Thursday, April 24, 2014

30Dob (Day 24)

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We're winding down to the last few days of the month and I cannot believe how fast it's gone!

But, along with blogging for twenty-four days straight comes a little added stress. Luckily for me, I love a tasty drink to relax and socialize once in awhile!! 

So awhile back I participated in The Party Don't Stop Till I Walk In and I had some bomb arse photos of me and my partying lifestyle. And I also highlighted my horrible addiction to snapchatting while holding drinks on Thirsty Thursday post as well. Ya, it's worth the clicks on the posts I promise!

But, I just want to repost my picture because it's that awesome! 

So, today isn't about drinking in itself, today is about what your favorite drinks are...

Well, judging by the above picture I pretty much love beer and mixed drinks.

Ya, not a slim enough category I suppose. So instead, I'll break it down and tell you my favorites!

First off, Busch Light is a given. I googled it but I can't find an answer to what our favorite beer is but I'm willing to place a bet the Busch Light is the most sold beer. Mostly because we love it, and it's cheap. Also, while googling beer facts about Nebraska I discovered we're the FIFTH biggest binge drinkers in the United States... 

Seriously!? With over 61% of Nebraskans saying they've consumed alcohol over the past thirty days I'm not surprised, but I still say we can thank Husker Football for most of those binge drinking days!

Yes, I suppose we love our alcohol?!

Alright, back on track now... 

Next up, my favorite drink is the Fuzzy Navel. It's pure heaven mixed into a cute little plastic cup and served with ice. I drink these babies in the summer and winter both and I love them with my whole heart.
Here's the recipe:
1 shot Peachtree Schnapps
1/2 shot Vodka
Fill rest of the way with orange juice

Simple ingredients. Gets straight to the point and I looooove me some OJ!

My theory is that if I'm mixing orange juice with liquor I'm hydrating myself and dehydrating myself all at the same time so it has to work out in the morning. And, truth be told, I honestly don't get hangovers after a night of drinking these compared to a night of drinking beer. It's totally weird but I think my theory works!

So don't judge. I'm not a total alcoholic but I do enjoy a good drink with friends! ;)
PS- I may or may not be posting tomorrow early in the day, I'm going out with my gal pal Faith (aka someday sister in law) to a "Thunder Down Under" male performance act at the bar. Here's to having a great night and not being able to take pictures for you guys ;)





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  1. The Fuzzy Navel sounds amazing. I want to try it. I am working on recipes for my upcoming wedding's margarita bar! I need three flavors. I know we will have lime and then strawberry, but can't figure out the other. Do you have any ideas?

  2. Busch Light is your favorite beer, heck yes! I'm more partial to Michelob Ultra when it comes to cheap beer but Busch Light is my second choice if bars have decided to rack up the price on Ultra. Fuzzy Navels are Sooo good!

    Great choices!

  3. Love, love, love Fuzzy Navels!! It's the only thing peach I think I like! We should totally enjoy one together sometime! :)


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