Monday, May 5, 2014

Project #RUN50 (Running 50 Races In 50 States)

I've been throwing this idea around for awhile and then when I found out Jess over at Run With Jess started this challenge I decided it was time to create my own map and officially set a lifetime goal to work on running a race, distance doesn't matter, in each of the 50 states.

My rules are similar, I want to run a race in each state. The distance is just a number, I'm looking more for the experience of meeting new people and discovering how the different states have different types of cultural interests. I want to soak in the locals and their style of enjoying the same sport as me! I would love to think I can run in each state but the reality is that I may not hit all of them. So for now, I'm setting a goal of running half the states. That's 25 states, very reasonable!
I realize that Nebraska will have a lot of races, so I'm planning on just posting my PR from each distance along with the link to the race results to keep it simple. If you look on my running tab you'll see the other races I've ran or have intentions on running.

TEXAS - Mighty Mud Dash (5k October 2012)
NEBRASKACrete River Run (5k April 2013)   Good Life Halfsy (Half Marathon November 2014)
ALASKAHer Tern Half Marathon (Half Marathon July 2015)
TENNESSEE - Light The Way 5k (5k November 2015)

11/1/16 - Good Life Halfsy (Half Marathon)

(If I have links these are what I'd like to run, unless they're linked to a post and added to the completed area I haven't ran them yet)
Alaska - AK Salmon Run (Full/Half Marathon) 
Arizona - Lost Dutchman (Full/Half Marathon) (suggested by Olivia at Balancing Mommy)
Arkansas - Run The Line (Half Marathon)
Florida - RunDisney Races (Full/Half Marathon or any distance)
Iowa - Marathon to Marathon (Full/Half Marathon)
Kansas - Rock The Park (Half/Full Marathon) (suggested by Maria) OR Mine Run 5k OR In The Land of Oz
Michigan - Detroit Free Press/Talmer Bank Marathon (Full/Half Marathon) (suggested by Jackie at Run With Jackabee)
Minnesota - Gopher to Badger (Half Marathon) (suggested by Megan)
Missouri - Sandmine Challenge 
New Hampshire 
New Jersey 
New Mexico 
New York - Long Island (Half/Full Marathon) (suggested by Mandi at Mandi Gellis)
North Carolina 
North Dakota - Fargo (Full Marathon) (suggested by Megan)
Pennsylvania - Philadelphia The Love Run (Half Marathon) (suggested by Kristen at Run Away With Me) OR Hershey Half (Half Marathon) (suggested by Cassandra) OR 1/2 Sauer 1/2 Kraut Marathon (Half/Full Marathon)
Rhode Island 
South Carolina - Cooper River Bridge (10k) (suggested by Vanessa at Active Lowcountry Mom
South Dakota 
West Virginia 
Wisconsin - Cellcom Green Bay (Full/Half Marathon) (suggested by Megan) OR Gopher to Badger (Half Marathon) (suggested by Megan)

I'd like to set a personal goal of running at least two to three different states a year to cross this list off within fifteen years... Ok, so that's crazy but it's reality here people. I can't just take off and head all over the US to go running, these things have to be strategically planned out!


So, if you're up for it, head over to Jess' and let her know you're in. Otherwise, I'm also going to host my own little link-up similar. Shoot me an email with your blog link and I'll post it below! Then we can add people to the list so we can keep each other accountable for this fun little theory! Also, if you're joining in please make sure to add the button to your blog somewhere and let me know so I can follow your journey as well! Let's see if we can have a bunch of friends join in with us :)

Kristen @ Run Away With Me
Tricia @ A Couple Of Dashes
Cassandra @ Powered By Bling

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  1. What a fun idea this is! And what great goals to set for yourself:) I'm definitely interested but have to look into it some more. I just finished a half yesterday in Pitt, PA and looking for another to do. Will have to check out some in the states that are close.

    Cheers from your newest follower,

  2. Wow! What a goal. I'm impressed, even if it does take 15 years! I'm looking forward to seeing your map add color! #bestfoot

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  4. I'm a #Run50, too! Working on a 13.1 in 44 more states. Have South Carolina, Nevada and Delaware coming up this fall. I'd love to hear your race recommendations for out there in Mid-West!

  5. Great idea. I wish I started running earlier. I used to have a job that allowed me to go to conferences all over the country. There was a 5k at each conference. That would have been 8 states. But I wasn't a runner. Now I am 60. I have 5 states so far but will do my best to get some more.I'd say my goal is 15 states.

  6. I happen to think this is extremely cool and I would so join you but...yeah...I don't run! I will however cheer you on!! :)

  7. Hi there! Visiting from SPA! That is a fun goal to have. We've done 6 states so far, but no future goals for doing all 50.

  8. Visiting from SPA! Hi from a fellow Nebraskan (Omaha)! I have a goal to run at least half a mile in all 50 states(keep track here - I started running about a year and a half ago and am up to 14 states, with plans to run in Kansas, Iowa, Oklahoma, Montana and maybe Wyoming in the next few months! Good luck with your quest! - Jess

  9. I'm popping over here from the SPA Facebook group to let you know that I'm in! This was already one of my goals since I want to see all of the country. I've currently done 4 (plus DC) and have registered for 2 other states this year so far! If you do races in states near you it's not so hard, plus you can make mini-vacations out of race dates in your favorite places! Good luck!

  10. Hey Kelsey - I used to live in NYC and now I live in Chicago. I recommend the Philadelphia Rock and Roll half marathon, NYC 1/2 marathon (or Grete's Gallop), Chicago Half Marathon (Sept.) or Mag Mile Chicago Women's Half. In Vermont, Vermont City Marathon. In Wisconsin, Milwaukee Brewers 1/2. You can check out lots of race recaps on my blog

  11. This is an awesome idea! I need to do this challenge too. I've been so caught up in running international that I've overlooked what's in my backyard. If you need company on a run let me know. I love to travel to run c;

    <3 Jamaica

  12. Hello! Visiting from SPA. I recently moved to Canada from Louisiana...and LA was where I started my love for running as an adult, so I have many races to choose from :) However....I highly recommend 1 of 2 races: Gulf Coast Half Marathon on the Louisiana Northshore (Mandeville, LA)...if you want a PR. It's fast and flat and runs through a park and along a lake. 2) Although a bit pricey...the New Orleans Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon would be one of the best ones for downtown New Orleans. And if you ever make it up to West Virginia...that's my home state, so I can certainly help you out there too :) Good luck!! (Jen @

  13. totally need to enter the lottery for the Cherry Blossom 10-miler in Washington DC. One of the BEST and MOST BEAUTIFUL runs I've experienced :) Make it a run-cation. OK - bye now.

  14. Posted this on the Sweat Pink Facebook as well..but here you go!

    RHODE ISLAND: Newport Half Marathon - absolutely gorgeous course!

    NEVADA: Rock n Roll Las Vegas, 10k, Half or Full - you get to run on the Las Vegas night. Duh.

    CONNECTICUT: Hartford Half or Full - haven't done this one but I know a lot of people who have and they enjoy it.

    CALIFORNIA: La Jolla Half Marathon - challenging, but a REALLY beautiful course!

  15. Kelsey,
    This is an AWESOME idea! I've done several half marathons in PA but would love to use running as a way to travel and explore! I definitely want to try this.

  16. I'm doing the same thing! 50 by 50 - 50 states by the age of 50. My first state was in October 2013 and I recently ran in FL for my 7th state. This fall I'll be running the Trailfest 2017 getting two more states! We should meet up and run a state together! Best of luck on reaching your goal! I run in memory of my sister. You can follow along here


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