Friday, April 18, 2014

30DoB (Day 18)

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Wow this is a tough one for me.

I'd have to say some of my biggest insecurities involve my perception of what others think of me. 

I am insecure about saying the wrong thing and offending someone. This, I feel, is my biggest insecurity. I feel this way because I'm insecure mostly about my personality. Most people would agree that I'm a totally bubbly, always positive, crazy fast talking, out going person. Most people would also agree that I have a very well put-together attitude and I'm always pushing my own limits to strive to be better and achieve bigger dreams. 

But those same people really don't realize that I'm just a good actor and actually the "real me" is insecure and wants to just make everyone happy. #RealLifeIssues

I am insecure about never being good enough. I'm not good enough for a $XXk salary, I suck at team sports and will never be the MVP, I cannot (for the life of me) play music like my amazingly talented dad... These insecurities may sound tiny but they're things that do roll around in my brain. Now I realize that I'm not going to excel in everything I do but I strive to be the best version of me that I can be. So these thoughts to cross my mind once in awhile. 

I know there are others who are super talented in one area but then lack in another. I consider myself well rounded and actually enjoy knowing a little bit of everything, I feel I can educate myself on many subjects and then have a wider range of friends because of it than focus on one thing and only have a few friends who are obsessed with that one subject. Maybe it relates to the people pleaser part of me?! Who knows at this point!!

I am insecure about my future. I want to excel and be a role model for young ladies who don't think they can conquer the world on their own. I want to show the people who doubted me that you can become your own boss and own a company. I think this goes right along with never being good enough. I just worry way too much for my own good!!

I am insecure about my looks. Alright, you're rolling your eyes at this point right? Well, you're more than welcome to but hear me out!! I weigh 107 pounds right now. No reason to be worried about weight what-so-ever. Buuut, I'm more worried about my fitness than anything. That 107 pounds isn't toned/defined muscle. That's the problem I have with it. I don't want to lose weight, I want to gain muscle. Another issue with my "looks" is that I feel I'm not with the in crowd when it comes to fashion. I see my blog buddies all doing these style reviews and I drool at how simple the looks they put together are and get so frustrated that I cannot, for the life of me, pull these things off!  

Looking at my list above I've come to realize that my life is not perfect. I will always have a sense of insecurity and that's ok. It's ok to be scared of the unknown. But it's never ok to quit or give up on life because you're too scared to try.
There's just a mini-list of my insecurities. I'm really loving these prompts because they're opening me up and making me talk about things I would have never posted about on my blog beforehand. I was just talking to a friend (hi Sam!) the other day about how these prompts have made me realize that blogging can and is fun. It doesn't have to be a perfect post on a recipe, or a product review. Your posts are about you! Post what you want and own this piece of blog land :)





So there's my short list, but keep in mind my list is drawing near 1,000 already and I'm super excited! 

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Keep an eye out, I'm going to create a list for the entire month so you can really get ahead of the game and post them all at once if you really want. Bonus points to the person that does too!!

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  1. Awesome mini list. I love lists. I think so far we all have said our bodies. I think this is huge for girls. I agree about saying the wrong thing and offending someone. I tend to not think before I blabber. Thank you for posting and I am so happy for this challenge.


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