Tuesday, April 22, 2014

30DoB (Day 22)

Welcome everyone! To those who are new jump on in! No need to back track and catch up on what you've missed (unless of course you want to, then by all means please do). Grab the button and blog about today's question. We love including newbies and are excited to see what you have to say each day!


These questions are fun! But I'm learning it's so hard to pick favorites in the blog world!

Most of the girls I'm mentioning today are actually girls I consider close friends. Most I've found while hopping around but others have reached out and contacted me but in the end, what really matters is the relationships that have formed with all of these lovely ladies. Each one brings something new to our friendship and all of them I enjoy keeping up on their blogs.

What I love the most about blogland is the fact that all of these ladies walk different paths in life, but they all find a way to connect to each other. They all have a few things in common that they can connect on and find inspiring about each other to blog about. I love learning new ways to do things in life and I especially love finding people who are encouraging and uplifting in times of struggle. All of these girls have been there for me in a time when I needed someone. I can never repay them for that but I can give them a shout out and say thank you for everything! You rock :)

I'd have to say hands down my to BBFF (Blog Best Friends Forever) are Rachel from Life As Rachel and Chelsee from Southern Beauty Guide. I've gotten extremely close to these two ladies and I love them dearly. I enjoy our conversations and I love the fact that they're miles away yet know more about me than most of my friends from around here.

And topping my fav bloggers (in no particular order) are also these ladies:

Heather from Every Girl Like Me
Ashli over at Baby On The Brehm
Sandy from First Comes Love
Kenzie from Chasing Happy
Sara from Sara Magdelena
Karli over at September Farm

PS- Sorry to those who I didn't attach buttons, either you didn't have one of I couldn't find it :(

Every Girl Like Me Chasing Happy Sara Magdalena Baby on the Brehm

Ha! Look at me, I limited my list to TEN people. That's an accomplishment I'm pretty sure! So, any lady loves in your life? Let's face it, all our blog friends could totally be fake creepy old men, but that's half the fun of reading each others blogs ;)





And I hate having to pick lists like this by the way! There's too many awesome ladies that weren't included but I made myself a promise to keep the numbers down! Who are your besties?
1. Follow your hosts Keeping Up With Kelsey & Every Girl Like Me
2. Follow your weekly co-hosts Hello Felecia
(PS- We still have a few spots available for NEXT WEEK for co-hosts)
3. Post the button onto your blog post so others can come link up as well
4. Link up your post below and look around at others blogs!
5. If you use Instagram of Twitter, tag us! #30DoB


If you need a refresher here is this month's link-up posts: 

1. Tuesday- Your Goals For The Month
2. Wednesday- Your Biggest Fear
3. Thursday- What Makes You... You!!
4. Friday- These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things, About Spring
5. Saturday- Share Your Favorite Workout Routines (And Why You Love Them)
6. Sunday- Your Favorite Sunday Routine Or Thing To Do On Sundays
7. Monday- What Do People Not Understand About You?
8. Tuesday- Your Favorite Photograph And Why
9. Wednesday- April Is Poetry Month, Share Your Favorite Poem
10. Thursday- Where Do You See Yourself In 10 Years? (Include Photos As A Challenge)
11. Friday- Did You Ever See Yourself Doing What You Do Today?
12. Saturday- Favorite Style of Blogging (Pictures, Quotes, Tutorials, Recipes)
13. Sunday- Share A Recipe, Book, or Product That You've Recently Tried
14. Monday- Biggest Pet Peeve
15. Tuesday- Share Your Date Night!
16. Wednesday- What Did You Give Up
17. Thursday- Thankful Thursday
18. Friday- Biggest Insecurities
19. Saturday- Favorite Quote
20. Sunday- HAPPY EASTER! Your Easter Traditions
21. Monday- 21 Facts About You
22. Tuesday- Who Are Your Blog Besties?
23. Wednesday- Wordless Wednesday
24. Thursday- Thirsty Thursday! What Are Your Favorite Drinks?
25. Friday- Songs You Love/Hate
26. Saturday- Greatest Life Lesson
27. Sunday- Spring Bucket List
28. Monday- FREEBIE! (Write Your Own Prompt!)
29. Tuesday- Favorite 30DoB Prompt
30. Wednesday- April 30DoB Goal Review + GIVEAWAY WINNER ANNOUNCED

Keep an eye out, I'm going to create a list for the entire month so you can really get ahead of the game and post them all at once if you really want. Bonus points to the person that does too!!

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  1. The funny thing is that I had a friend just say "yesterday" that any blogger could be a guy acting like a girl...it made me laugh when I read it.

  2. Love your face and you need to snap me more lady cakes!

  3. Buttons...what's that! Ha! Thanks blog buddy!

  4. I'll have to check out your faves; there are so many talented bloggers out there!

  5. I only know Karli, but need to check out your other faves for sure!


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