Monday, April 14, 2014

Plunge For Baby Landon

Oh my goodness this weekend went by so incredibly fast but it was so much fun!! 

I wanted to update you guys on this incredibly fun fundraiser that is going viral via social media and how I was challenged to participate in it! This thing is going major viral, I'm talking People's Magazine just picked up the article and did a story on it!

The basic story is of a six month old baby boy, Landon, who has pediatric brain cancer and everyone is jumping into freezing cold water and donating to him. The family is from Missouri so I wasn't too surprised to see it go viral through the midwest but I'm excited when I see people from different countries participating in this plunge as well!

How it works:

You are challenged by someone and then you challenge your own friends. For each person that does it you pledge to donate $XX to Landon the catch is they have less than 48 hours to complete the challenge. And then those you've challenged do the same.

I was challenged by my good friend Julie and since she actually challenged both me and my neighbor Joey we decided to just do it together. The funniest thing about the entire plunge was that me and Joey were actually kind of strategically planning out the "scene" of our video!

At first we were going to go all "Baywatch" on the scene. I'm talking the red lifeguard swimming suits, a sign that says no running and then him "falling" on the deck into the water and me "saving" him....

But then plans changed, and we wanted to be 80's rock stars. We wanted the big hair, crazy outfits, rock music blaring theme. Except one problem, we weren't really feeling it.

So, alas our theme "MURICA" developed and we loved it and just went with it. I sported my bandanna, he had his amazing flag shorts, we just totally rocked. Throw in a beer shot gun right before our plunge and it resulted in a lil redneck flair that we totally planned! We wanted a little more redneck-ish to it, but we forgot our country music. 

Here's our plunge video, I'm sure you'll laugh hystarically at it. Also, take note we're yelling "murica" and "yee yee" as we're jumpin in. Classic.

It was incredibly fun and luckily for us it was a gorgeous 80 degree day!! The water honestly wasn't even that cold. I mean, compared to Sunday's freezing rain/snow crap our day was ideal for an activity such as this! 

The people I nominated were my two high school besties and the two lovely ladies I talk to a lot. All the girls were friends I expected would be too much of pansies to do it. I'm hoping they pull through for me! 

Also, the Alumni Band has been mentioned on my blog quite often. There my fellow band nerds that I party with all summer and I'd love to see them form together and work on a plunge. I wanted to give back to my community and that's why I offered to go ahead and match the donation and send it to our hometown for their own funds. Something unique to give back ;)

I decided for your entertainment I'd add a few of my favorites from others that I've found.

Pretty fun right? And I love that they're all donating for a cause! It's amazing what social media can be used for and in this situation, I'm ok to brag it up and give in to those craze type things. It was all in good fun and I had a lovely sunny day to do it on. If you're wanting to participate make sure you tell me so I can watch your video and start your own just for him :)

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  1. I haven't had the chance to see this until now. I think that is awesome.

  2. this is the first i have heard of it - what a fabulous idea and so lovely of you for doing it.

  3. This is in my home town! Love it so much that you plunged! We are so happy and blessed to have some people rallying around the Shaw Family!!!

  4. OMG that's freakin awesome!! I love it!


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