Saturday, April 26, 2014

30DoB (Day 26)

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Jumping right into this one I'd say there are many life lessons I've learned in my short twenty-four years of life.

Never take credit for God's work. I'd say one of the most important things that I can credit for all the adventures and the positive attitude I've had in my life is due to God. I can distinctly remember the place, time of day and age I was when I decided that I trusted God with my whole heart and had intentions of allowing him to lead my life in the direction he choose. Now I understand that sometimes I fall or stumble, but the Lord is there to pick me up and remind me that by choose him my life will be ok. I thank him daily for the miracles he's worked and I am very open about following in my faith. 

Don't forget to stay grounded. I often get myself in over my head and things are going great then something happens and I realize I strayed too far and I didn't stay grounded enough. Lesson learned over and over again but always be grateful for the opportunities that come your way but never forget where you came from!!

Family comes first, always. There has never been a point in my life (thankfully) where I've been forced to choose between family and someone but in my opinion family will always be first. There has been things I've done they don't agree with but they've never once walked out on me or disowned me. I have an amazing family that is there with words of encouragement even through struggles when I can't rationalize what to do in the situation. Again, they keep me grounded and remind me of my faith and trust in the Lord. (See what I did there, more life lessons from above!)

Don't spend frivolously. Alright so ever since I was little I had a guilty concious of spending money. I guess I was born to save? Weird, but I'd feel guilty dropping $200+ on a prom dress, or going out to see movies with friends every week. If it weren't for me saving back my money over the past few years this 5+ months of  "retirement" would have been impossible for me to get by. Lesson being, don't spend on extra things unless you have some savings hidden and can pay for a spare time (or two) without having to pick up extra shifts at work.





What are some life lessons you've learned? Some the hard way, while others are just plain and simple!
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  1. I love this prompt. I also need to start following your spending life lesson. Last month I went shopping for clothes...oops.

  2. Excellent lessons! And I too loved this prompt. Made me think! :)

  3. Great post! I also need to start following the not spending frivolously lesson! I just have way too much of an itch for new clothes & makeup sometimes. :(


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