adding to my monthly recap posts!! I'm wanting to add a little extra motivation to help you guys get some use out of a workout calendar so I thought this would be the perfect addition to my posts.
Pretty fun little mix up of every type of work-out too! I hate the calendars strictly dedicated to just abs or arms. This one is extremely diverse and gives you plenty of options of things to really focus on to make yourself fit overall!

Now it's your turn to link-up and tell me how you did. 
Did you completely SUCK like me? 
Hey, at least I hit more miles though right? 
Progress is progress in my books!! 

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