Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Glow Run 5k -Lincoln-

I love meeting new people.

I love running later in the evening.

Put the two together and you're setting yourself up for a run time at the Glow Run 5k Race Series!

I was thrilled when I heard back from an event coordinator and the marketing crew when the offered me a ticket to run their series. I ran the Omaha Race last year and loved it so when I saw it was coming to Lincoln I knew I just had to let them know how much I loved running Omaha and planned on running with them again!

The Omaha run I could tell I was out of shape, mostly because I took a long break from running and didn't really even work out the entire month before the race. The race experience was awesome but the fact that I didn't work out built me up for my worst race since I'd started running. I brushed off the hard feelings and this race will be my redeemer to make up for the horrible last race I had.

If you're up for a fun time and live in the Nebraska area and want to come run I'd love for you to sign up and run with us! I've listed the information for you to join us and even get a 20% discount by joining our team!

Team: KUWKels
Captain: Homolka
Discount: RUN20

I hope to see some of the locals sign up with me! This would be an awesome way to meet up and get to unite as bloggers and run together! Also, expect a full race recap after the event, I'm super excited to share my better time and even more exciting things that happen at the race!

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  1. Ohh man, I would be all over this if I could run for more than a few minutes. Sadly, I am horrible at running :( but it sounds like a fun time!

  2. I just did a Neon Run! It was so fun!
    We actually took the whole family and walked it


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