Thursday, May 15, 2014

50 Books From 50 States

Rumors are true!!

Me and Megan from Semi-Charmed Life are putting our book love together to create a totally new, totally fun link-up for you guys! We've both been wanting to do this so it only made sense to just join forces and offer a link-up for others who have the same goal to come join us in. Megan actually has been doing this for awhile but I'm just starting my list. 

We've created a challenge to read fifty books from fifty states. It sounds extremely tough but I promise it will be fun! You're more than welcome to count books from 2012 until now in the list since I know it's tough to fill up the entire list, I surprisingly don't have a lot that take place in specific states but are just books that make up settings. Keep in mind that if you are participating in other book challenges of Megan's you can totally use these for this challenge as well. I purposefully picked out a few that overlap on both lists to help cross some off my lists.

Here's my growing list that I've created and will continue to update it whenever I have other people's suggestions of complete new books. If you'd like to help me find books please let me know by commenting or emailing me your suggestions!
Map Key: Finished Reading Book Recommendation Own Book
  • Alabama - Fried Green Tomatoes by Fannie Flagg recommended by Make It Count
  • Alaska 
  • Arizona 
  • Arkansas 
  • California - A Stolen Life by Jaycee Dugard (Completed 6/19/12)
  • Colorado - Running Away by Andrew Powell
  • Connecticut 
  • Delaware 
  • Florida 
  • Georgia - How Dolly Parton Saved My Life by Charlotte Connors (Completed 5/18/13)
  • Hawaii 
  • Idaho 
  • Illinois - Yada Yada Prayer Group Series by Neta & Dave Jackson (Completed 4/12/14)
  • Indiana - Jesus Land by Julia Scheeres (Complete 3/29/12)
  • Iowa 
  • Kansas - In Cold Blood by Truman Capote recommended by By Breenah
  • Kentucky - Shout Down The Moon by Lisa Tucker
  • Louisiana 
  • Maine 
  • Maryland - Sea Swept by Nora Roberts recommended by Hopelessly Ever After
  • Massachusetts 
  • Michigan - The Feast Nearby by Robin Mather
  • Minnesota 
  • Mississippi 
  • Missouri 
  • Montana
  • Nebraska - Heaven Is For Real by Todd Burpo (Completed 4/20/12)
  • Nevada 
  • New Hampshire - Love and Leftovers by Sarah Tregay
  • New Jersey - The Miracle of St. Anthony by Adrian Wojnarowski recommended by If I Had 100 Dollars
  • New Mexico 
  • New York 
  • North Carolina 
  • North Dakota 
  • Ohio - Driving With Dead People by Monica Holloway
  • Oklahoma - From Black Heels to Tractor Wheels by Pioneer Woman recommended by Going Costal
  • Oregon 
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island 
  • South Carolina 
  • South Dakota 
  • Tennessee 
  • Texas - When Zachary Beaver Came To Town by Kimberly Holt (Completed 5/27/14)
  • Utah - Stolen Innocence by Elisa Wall 
  • Vermont - Mud Season by Ellen Stimson
  • Virginia 
  • Washington 
  • West Virginia - Chickens in the Road by Suzanne McMinn
  • Wisconsin 
  • Wyoming
Here's the map of what mine looks like from my list of books I've read. I actually got this idea from Megan, she's smart people. Super smart. I'm excited to add to my map whenever I complete another book and have intentions on keeping it updated for you guys to check out if you need book ideas.

So what are you waiting for?! Come link up with us and check out our super cool lists. Make suggestions and of course create your own lists to give other people suggestions on great books from each state. I know some states were hard to find books so please share!

General Rules: 
- Please be courteous and follow the hosts Keeping Up With Kelsey & Semi-Charmed Kind of Life
-Check out others who are linking up, make sure to encourage them and even give them some book ideas!
-We'll make this a bi-monthly link-up to check in and see how you're doing.
-We will link up the 15th of every other month and will of course give you guys a few days heads up to join in on the fun as a reminder.
-Each book must be at least 200 pages long. Audio books are fine, as long as the print versions meet the page requirements. Large-print books are also acceptable, as long as the regular-print version exceeds 200 pages in length.
-Our goal end date is 5/15/15 but we'll check when the date comes closer to see how everyone is doing and if we need to extend the deadline.

The first official link-up preliminaries! We'll host the official link-up the following month but we wanted to give you ladies time to get started on your list and start adding previous books that you've read. If you have ideas of suggestions make sure you're sharing or adding them to your list so you don't forget them!

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Recipe - Crockpot Chicken & Rice

This was super easy and simple and the fact that we had leftovers was an added bonus!
Anytime I create a crock pot recipe I look for a couple of things, the amount of energy and time needed to put into the recipe, the ingredient list being simple, and how long it takes to cook.
This recipe fit all of those things and so I figured I'd give it a try! The original recipe I found here but I switched it up completely and just did my own thing for it.
-1 small onion
-1-2 cups shredded cheese (I of course added more)
-1 Packet of Chicken Flavored Rice
-4 Chicken Breasts
-1 can Whole Kernel Corn
-1 can Cream of Chicken Soup
1. Place chicken on bottom of crock pot, I choose to chop up my chicken to make it more manageable once it was cooked  but you could always shred it after it's cooked
2. Add in the chopped onion and then layer on the Cream of Chicken soup
3. Cook for 7-8 hours on low or 3-4 hours on high until chicken is completely cooked
4. Once you've shredded the chicken breasts (or prefer to leave them whole) add in the drained corn, cooked rice and cheese. 
5. Let it warm for a half hour or so then serve!
Mega simple right?! Told you this recipe was easy enough for everyone to try :)
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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Happy Mother's Day & Mother Nature Hates Us

This past mother's day was idea.

Spent the day hanging out chatting with Travis' mom, headed over to my parent's to drop off a washer as a "gift" for my mom (she already knew about it but it was perfect timing) and then going home to hide in our storm shelter while tornado's ripped through our entire state...

What? You've never hid from tornado's?

Well, it's a yearly occurrence in these parts of the state I guess for us.

On Mother's Day the state of Nebraska received substantial damage and a couple of towns were torn apart with many houses being complete losses. I guess Mother Nature wanted to celebrate Mother's Day in her own way and show everyone she's the real mother of all biotches!? ;)

If you look at the map above you'll see what all went on Sunday evening. And if you look on the right you'll see the same map but a little closer view so I can explain things a little easier. Here it's showing that of all reports the National Weather Service was showing that over 1/2 of them were in Nebraska. The lower southern tornado was directly south of us about twenty miles and the northern red dots were north of us about fifteen or twenty miles. Thankfully we were not struck by any of these deadly storms and we only received heavy rainfall and flooding instead. 

Pretty scary stuff considering with just a change of wind we too could have been one of the people out pulling our belongings that survived and sorting through the wreckage. 

One of my very close friends, Amanda, had a family member whose house was saved but their sheds and other farm items weren't so lucky. We spent most of Monday picking up and cleaning their farm. It actually went really fast with us all pitching in and after watching the storms roll through and save us I knew I wanted to give back and help in any way possible. It was the least I could do! We also went through a couple of the towns that were badly struck by the storms to view some of the damage. Below are some of our cell phone pictures we took while watching with sadness all the devastation.

If you look in the picture you'll see the shed in the bottom left picture is the farm we were helping on. It's roof was torn right off!

Check out this video, we found it yesterday, this high way we actually drove by and saw all the power poles down. I was crapping just watching this video I cannot imagine how these boys felt. And when they say they can feel their ears popping, yup, I'd be freaked the crap out. That's waaaay to close for me!

Below is a picture of what downtown Sutton used to look like and what it looks like today. Such a scary and sad site to see! I have friends from the area and they too admit that it will take months to get the town back together and running smoothly again.

And here are a few more photos from all the destruction, I will try to get their sources right but I belong to a Nebraska Photography Group so I realize that some of them I won't get exactly perfect. The devastation was just incredible and although I love a great photo with all the right settings sometimes a perfect picture can bring back so many terrible memories!


So, if you're ever in Nebraska please take tornado safety seriously! This could have had many fatalities had those is the path not taken the warnings more seriously. After the tornadoes that tore through our towns almost ten years ago happened again we could have had a lot worse problems. I'm working on a post to update you on what's in our "survival emergency kit" down in our basement and would love to see others kits as well!

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Glow Run 5k -Lincoln-

I love meeting new people.

I love running later in the evening.

Put the two together and you're setting yourself up for a run time at the Glow Run 5k Race Series!

I was thrilled when I heard back from an event coordinator and the marketing crew when the offered me a ticket to run their series. I ran the Omaha Race last year and loved it so when I saw it was coming to Lincoln I knew I just had to let them know how much I loved running Omaha and planned on running with them again!

The Omaha run I could tell I was out of shape, mostly because I took a long break from running and didn't really even work out the entire month before the race. The race experience was awesome but the fact that I didn't work out built me up for my worst race since I'd started running. I brushed off the hard feelings and this race will be my redeemer to make up for the horrible last race I had.

If you're up for a fun time and live in the Nebraska area and want to come run I'd love for you to sign up and run with us! I've listed the information for you to join us and even get a 20% discount by joining our team!

Team: KUWKels
Captain: Homolka
Discount: RUN20

I hope to see some of the locals sign up with me! This would be an awesome way to meet up and get to unite as bloggers and run together! Also, expect a full race recap after the event, I'm super excited to share my better time and even more exciting things that happen at the race!

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Monday, May 5, 2014

Weekend Review -Farm Work, Photo Sessions & Estate Sales-

I'm totally aware I'm a day off but I'm ok with it. The main purpose is to get back into the routine of blogging about daily life and what's happening in my neck of the woods.

First off I need to explain a little bit before I tell you about my weekend....

My only Homolka family member left on our family tree, Karen Horak, passed away a couple of months ago. For those who do not know the situation to summarize it she had suffered with diabetes practically her entire life. Since the age of six she had dealt with the incredibly hard life of watching her blood sugar levels and ensuring that she is ok. About ten years ago she had an issue and went into a diabetic coma that lasted only a few days but scared us all as the doctors were extremely worried about her.

Fast forward to around Christmas time and our family receives a call explaining that she has slipped into another coma and she was in the Intensive Care Unit up in Lincoln. The doctors said with her medical history she might recover but with her blood sugar being around 1600 the chances are very unlikely. (Regular blood sugar levels are around 100 for those who don't know those things)

After over a week of no progress or change our family had to make the decision to take her off of life support to see what, if anything, would happen. We, as a family felt her quality of life wouldn't be enjoyable if she would have had a trachea and been in a nursing home forever. After they took out her breathing tubs things slowly went downhill and our family lost our last living relative on my dad's side.

I wanted to keep today's post positive for others to read but I also wanted to post about how I learned to grieve through it. At first my prayers were of anger. Asking God why he left the decision of taking her off of life support to our family.

But then my prayers started evolving and I soon began feeling at peace with our decision, realizing that God didn't ask us to make a decision of life/death but was actually asking us to make a decision thinking about Karen.

We had made our decision, but ultimately, God was showing us that he would make the "final call" of when to take Karen home to be with him and her parents. He wasn't asking us for a yes or no answer, he was actually just asking us to pray for strength and getting us ready for the grieving process. Giving us time to come to terms with our given situation.

Throughout this entire process I have learned that sometimes the Lord doesn't answer direct prayers, sometimes he gives us a week or two to really pray, open our Bibles and look at scripture in a new light.

This past weekend was filled with lifting heavy boxes and sneezing from all the dusty items.

Friday morning I guess you could call it "luck" but I spent the morning with the boys on the farm. They tore out a tree line in one of the fields so we were busy pulling out random sticks and roots that were left behind. This is back braking work people! If you've never done it before I invite you out to give it a go. The constant strain of bending over and pulling roots to 150+ year old trees is exhausting. Especially when you already have a bad back like me! The picture over on the right just cracks me up every time! I took it without them knowing, we had to take the four wheeler to get to one of the fields so I was stuck on back laughing at them the entire time. They'll hate me for it once they find out I took this picture ;)

The afternoon/evening was spent getting the game plan set into action of how the rest of the weekend would go. We had Karen's sale on Sunday and so we were getting things ready to roll for Saturday when we would be moving all of the goods over to set up for the sale.

Saturday morning I was busy helping Amanda with a newborn shoot and then we had a three month old shoot later on after lunch. I always joke with Amanda that I love organizing and cleaning her studio. I'm not sure why but it's so fun and I just naturally enjoy doing it! She's had a fun little shelf sitting in it's box for well over a month and finally in between sessions I took it upon myself to start putting it together. So, there I was, putting things together as happy as a little elf on Christmas Eve while she laughed at me and ate Cheetos. Quite the scene!

Then after I finished helping with the second session I quickly changed into work clothes and headed into town to unload the four plus stock trailers full of household and garage items from Karen's house for the Estate Sale.

The panorama above gives you a little idea of exactly how much "stuff" we moved in. 

A. Lot.

Below I'm just going to add a few pictures of the moving process and a couple selfies I had to take while moving stuff, too fun not to pass up right!?

The little Czech outfit I'm wearing in this pictures was actually meant for a child, my sister tried it on and wasn't able to zip it up, I put it on and it somehow fit like a gem. Of course it's a little snug but digging through all of Karen's things it was neat to find little treasures like this that we didn't even know she had!

Overall the sale was bittersweet. Happy because we got to sort through all of Karen's items, finding memories of childhood, seeing pictures of her life and how successfully she managed to live with diabetes for so long. Sad because I was slowly realizing that the last "branch" of the Homolka tree had finally fallen off and it was just me and my sister to carry on our family. 

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Project #RUN50 (Running 50 Races In 50 States)

I've been throwing this idea around for awhile and then when I found out Jess over at Run With Jess started this challenge I decided it was time to create my own map and officially set a lifetime goal to work on running a race, distance doesn't matter, in each of the 50 states.

My rules are similar, I want to run a race in each state. The distance is just a number, I'm looking more for the experience of meeting new people and discovering how the different states have different types of cultural interests. I want to soak in the locals and their style of enjoying the same sport as me! I would love to think I can run in each state but the reality is that I may not hit all of them. So for now, I'm setting a goal of running half the states. That's 25 states, very reasonable!
I realize that Nebraska will have a lot of races, so I'm planning on just posting my PR from each distance along with the link to the race results to keep it simple. If you look on my running tab you'll see the other races I've ran or have intentions on running.

TEXAS - Mighty Mud Dash (5k October 2012)
NEBRASKACrete River Run (5k April 2013)   Good Life Halfsy (Half Marathon November 2014)
ALASKAHer Tern Half Marathon (Half Marathon July 2015)
TENNESSEE - Light The Way 5k (5k November 2015)

11/1/16 - Good Life Halfsy (Half Marathon)

(If I have links these are what I'd like to run, unless they're linked to a post and added to the completed area I haven't ran them yet)
Alaska - AK Salmon Run (Full/Half Marathon) 
Arizona - Lost Dutchman (Full/Half Marathon) (suggested by Olivia at Balancing Mommy)
Arkansas - Run The Line (Half Marathon)
Florida - RunDisney Races (Full/Half Marathon or any distance)
Iowa - Marathon to Marathon (Full/Half Marathon)
Kansas - Rock The Park (Half/Full Marathon) (suggested by Maria) OR Mine Run 5k OR In The Land of Oz
Michigan - Detroit Free Press/Talmer Bank Marathon (Full/Half Marathon) (suggested by Jackie at Run With Jackabee)
Minnesota - Gopher to Badger (Half Marathon) (suggested by Megan)
Missouri - Sandmine Challenge 
New Hampshire 
New Jersey 
New Mexico 
New York - Long Island (Half/Full Marathon) (suggested by Mandi at Mandi Gellis)
North Carolina 
North Dakota - Fargo (Full Marathon) (suggested by Megan)
Pennsylvania - Philadelphia The Love Run (Half Marathon) (suggested by Kristen at Run Away With Me) OR Hershey Half (Half Marathon) (suggested by Cassandra) OR 1/2 Sauer 1/2 Kraut Marathon (Half/Full Marathon)
Rhode Island 
South Carolina - Cooper River Bridge (10k) (suggested by Vanessa at Active Lowcountry Mom
South Dakota 
West Virginia 
Wisconsin - Cellcom Green Bay (Full/Half Marathon) (suggested by Megan) OR Gopher to Badger (Half Marathon) (suggested by Megan)

I'd like to set a personal goal of running at least two to three different states a year to cross this list off within fifteen years... Ok, so that's crazy but it's reality here people. I can't just take off and head all over the US to go running, these things have to be strategically planned out!


So, if you're up for it, head over to Jess' and let her know you're in. Otherwise, I'm also going to host my own little link-up similar. Shoot me an email with your blog link and I'll post it below! Then we can add people to the list so we can keep each other accountable for this fun little theory! Also, if you're joining in please make sure to add the button to your blog somewhere and let me know so I can follow your journey as well! Let's see if we can have a bunch of friends join in with us :)

Kristen @ Run Away With Me
Tricia @ A Couple Of Dashes
Cassandra @ Powered By Bling

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Friday, May 2, 2014

Bulu Box ((Product Review)) -March-

This post got buried with my 30DoB going on and it never got posted. So back track and pretend this was posted over a month ago would ya ;)

Alright gonna start this off a fun note.

I'm really excited to announce that I am now partnered up with Bulu Box to bring you guys an amazing subscription box that brings healthy products right to your doorstep!

I was contacted by Bulu Box stated that since I'm running The Good Life Halfsy, I live in Nebraska and subscribe to their product that they'd love to partner with me and offer my readers an awesome discount on Bulu Box subscriptions. I of course jumped at the offer and was thrilled to have my first company contacting me to partner with them. Normally it's me asking to partner with companies in hopes of scoring great products at a discount. This time though, it was a product I was already receiving (and loving) so it was an added bonus I was able to join forces and continue my lovely journey with them!!


I choose the original Bulu Box. The only reason I didn't choose the weight loss box is because I'm really not interested in loosing weight via pills. I would have loved to try out some of their fitness gear items but I'm also subscribed to StrideBox so I figured I could always plan on them sending me super cool fitness items.

Before I give you my review I wanted to let you guys know that I have an amazing discount code to share with you guys. Bulu Box has given me a code to share so you guys can get a discount on your subscription!! Go to BULU BOX using that link and enter the code BULUGAN065 to get 50% off your orders! Yup, that's freakin sweet if you ask me, getting amazing products shipped right to your door for such a discount. Couldn't ask for anything more :)

But, if you'd like to maybe see what's actually in the boxes and get my opinion on it before you subscribe no biggie, I'll probably add some more infomercial type stuff at the bottom anyways ;)

I gave you a little review of last months box and I figured I'd just do the same thing for this month again since it worked so well. The picture above is the exact box I receive this month but I'm guessing you're wanting me to show you my box's items with my own photos and review? Well, let me show you!

#1 XyloBurst Gum- I got the fruit flavor pack. XyloBurst gum is a naturally occurring sweetener that is sugar and aspartame free. XyloBurst packs the flavor and the health by eliminating harmful mouth bacteria and preventing tooth decay. 

My Review- I was amazingly surprised to see this product in my kit. I have terrible teeth and my denist always recommends the only gum I chew is the kind with xylitol in it. So, when this was delivered I was excited to give it a go and check out how it tasted! Well, the fruit flavor was great, the fact that it had what I needed in was a bonus but the flavor didn't last long. I'm talkin within ten minutes I already had spit it out and was over it. Sadly, as much as I wanted this product to be a keeper I'm thinking it's not gonna be bought anytime soon.

#2 VanaPain Day- I received the strawberry flavor. VanaPain is a fast acting liquid pain reliever to stop pain in its tracks. VanaPain comes in an easy-to-take shot form and provides temporary relief from minor aches and pains for up to six hours.
My Review- Well, I have been waiting on this sucker for awhile because I wasn't just going to take it just to take it. I really wanted a solid headache that would give this product a run for it's money. That day came the day before I wrote this post. Actually, it came on so strong that I had to quite blogging and go lay down due to lack of wanting to live it was that bad.

#3 Rootology- With a new, more potent formula, Rootology is the best blend of concentrated herbal extracts that work individually and in concert with one another to immediately support nasal, sinus and eye health for dramatic seasonal allergy relief without a prescription. Stay healthy to stay active.

My Review- I kind of was excited for this sucker! I have been getting worse allergies every year and I refuse to go to the doctor about it. I'm not even sure why I have this phobia but it's something along the lines of being terrified of the allergy test I see that people have to do. You know the one I'm talking about. The one where they stab you on the back with like twenty different things to see what you're all allergic too. I know I have pet, dust, and anything living allergies and I don't need a test to show it!! I couldn't really tell if it worked but since I have a few I'll go ahead and use them up! This might be a product to continue to try to see if it makes a difference.

#4 VirMax T- Men's testosterone levels begin to decline with age, leading to low energy, joint pain and a fading sex drive. But it doesn't have to be this way! Take VirMax T once daily to help build muscle, improve immunity and increase sexual endurance. 

My Review- This might have been the doozy of the box for me. I mean really, what kind of "man" am I?! I about died laughing when I opened my box and read about this product. Like seriously, how awkward would it be for me to start growing chest hair and stuff... So, this one is going in my "giveaway" bundle for someone else to either throw away or test out. No harm in sharing things I won't use right?! #sorrynotsorry

#5 K-Pax Energy- Get a healthy and immediate energy boost! KPAX uses the perfect combination of vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants and just the right amount of caffeine to get you up and ready to take on your workout or workday with no sugars, artificial taste or sweeteners.  

My Review- I've actually quit drinking pop which was my main source of caffeine so this felt like a fun little zip of spaz time :) Once I tried it I didn't feel super sugary nor that crazy feeling I get when I try other energy products but just a calm sense of "high." This was super hard to explain but it really does work I think. I probably won't buy this product again but it was pleasantly nice to enjoy while I had it. 

#6 Onebode Flo- Get the most out of your food. Flo's probiotic enzymes help your body better digest food, absorbing more nutrients and higher amounts of vitamins and minerals. The enzymes in Flo also support healthy regularity and digestion.

My Review- This product wasn't something I was into really. I guess to me these things aren't important as much as healthy snacks for running and vitamin water tablets for my drinks. I used it but didn't really notice a change is digestion or anything similar. Not my favorite item in my box.


Oh and another cool thing they offer. REWARD POINTS. Yes, that means when you do product reviews on their site and have others use a referral code you also get points that you can use towards full size products in the store. So if each month you complete your product reviews you get $5 to spend in the store. Pretty nifty stuff and a great way to cash in and get a discount on that new snack bar you're lovin on!


Are you ready to go try it out for yourself?! Since I'm an affiliate I get a super cool 50% discount code to give to my blog buddies. Just click the picture above to get your first box and try it out for HALF OFF the regular price. Enter the code BULUGAN065 and you're all ready to roll! Make sure that you're using the links I've provided as well in order for it to work and also so I can get a little extra for showing you guys the awesome goodies!

That makes it only $5 a month per box or $15 for a three month subscription. The way I look at it, you get to try out some new products for a great price, if you don't like them you can cancel after the first month and you're only out $5. That's what you spend at McDonald's anyways right?!

*I am affiliated with Bulu Box but all of the opinions expressed are from my personal experience with their products. I am in no way a doctor and I cannot recommend or give you health specifics for you situation*

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Thursday, May 1, 2014

-Summer Book Challenge-

Yay for book challenges. Double yay for book challenges from blog buddies!! 

Do you guys remember me participating the in Autumn Book Challenge hosted by Semi-Charmed Life this past fall? Well, she's created a new fun summer challenge and I'm more than excited to play along and see how far I can get this time! The even cooler part, I'm honored to create her blog link-up button!! How freakin sweet is that?! #winning

Last time I finished 7 of 13 books and this time I'm really banking on finishing it up if not completing more books. I totaled my points up and I hit 105 out of the 200 points. I'm quite surprised that I did so well but I'm excited to see that the categories this time around look like total fun!!


My FINAL list is set in stone and I couldn't be more excited to get rolling on some reading. If you have any of these books and you've read them please tell me! I'm on a mission to borrow or buy used books this round, mostly because I know there's a way to get my hands on them without paying retail price for them. I promise I'll give them back and I'm not a book bender, I hate when pages get bent so I treat my books like fragile infants ;)

#1 - Freebie! Read any book that is at least 200 pages long (5 points)
The Reader by Bernhard Schlink 224 pages

#2 - Read a book that was written before you were born (10 points)
The Color Purple by Alice Walker 300 pages

#3 - Finish reading a book you couldn't finish the first time around (You must have at least 150 pages left in the book to use it for this category) (10 points)
Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen 335 pages

#4 - Read a book from the children's section of the library or bookstore (10 points)
Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher 336 pages

#5 - Read a book that is on The New York Times' Best Sellers List when you begin reading it (15 points)
The Nazi Officers Wife by Edith Beer 336 pages

#6 - Read a historical fiction book that does not take place in Europe (15 points)
The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini 371 pages

#7 - Read a book another blogger has already read for the challenge (15 points)

#8 - Read a book with "son(s)," "daughter(s)," or "children" in the title (20 points)
Little Children by Tom Perrotta 368 pages

#9 - Read a book that was/will be adapted into a film in 2014 (20 points)
Wild by Cheryl Strayed 336 pages

#10 - Read a book written by a blogger (25 points)
I've Never Been To Vegas, But My Luggage Has by Mandy Hale 240 pages

#11 - Read a biography, autobiography or memoir (25 points)
Running Away: A Memoir by Robert Powell 272 pages

#12 - Read a pair of books with antonyms in the titles (30 points)
Driving With Dead People by Monica Holloway 336 pages
Fully Alive by Ken Davis 225 pages


So what's your bets on me increasing my odds and doing better than last time? Come on, have a little faith in me and hope that I complete a solid 3/4 of them this time would ya!! I'd love for you to do this with me and help hold me accountable!

Below I'll list the books and update them when I get them done, I'll go ahead and cross them off and add the dates that I finish these books, I know I'm not allowed to start reading them until the beginning of May but with the amazing coupons that came in the mail to Barnes & Noble I can at least purchase the books right!! 
And on another note, does anyone have any recommendations on where to buy cheap/free audiobooks? I'm wanting to venture out of my comfort zone and try one or two for when I'm running, see if it's something I'd be interested in. Lemme know your thoughts!!

#1 The Reader by Bernhard Schlink 224 pages
#2 The Color Purple by Alice Walker 300 pages
#3 Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen 335 pages
#4 Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher 336 pages
#5 The Nazi Officers Wife by Edith Beer 336 pages
#6 The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini 371 pages
#8 Little Children by Tom Perrotta 368 pages
#9 Wild by Cheryl Strayed 336 pages
#10 I've Never Been To Vegas, But My Luggage Has by Mandy Hale 240 pages
#11 Running Away: A Memoir by Robert Powell 272 pages
#12 Driving With Dead People by Monica Holloway 336 pages & Fully Alive by Ken Davis 225 pages


And PPS- I started my 50 Books From 50 States Challenge and I want you, my blog friends, to suggest books for me! Ideally I'd like a book that takes place in that state, and for blog friends from all over to give me local read ideas so please be my friend and help out! I'm evening tagging my friends by the books they suggest!! Keep an eye out for a future post SOON about this, me and Megan are teaming up and I'm super thrilled about it :)

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