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30DoB (Day 28) -Freebie: Boston Marathon-

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Today's post was sitting in drafts for a few days but with today's post being a freebie it felt right to post this! I mean, today is exactly one week since the Boston Marathon and I think my feelings have sat around long enough I'm ready to talk about it all.
If you haven't heard or seen on the tweets/facebook/instagram posts yet I'll get you caught up to speed.
The Boston Marathon happened on this past Monday. A year ago there was a bombing that killed and injured runners and spectators. It was tragic and totally unexpected.
A fantastic runner named Meb from America WON the men's division. (Go USA!)
And a runner named Kara was robbed of her victory and hard work...
Did that catch your attention? Well it should have!
She was like any other participant that paid her dues, trained her heart out and was prepared to run her Boston Marathon with pride knowing that all of her hard work would be used on this course. All the dedication and hundreds of miles in training just to get to this point would pay off and she could proudly boast that she has completed the oldest marathon in the USA.
But then these butt-flocks decided to steal her number and try to run as well.

Looking at them annoys me. It really bothers me that anyone would have the audacity to do something like this and try to invade on someone else's glory. I consider this stealing, they stole her number just to earn a part in American history as running part of a race that was, just a year ago, a catastrophic disaster and affected millions in the running community.
I understand with over 36,000 runners it's often difficult to manage four stupid individuals but that doesn't make Kara feel any better about getting her number stolen. As a matter of fact, it makes the entire running community worry that possibly other numbers could have been stolen as well!
I am basing this off of my own personal assumptions but they all look like college kids, they all look about the same age and they all look they did it as a pact together. Assuming they chit chatted and decided as a "team" to all do the same thing and see if they could pull it off. 
Want to know the interesting part. You have to qualify for this race. Meaning you have to run a certified race course at a different marathon a year prior to even be able to register for the Boston Marathon. Want to know each age divisions times you're needing to beat in order to sign up? Check out these numbers below for the mens category:
  • 18 to 21: Qualifying Time of 3:05 (7:04/mile pace)
  • 22 to 34: Qualifying Time of 3:05 (7:04/mile)
  • 35 to 39: Qualifying Time of 3:10 (7:15/mile)
  • 40 to 44: Qualifying Time of 3:15 (7:27/mile)
  • 45 to 49: Qualifying Time of 3:25 (7:49/mile)
  • 50 to 54: Qualifying Time of 3:30 (8:01/mile)
  • 55 to 59: Qualifying Time of 3:40 (8:24/mile)
  • 60 to 64: Qualifying Time of 3:55 (8:58/mile)
  • 65 to 69: Qualifying Time of 4:10 (9:33/mile)
  • 70 to 74: Qualifying Time of 4:25 (10:07/mile)
  • 75 to 79: Qualifying Time of 4:40 (10:41/mile)
  • 80 and older: Qualifying Time of 4:55 (11:16/mile)
So with those standards set looking at their age division that they should be in I'm going to assume they'd need a 7:04/mile pace to qualify. More than likely they could easily do it or they wouldn't have faked signing up and ending up at the back of the pack. The question is why did they choose to cheat?
One of the runners that stole her bib number stepped forward and sent out a public message stating her reasoning. Her husband is the co-founder and CEO of the company FourSquare (which will now never receive my business) claims her and her husband wanted to run together and since she didn't qualify this year they decided to let her run in any way possible. Which, to them, must mean stealing is ok... NOT! Read more about it here.
Kara, and two other runners were faced with bib stealers. Kara had four, another guy had one and the lady mentioned above was also stealing someone's number. My question is, why or how will they go about fixing this for next year? How can they make it so you need a specific item or scanned in to actually run?  
Don't they feel as if they'll lose the concept of participating and being proud of the fact that they earned their right to run it?!

If I were to steal a number or cheat my way into a race I wouldn't feel as if I really earned my bib or medal. I wouldn't feel proud to show family and friends pictures of myself completing a race that I didn't earn. I don't know how these people were raised but I was raised with integrity and a guilty conscious! 


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  1. Wow...just WOW...that's gutsy...and potentially a really scary situation. I'm with you, I wouldn't feel as though I'd earned it. They tried to get her number switched and couldn't so they cut corners and made up their own rules. They knew what they were doing was wrong. Not cool! I almost wish I was a user of his app so I could quit it in protest!


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