Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Happy Mother's Day & Mother Nature Hates Us

This past mother's day was idea.

Spent the day hanging out chatting with Travis' mom, headed over to my parent's to drop off a washer as a "gift" for my mom (she already knew about it but it was perfect timing) and then going home to hide in our storm shelter while tornado's ripped through our entire state...

What? You've never hid from tornado's?

Well, it's a yearly occurrence in these parts of the state I guess for us.

On Mother's Day the state of Nebraska received substantial damage and a couple of towns were torn apart with many houses being complete losses. I guess Mother Nature wanted to celebrate Mother's Day in her own way and show everyone she's the real mother of all biotches!? ;)

If you look at the map above you'll see what all went on Sunday evening. And if you look on the right you'll see the same map but a little closer view so I can explain things a little easier. Here it's showing that of all reports the National Weather Service was showing that over 1/2 of them were in Nebraska. The lower southern tornado was directly south of us about twenty miles and the northern red dots were north of us about fifteen or twenty miles. Thankfully we were not struck by any of these deadly storms and we only received heavy rainfall and flooding instead. 

Pretty scary stuff considering with just a change of wind we too could have been one of the people out pulling our belongings that survived and sorting through the wreckage. 

One of my very close friends, Amanda, had a family member whose house was saved but their sheds and other farm items weren't so lucky. We spent most of Monday picking up and cleaning their farm. It actually went really fast with us all pitching in and after watching the storms roll through and save us I knew I wanted to give back and help in any way possible. It was the least I could do! We also went through a couple of the towns that were badly struck by the storms to view some of the damage. Below are some of our cell phone pictures we took while watching with sadness all the devastation.

If you look in the picture you'll see the shed in the bottom left picture is the farm we were helping on. It's roof was torn right off!

Check out this video, we found it yesterday, this high way we actually drove by and saw all the power poles down. I was crapping just watching this video I cannot imagine how these boys felt. And when they say they can feel their ears popping, yup, I'd be freaked the crap out. That's waaaay to close for me!

Below is a picture of what downtown Sutton used to look like and what it looks like today. Such a scary and sad site to see! I have friends from the area and they too admit that it will take months to get the town back together and running smoothly again.

And here are a few more photos from all the destruction, I will try to get their sources right but I belong to a Nebraska Photography Group so I realize that some of them I won't get exactly perfect. The devastation was just incredible and although I love a great photo with all the right settings sometimes a perfect picture can bring back so many terrible memories!


So, if you're ever in Nebraska please take tornado safety seriously! This could have had many fatalities had those is the path not taken the warnings more seriously. After the tornadoes that tore through our towns almost ten years ago happened again we could have had a lot worse problems. I'm working on a post to update you on what's in our "survival emergency kit" down in our basement and would love to see others kits as well!

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  1. This is just so sad to see!
    The picture is beautiful, but at the same time so sad to see!
    What if that was my home or my family :(
    Keeping the storm victims in my thoughts and prayers!


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