Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Farming On The Four's (4/14/14)

Yay for me posting regulary again and double yay for me posting my Farming On The Four's posts!! I vowed to finish this post up so it'd get posted on time, sorry it's a day late but hey, it's still close enough in my books!!
This is one reason I started my bloggy blog. Because I really wanted to keep tabs on our farming operation and how things will continuously change over the years.
This past Monday we finished up our final field of anhydrous fertilizer. We were actually done quite awhile ago but Trav lucked out and picked up some more ground this past year and they didn't have a closing date on the field until that day. Luckily that meant he could get out there and finish up the field and then unhook the tractor and return the empty anhydrous tanks to the local COOP.
Anhydrous is not something to mess with. For those of you who have never been around the stinky, moisture sucking death trap of a fertilizer consider yourself lucky. Anhydrous is used to replace the nitrogen lost from the previous years crops. Just like trees produce oxygen for us the soil needs to produce nitrogen for the plants to get their nutrients. Without anhydrous we'd see stunted plant growth and the yields would drop significantly.
The downside of it is that it's extremely dangerous to work with and a lot of meth makers need the product to create their drugs. I actually had a neighbor that had an entire tank stolen when I was in high school costing over $1,200 out of the farmers pocket to pay the COOP for the loss. Not something you want to have to pay for as an added expense to your farm operation. Another reason it's so dangerous is because anhydrous is so deadly as it's sucks any and all moisture that it is exposed to. That means if you are around it it'll suck the moisture out of your body which can kill you.
Another fun thing that happened was last Sunday, the 6th, we weaned off calves. I'm not sure it's my favorite thing in the world but hearing the mommies and babies whine/bawl for a few days can really annoy the crap out of you. I wasn't aware until later that evening but Travis said one of the calves kicked him, hard, in the back of the thigh. I'm hoping that it's nothing major and he said he could still feel it a few days later... Here's to hoping it bruises and goes away and doesn't become a problem for him.
Cattle are animals that you need to be alert when you're around. With a 300 pound animal walking around you really need to focus on watching them to make sure they're not feeling threatened. Travis is extremely careful around cattle and accidents do happen but if you can imagine being around eighty 300 pound calves plus their 1,200 pound mama's, things can get hectic quick. Better watch your back boys!!
The same day we weaned off calves we also picked up the rest of the fence and it was quite the family event. Dan was busy pushing all the manure on the field into a pile so we could spread it on other fields. Travie, Bubba and me were busy picking up the last of the electric fence on the farm and all of us were enjoying the glorious sixty degree weather that we had.
Planting season will be here before we know it and that means even less time seeing each other and more time working late into the evenings. I know we are very blessed in that we have an operation that allows us to work hard and produce crops for a profit but sometimes the emotional toll of not seeing each other and 
Picking up sticks has been a fun little project that we've come to endure throughout the years. Last year we cleared out an entire section just to farm a little more and this year we did the same. Luckily for the boys (and me) they hired the 4H kiddos to come pick up most of them. We still had a small patch we cleaned up ourselves but that for sure saved our backs and a solid two days worth of work!

Also, the weather has been amazing lately! We've been lucky with a few days of 80+ degree weather and we're loving it. The only downside is the boy seems to be stressing out a little bit. He's got a tractor he just finished putting back together for a customer and he still needs to get a lot of field prep work done along with spraying and getting the planter ready to roll all within a short span of a week or so.

Along with the amazing weather comes Mother Nature's bi-polar days. Like a few days ago, we had amazing 60 degree weather mixed with rain and that evening there was snow coming down. As you can tell we had a great 1.2" rain but you can also see little flurries in the picture. Yucky stuff!! 

The farm life is amazing and I'm really hoping to continue to keep updating you on life around here. That's really my goal's for my blog, to get back to the solid things I started this little adventure for! Wish me luck and until the next "four" keep on keepin up!!
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