Monday, April 14, 2014

30DoB (Day 14)

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Today's prompt was something I was looking forward too! Mostly because there's a 90% chance I can be annoyed at least three times a day if I'm around certain people.

A few things that annoy the living crap out of me, aka, pet peeves:

#1. When people chew with their mouth open. OMG this is so disgusting and I seriously want to stab their eyes out with my knife every time I'm around them. Travie has a knack for this and I quite frequently threaten to kill him for it. I just cannot stand people that choose to enjoy this habit. Manners losers, work on them!

#2. Being late to an appointment or going somewhere. Just plan ahead and get there on time! How hard is it? Seriously, I'm a female and I have time to primp and still be there on time there's just no excuse.

#3. Writing out a super long text only to get a one word reply. Or, just no reply at all. That crap annoys the heck out of me! Seriously, especially with fbook, I can see you checked the message and I know you're purposefully not responding. Just freakin respond!!

#4. Friends who aren't really friends. Yes I've dealt with this quite a lot lately and it's a major pet peeve of mine. They act all friendly until you're in a crunch, or down and depressed then they somehow all disappear. I've noticed that a lot of my "friends" kind of deserted me after I went through my deep spell of crazy crap that went on. It upset me but I assumed it was part of life and losing them quickly was better, it's like the band aid you just need to rip off. Get it over with. 

#5. When I wave at you and you don't wave back. I'm from a small town, we wave at everyone and typically everyone waves back. If I wave, you better have your hand up making an attempt to wave back. It's common courtesy and I'll call you an out of towner if you don't! Just do it, kindness doesn't cost you a thing.

Want a list of other things I hate? (Of course you do right?)

-Leaving the headlights on bright when you pull in at night. When I get into my vehicle I hate that my headlights were left on bright. Just flip them over!
-Getting caught in a lie so you just make the story bigger. Stop lying, admit you skrewed up, and we'll be friends again. 
-People that take their pets everywhere with them. Um, seriously? Your dog does not need to come with you to go to a Christmas party! The thing survives all day without you while you're at work, it'll be fine for a few hours...
-Social media posts that have misspelled words. #fixit
-People that complain constantly about how dogs are terrible, or post news stories non-stop about child abuse and how they deserve to have their kids taken away. We get it, there's shitty people in this world, stop reminding us!
-When someone asks me to come somewhere to hang out, but bring your camera! ...I'm a photographer, I don't do it for fun, I do it to make a profit and afford to put food on the table. Be courteous and invite me, sans camera!
-If I post a special for whatever I'm attempting to sell and they ask if they can get a cheaper price. Nope, sorry, that's the lowest I can go and there's a reason it's called a special.
-Leaving the shower door open... OR the side with the towel rack isn't on the right. Ok, this list is starting to get OCD and I apologize, but these are still some of my pet peeves.
-Runners that don't wave at you if you're running by them. How rude!
-Bloggers that follow you and leave a comment saying "would love for you to come follow me" ...If you're asking there's a chance I won't do it. Mostly because you're probably just searching for numbers and you won't even be a real friend anyways.





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  1. hahahaha! I think I do not need to post my pet peeves anymore in my blog. I'll just copy and paste yours! Seriously, it irks me when someone is eating with his/her mouth open in front of me. I may sound rude but when I see some people doing this I feel like throwing up.

  2. Yes to the friends who arent friends. I hate that. And just wish they would be upfront before i invest in them. Then i have wasted my time on someone who was never willing to give into that bond at all. :) i get it! i did the SAME thing, hit a rough patch and lost some i expected in hind sight and some i never imagined. :) The towel bar... love! Let the OCD SHINE!

  3. I love your list. They fit right in with me!

  4. I'm late. Jeff hates it. I hate it. It happens. I was late before kids. But now, I can be super late. Like 30+ minutes late. It's bad. It needs corrected. But it's hard. Change is hard.


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