Thursday, May 15, 2014

50 Books From 50 States

Rumors are true!!

Me and Megan from Semi-Charmed Life are putting our book love together to create a totally new, totally fun link-up for you guys! We've both been wanting to do this so it only made sense to just join forces and offer a link-up for others who have the same goal to come join us in. Megan actually has been doing this for awhile but I'm just starting my list. 

We've created a challenge to read fifty books from fifty states. It sounds extremely tough but I promise it will be fun! You're more than welcome to count books from 2012 until now in the list since I know it's tough to fill up the entire list, I surprisingly don't have a lot that take place in specific states but are just books that make up settings. Keep in mind that if you are participating in other book challenges of Megan's you can totally use these for this challenge as well. I purposefully picked out a few that overlap on both lists to help cross some off my lists.

Here's my growing list that I've created and will continue to update it whenever I have other people's suggestions of complete new books. If you'd like to help me find books please let me know by commenting or emailing me your suggestions!
Map Key: Finished Reading Book Recommendation Own Book
  • Alabama - Fried Green Tomatoes by Fannie Flagg recommended by Make It Count
  • Alaska 
  • Arizona 
  • Arkansas 
  • California - A Stolen Life by Jaycee Dugard (Completed 6/19/12)
  • Colorado - Running Away by Andrew Powell
  • Connecticut 
  • Delaware 
  • Florida 
  • Georgia - How Dolly Parton Saved My Life by Charlotte Connors (Completed 5/18/13)
  • Hawaii 
  • Idaho 
  • Illinois - Yada Yada Prayer Group Series by Neta & Dave Jackson (Completed 4/12/14)
  • Indiana - Jesus Land by Julia Scheeres (Complete 3/29/12)
  • Iowa 
  • Kansas - In Cold Blood by Truman Capote recommended by By Breenah
  • Kentucky - Shout Down The Moon by Lisa Tucker
  • Louisiana 
  • Maine 
  • Maryland - Sea Swept by Nora Roberts recommended by Hopelessly Ever After
  • Massachusetts 
  • Michigan - The Feast Nearby by Robin Mather
  • Minnesota 
  • Mississippi 
  • Missouri 
  • Montana
  • Nebraska - Heaven Is For Real by Todd Burpo (Completed 4/20/12)
  • Nevada 
  • New Hampshire - Love and Leftovers by Sarah Tregay
  • New Jersey - The Miracle of St. Anthony by Adrian Wojnarowski recommended by If I Had 100 Dollars
  • New Mexico 
  • New York 
  • North Carolina 
  • North Dakota 
  • Ohio - Driving With Dead People by Monica Holloway
  • Oklahoma - From Black Heels to Tractor Wheels by Pioneer Woman recommended by Going Costal
  • Oregon 
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island 
  • South Carolina 
  • South Dakota 
  • Tennessee 
  • Texas - When Zachary Beaver Came To Town by Kimberly Holt (Completed 5/27/14)
  • Utah - Stolen Innocence by Elisa Wall 
  • Vermont - Mud Season by Ellen Stimson
  • Virginia 
  • Washington 
  • West Virginia - Chickens in the Road by Suzanne McMinn
  • Wisconsin 
  • Wyoming
Here's the map of what mine looks like from my list of books I've read. I actually got this idea from Megan, she's smart people. Super smart. I'm excited to add to my map whenever I complete another book and have intentions on keeping it updated for you guys to check out if you need book ideas.

So what are you waiting for?! Come link up with us and check out our super cool lists. Make suggestions and of course create your own lists to give other people suggestions on great books from each state. I know some states were hard to find books so please share!

General Rules: 
- Please be courteous and follow the hosts Keeping Up With Kelsey & Semi-Charmed Kind of Life
-Check out others who are linking up, make sure to encourage them and even give them some book ideas!
-We'll make this a bi-monthly link-up to check in and see how you're doing.
-We will link up the 15th of every other month and will of course give you guys a few days heads up to join in on the fun as a reminder.
-Each book must be at least 200 pages long. Audio books are fine, as long as the print versions meet the page requirements. Large-print books are also acceptable, as long as the regular-print version exceeds 200 pages in length.
-Our goal end date is 5/15/15 but we'll check when the date comes closer to see how everyone is doing and if we need to extend the deadline.

The first official link-up preliminaries! We'll host the official link-up the following month but we wanted to give you ladies time to get started on your list and start adding previous books that you've read. If you have ideas of suggestions make sure you're sharing or adding them to your list so you don't forget them!

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  1. I love that Indiana's book was titled "Jesus Land" because here in Indiana, we literally have a church on every corner :)
    hehe perfect title!

  2. I'm confused about one of the rules of this challenge...

    -The challenge will run from May 1, 2014, to August 31, 2014. No books that are started before 12 a.m. on May 1 or finished after 11:59 p.m. on August 31 will count.

    You've said that books read since 2012 can be used in this challenge and the end date is 5/15/ is the above rule not accurate?? I'm excited to join in on this challenge!

    Beyond The Gradebook

  3. The Snow Child for Alaska! Such a sweet book. I had a quick question - I have been reading a series set in alternate history version of Cincinnati, Ohio. Would that work, or are you looking for more reality based books? Thanks!

  4. Hey, Kelsey ! I'm a new follower on GFC! This is the first time I've read about this idea and it's awesome! Linking up now, too stoked and excited! :)

    I'd love it if you can follow me back! :)

    Ochi In The City

  5. Wow this is a very good idea! 50 books from 50 states sound amazing! :)

  6. Hi Stellar Sister! Such a great idea you have, great self-care. I nominated you for a Liebster Award. Check it out here:

  7. Love this idea and excited to participate. I'm a bit confused on the "rules". At one point it says the challenge will run from May 1-August 31. But it also states that books read from 2012-present can count and the challenge ends on 5/15/15. Can you clarify the timeline for the challenge! Thanks so much!

  8. This looks like fun. I do want to recommend Gap Creek by Robert Morgan for North Carolina and if you have read that Any of Vickie Lanes books are good also. These are all set in the mountains. Of course you can always read Cold Mountain. Great Book, but a hard read. ;)

  9. I've been really behind on my blog reading and just saw this challenge link up. I hope it's not too late to join up. I've been doing my own 50 states challenge for about a year now and could definitely use some help. :) I'm grabbing your button and hope I can keep up with it.


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