Monday, April 7, 2014

30DoB (Day 7)

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Seriously, I realize that I kind of set myself up for judgement when I plaster myself all over social media but sometimes people jump to conclusions about me.

Like for example, most people who read my blog might think I'm a bit of a party animal. But how could you not when you see posts like OktoBEERfest and my crazy night before the Milligan Rooster Run. Or even about han(g)over and how much fun we always have. 

But I'm here to tell you that although I may party more than the next person I'm also a very responsible individual. I go out with friends to have fun and escape the dreaded stress that continues to hover over my life. At one point in my life I had a full time job, a part time job, I was taking classes in college, selling Scentsy and also working on trying to be in a relationship. It was tough, all that thrown together and you bet your bottom I was ready for a drink or two with friends!
Another thing that people don't understand about me is my fitness and my craving to go running. Most people roll their eyes at it but it's my way to spend time on myself. To really "run" away from everything going on in my life and enjoy the great outdoors. It's almost the only time that I can really prove to others I'm doing something for myself and the health benefits that go along with it make it even more exciting!

And lastly, (because I know ya'll really don't care and will judge away anyways). The other thing that really bothers me about others is the fact that people judge me based upon me "talking all the time." Yes, yes I do talk a lot and I have a blog that I often over-share my feelings on, but no, if you really sit down to get to know me I'm not that "loud" person you think I am. I hold deeper conversations and I'm quite knowledgeable on many subjects. I have TWO college degrees and I feel I am a very well rounded individual. I can sit and talk with the boys about mechanics (thanks to my dad) but I can also have tea with the ladies and discuss proper sewing techniques and how to add a new zipper to almost anything (thanks to my mom) but I'm not afraid to jump in with the teens and talk about crushes. I can do it all folks. Multi-talented individual. 

Oh, and this: I actually love talking about Christianity and the history involved in it! I once was talking with an aunt and she told me another aunt mentioned they were surprised I posted a Bible verse on fcreep. It really bothered me because she said they didn't think "I was the type to be very religious." Yup, that's a true story. And it took everything in me to not blow a gasket over that comment. Here's the reason I feel judged, people assuming I'm not Christian because I don't over post status' about loving God. Folks, I feel I dress fairly moderately and I'm actually the youth group leader of our district's churches, so yes, I do take my religion seriously and I pray to God every single night. I also wake up thanking him for 3+ things and pray for a better today than yesterday. So to answer that misunderstanding about myself, yes, I do believe in God with my whole heart!!!



Hopelessly Ever After


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  1. Great Post!! I think your a pretty special person just from what i've learned about you through your blog!! I hope people can quit judging you and see the amazingly talented person you are! I hope you have a great day and week!!!


  2. I get your feeling about people judging you for blogging. I get that same feeling. I love your blog and thank you for being so open. I feel I know you, but never met you in person.

  3. I talk allllll theeee timmmmee. People are always talking about me being a chatterbox. Truth is, it's just my way of showing you that I like you and I'm interested to tell you more about me. They should be taking it as a compliment. If I'm quiet around you its because you're getting on my nerves. haha. Not you "you" just in general. lol.


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